Best Wishes

My daughter celebrated her 17th birthday this week!  Do you remember being seventeen?!
I do-doesn't seem that long ago, lol.   I am curious now-what was your favorite birthday?
What happened on that day, different from the rest?

 I wrapped her gifts in calendar pages-I thought the words added a nice touch!  She liked it, but her favorite gifts were the platform shoes, from her boyfriend.  And you know the favorite green $tuff.   WE gave her make-up, a couple of tops and $tuff.

 Both of my kids have one dimple. They get it from their dad!   More shoes...I know fashion rules-fabulous!

I wanna be seventeen again!  Just for a day-I would hate Algebra all over again~

My most memorable birthday was when I turned twenty-five.   I was in Pensacola, Florida and there was a big Navy celebration. My second mom's(my mother's best friend) brother was stationed at NAS-Naval Air Station.  He worked with MWR-Military Welfare n' Recreation.   He had extra tickets to a Bob Hope show :D   There was also fireworks that night.  I have to say it is hard to top this one-not often you see fireworks in May, unless you go to Disney.

I have had a few other unique ones.  I had a pie thrown in my face.  My family misunderstood I wanted a pie fight, maybe more like whip cream in a tin pie plate.  Yeah, I wanted a food fight-I finally did get one in college.  Did I win?  It is debatable-but I sure did rock the look. I had curly gypsy like hair with Cherry pie filling dribbling down. The cherries were caught in my curls.   A guy took a spoonful of Cheesecake and flung it at me at dinner.   Well, I couldn't let him get away with that.  Then it went full throttle. We even stole trays of dessert and  ended up  three flights upstairs, in a dorm hallway.   I have never seen people move so fast, to get out of our way.

My daughter had a trip to go look at a few colleges-so fun!   We tend to party more on the even birthdays, except we do celebrate 13 and 21, in unique ways.  My daughter is a fashionista.  I can't see her wearing Cherry pie filling in her hair.  I think the glam gene skipped me.  My Mom has it and so does my daughter.   I can glam up, but I rather go hike in nature, let the wind whip my hair and have a food fight.  

Last year we had a birthday bash, took her n' her guests to Starbucks, pizza, and make Cake pops with an evening of horror movies and giggles.

This year was more low key.  I felt sad, knowing this coming year there will be many changes.  Her Dad is getting out of the Navy.  There is even talk of moving-ugh!  She is going for her driver's license soon, later this year she will be a Senior, and her boyfriend goes to college, etc.   I felt like I was in a trance watching her open her presents-it was surreal!   Where did time go?  We can visit our youth and see what memories dance.  I hope your memories are sweet ones-if not let me know.  I could manage another food fight... I might even let you win~

I hope my beautiful girl had a sweet day! :D


Looks like your daughter had a great birthday. Those shoes are terrifying though!
A food fight might be fun. Cherry cheesecake everywhere.
Suzanne Furness said…
Oh I so know what you mean, where did all the time go? It only seems like yesterday that they were clutching my hand and hanging on my every word. Now... now they tend to hold someone else's hand and laugh at the weird stuff Mum talks about!

Looks like a fun lot of presents.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Her cake is beautiful. Did you decorate it?

Do you know where you are moving to yet?
Renee said…
Oh, to be 17 for just one day! But I want to pick that day. Very pretty cake, looks delicious.
Mary said…
I loved reading about your daughter's birthday! Nah...I wouldn't want to be 17 again. LOL. Those platform shoes are kind of cool....on someone else. Smiles. What a fun cake you made. My favorite birthday? That would be telling.......smiles.
Ink in the Book said…
Oh Happy Birthday:) Honestly, I don't think I'd wish to be 17 again. Those were hard years for me. But, 27, I might take:)
Yolanda Renee said…
Happy Birthday!

Seventeen, such a wonderful and exciting year!

My favorite was the 25th birthday too, my friends took me out for dinner and the entire restaurant sang happy BD. It was a blast! My first and only BD party!
Mark Means said…
Hope she had a great birthday!

