It is the first Wednesday in March, and time for the IWSG hosted by our favorite Captain, a man with Ninja like skills, Alex Cavanaugh.  Insecure Writer's Support Group encourages us to share our doubts, our concerns and offer guidance. 

 Yesterday I received an email from deviantART.  It was about author, Neil Gaiman and his  project. 

I watched this video- It expressed a point that everyone should heed.  We all have our stories, our quirks, our lives, what attracts our attention. We all have something to say, make, do or express.  So do just that-be you!

If you don't watch the video, he talks about being lonely, about writing no matter what.  It is a process.  "Put one word after another, repeat.   And you have to finish things."

The most important thing he tells us,  is to tell YOUR STORY!   And this:

 "YOU are the only YOU"~ Neil Gaiman   


"You are the only you" - and we can only do the best WE can do!
Shelly said…
Excellent! So true. Thanks for sharing that.

Hugs and chocolate,
Mark Means said…
Gaiman always has such great advice on writing....awesome vido! :)
L.G. Smith said…
Gaiman and his advice are brilliant. I am, however, a little concerned at how unkempt the authors in the video are. LOL. Are we really that bad?
Neil Gaiman is a genius! I am my only me! I love his idea of how to get through the wall, and writing even when I'm not inspired, and believing that whatever I'm doing can be fixed. I will remember the rock analogy forever!
Johanna Garth said…
That's so inspiring. I love Neil Gaiman and I want to watch that piece!
Anonymous said…
Awesome. This is definitely what I needed to hear today. :)

Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said…
Each one of us is unique to any other person. Thank goodness in my case , how could there be another me.

L. Diane Wolfe said…
We're the only ones who can do it.

We've talked DA before - are you on DA, too?
Yes, you expressed it all in so few words. Thanks, Ella.

Yolanda Renee said…
Great video!

You are the only you!

Excellent, thanks for sharing!
Ella said…
Hi Yolanda-Yes, you are the only YOU :D I feel the embrace of March's sunshine-the wind is crazy though, lol. Thank you!

Robyn-Hi, I had a little help ;D
Take Care You are welcome~

Diane-Yes, we were just talking about DA. I am not, but I am considering it~ :D

Yvonne-You are cute! @>-------

Alexandra-Yes, we do need to be reminded ;D Thanks for stopping by~

Johanna-Thanks! Yes, he does have a lot to say that cuts to the chase~ :D

Jenn-I know right, lol! It is in difficult moments we need simple, yet profound wisdom! Words-rocks and we need to write words that rock ;D

LG-I thought of that, too! Oh, my...time for a makeover~ lol

Hi Mark-Glad you liked it! Yes, he does have a way with words ;D

Shelly-Thanks for coming over :D
And sharing all those hugs n' chocolate~

Alex-Love that-tis true :D
Lolamouse said…
I am in total love with Neil Gaiman! He's so talented and so willing to communicate with his fans (as is his wife, Amanda Palmer). He even did an "Arthur" episode!
Ella said…
Hi Lolamouse! Amanda is a riot-wow!
Really, I will have to go find it~
Thanks for sharing :D
You rock!

"You are the only you" - love that video!!! Thank you for sharing this!

I'm going to share this with my students in my writing class.

Wonderful, wonderful encouragement and inspiration.
Ella said…
Hi Tyrean-Oh, tell me how they react!
I love this-you are a fun teacher :D
Michael Di Gesu said…
HI, Ella,

Sorry I am SOO late dropping by. Still playing catch up. LOL.

NO words were truer said or written. WE are ALL unique and we ALL have different life experiences, so why would we write the same? SO WE NEED to write. Our passions, OUR hearts, and OUR souls ...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend ELLA.

If you have a chance to drop by my blog tomorrow, I have something special going on.... Thanks.