My dad was stationed in Pensacola at NAS..he was on the Lexington. I loved it there. :)
Ella said…
Mark-My girl was born in Pensacola~
The Emerald coast is beautiful..when were you there?! How fun~
So, you have heard some sea stories ;D

Yolanda-Yes, that does sound fun-same for me! need another one! :D Something zany n' magical!

Inky-I hear you! Yeah, I'd be 25 again. Life changed for me major, when 26 hit. Yes, 25 would be great! :D

Mary-Those shoes make my ankles cry, lol! You are cute... ;D

Renee-It wasn't the fondant time! ;D Yes, you get to pick the day~

L.Diane-Yes,I had fun! My inner Lucy went well, I spilled powered sugar everywhere and tripped and fell. It isn't for sure, but hubby found a job he would like in Tennessee. Time will tell... ;D
I kinda want to stay put. I have moved a lot!

Suzanne-Yes, exactly! I hear how weird I am every day, lol! I now don't mind. :D Funny we use to be cool and now we are weird~

Alex-I know right! My ankles whimper just looking at those shoes. Maybe for April Fool I will get some Aerosol whip cream. I do remember my son catching me and I was covered. I owe him a rematch ;D
Anonymous said…
Loved the post, pleased she had a wonderful day.

I remember being 17, I met the love of my more to be said.

Ella said…
Oh, Yvonne I didn't realize you were 17! You know I think my girl feels the same way~ @>----------
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Sevent6een - such a wonderful age. She must be a happy girl, with the new shoes and bling!
Ella said…
Hi Sherry! Yes, she is ;D
Thanks for visiting me~
Nick Wilford said…
Happy Birthday to your daughter! She did well for presents.

I had a pie fight at school - of the whipped cream in tin plate variety. It was on stage in front of the whole school. We used to write our own shows in drama club to put on three times a year, and decided to end one with a free-for-all pie fight. (I don't remember anything of the sketch that led to this.) Something very liberating about it!
signed...bkm said…
Seventeen was my favorite year...I enjoyed all of it experiencing life and freedom in a new and positive way...bkm

Happy Birthday to your baby girl...
Ella said…
Hi BKM-Sounds wonderful! Thank you~

Nick-Thank you~ I love what you shared-yes, I can see why your memory forgot the rest. You remembered the joy~ :D I wish I was in your drama club, lol~
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to your daughter. I love the shoes, both pairs.

I think I'd like to live ten all over again. I was happy with the people around me and where I was.
Vicki Sheehan said…
oh yea - time does fly! i wouldn't want to be 17 again...i hated high school. my favorite birthday is the one i just celebrated :)
Ella said…
Vicki-I love your attitude~! I think a week and I'd be so over it~ The heart strings playing tug of war-ick!
:D Happy for you! My birthday this year is a personal goal~

Medeia-Thank you :D
Yes, there were actually three pairs, lol
Yes, ten was fun-me too! I wish we could, in our memories we can~ ;D
Wanda said…
Oh those platform shoes are too cute but I can't imagine walking around in them for long.
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-I know right! I can just see my ankles moaning, lol!
Scriptor Senex said…
I hope she enjoyed her day and that the coming year will be a wonderful one for her. I would only want to be 17 again if I knew what I know now. I can't remember it much at all.
I think I was probably selfish, a bit of a geek or anorak (not that either word existed then), and discontented with my lot in life. I didn't appreciate how fortunate I was. No, Ella, I'll pass on going back there thanks. (But I'll still have the pie fight and you won't have to let me win - I'll cover you in that frothy cream stuff from a can!)
Ella said…
Hi John-You are fun! :D
I understand, I do-I wouldn't want to go back, but for a day. Eighteen almost nineteen was devastating for me, my father died. I so wouldn't want to relive that, unless I could change it~ Doubtful, his heart was damaged at 17 with Rheumatic Fever due to Strep Throat. Thanks for ending on a happy note! I bet there are many bloggers that would join in :D