Planting Memories

 I'm working on items for the Art Walk, next month.   I decided to make some seed pouches.  This one represents an Iroquois legend about three sisters.  I  had fun sharing this legend, with my mom.  She is one of three sisters.   My mom's love of gardening transformed me.  I was always fond of all she grew and helped her, but the love of gardening didn't take hold, till after my son was born.  I thought it might be fun to write a poem about this legend.  It is about the concept of companion planting.  

Kim over at Poets United asked us to write a poem about passion.  I thought of many ideas,  but as I was working on my art-this idea started to bloom.   ;D  

Morning fringe tickles velvet green leaves
birds whirl in great eagle's sky
as pearls of white n' gold whisper
promises like seductive stars

Great crow planted first seed 
scattered spirit with Aurora's embrace 
luminous light bloomed like golden rain
as Luna Moth danced in midnight's glory

Sky woman hugs turtle
as river of green song caresses the shadows
the veil of night swings and climbs
as starlight floats in arcs
of rippling blue light
reminders of morning star's birth

Echo of spirits in day's breath
like fluttered wings they
nourish n' protect
scattered clouds cry of
past ceremonies
like clay dust settling
when pounding rain dances 

Seven sisters watch
as black forest settles
Mother Nature's luminous eye winks
hope grows
as vines of trumpets charm
climb as the flames of day

© Ellen Wilson



Star light floats - very nice!
Lisa Williams said…
Love this, especially the second stanza.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is incredible. One of your best. I so love the imagery - love the "great eagle's sky", the seductive stars, Great crow planting the first woman and all the spirits.......this poem SINGS!!!!!!
Unknown said…
Definitely one of your best, Ella. The imagery is consistent, not mixed. The meanings are made clear by surrounding content. The phrasing is pleasant and understandable, like a book properly chaptered. Well done!
It makes me want to ask... do you ever plant the "Three Sisters" together? Sunflowers or corn, beans and squash or gourds?
M Pax said…
I love your seed pouches. They're beautiful. So's the poem. I love your knack for tying everything together.
Brian Miller said…
oh def delicious details in the mysticism allusions as well...the "sky woman hugs turtle river" pairing is cool....ha....very cool bit of garden growing her...smiles.
Renee said…
The seed pouch is as lovely as the poem!
Laurie Kolp said…
Hi, Ella- I love it when hope grows... I especially like the second stanza.
Mary said…
Love this, Ella. Especially Sky Woman. I identfy.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Those "seductive stars" and "past ceremonies" are such rich images. The poem is a visual treat.
Grace said…
This is lovely Ella specially the second stanza ~ I don't know about companion planting, thanks for sharing the link ~
alan1704 said…
climb as the flames of day
wake. - Lovely words that come alive. I like the way this flows
Shelly said…
Love, love, love...

Hugs and chocolate,
Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, Ella, this is exquisite. The thought of planting must bring forth the best of the poetry in you. What a lovely combination of life and art.
Poetic Soul said…
One of the best pieces I've seen in a while
Wonderful imagery...eagle's sky, very nice.

Don't know if this is 'one of your best': let's see, tulips and violets, daisies and dandelions, oak tree and maple tree, eagle or hawk... jeez! see tough choices as to which is more beautiful. :-)

I'm being facetious.

Lovely, lovely piece

Unknown said…
That last line is vivid and brilliant.

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L. Diane Wolfe said…
The seed pouches are adorable.
Yolanda Renée said…
Such a feast, from the picture of the eggs, to the seed pouch and the poetry!

You never fail to feed the soul, thank you!
Scriptor Senex said…
A lovely one, Ella.

And that seed pouch picture is beautiful. But what exactly is a seed pouch?
Unknown said…
I think you should include the poem with the seed pouches / they really tell the story together
Jennifer Wagner said…
Just colorful, and I agree with Leslie--that is a very cool idea!
Carol said…
I wish we had more poetry in our lives. I loved this.

Simply beautiful. I will be back !
Wanda said…
Such great imagery use and those seed pouches are cute.

A delightful mystical quality to your poem. A very placid touch with great scenic views..

Nice to find you today Ella.I love you Easter banner!!

Happy Easter,
I think it's a wonderful response to the prompt. Nature is a great passion if mine too.
Ella said…
Hi Rosemary-It is so nice to know you also share this passion ;D
Thank you!

Eileen-Thank you! Yes, it was so nice to be part of Poets United again~ I missed you :D

Hi Wanda-Thank you! I might try to make some different ones ;D Kinda fun

Carol-Thank you! We have to look for it-it is there, or create it~

Poet Laundry-Thank you! I have a couple other ones-I'll share soon :D Congrats on being poem of the week!

Leslie-Thank you! I love this idea :D @>----------

John-Thank you! A seed pouch is a little bag or tiny pocket. It contains seeds. These are made out of dried corn husks. :D

Yolanda-Thank you! You are sweet~

Hi Diane-Thank you! I had fun :D

Ella said…
Damyanti-Thank you! Yes, I think it will be a fabulous challenge :D
Looking forward to yours~

Marcoantonio-You are sweet! Thank you so much~ ;D 3>--------

Poetic Soul-Thank you! I guess my passion does come through-I love to garden~ ;D @>----------

promises like seductive stars... that's nice, Ella
Ella said…
Hi Dezzy-I used your 'golden rain' ;D
Thank you for sharing and your kind words~

Kay-Thank you so much :D I do love playing in the dirt and the spring air :D

Shelly-loves to you xo :D and chocolate Easter eggs, too~

Hi Alan-Thank you, so much :D

Grace-I guess it saved the Pilgrims from what I have read~
;D Thank you~

Hi Mary Ann-Thank you! Yes, stars do offer us hope :D

Mary-Thank you! I love the imagine of Sky woman, too :D I like that you can relate~

Laurie-Thank you! I too love it when hope grows~ :D

Renee-Thank you! I had fun making them :D Off to make more...

Brian-Thank you! I love Indian folklore-lots of inspired thoughts in their view ;D

Mary-Thank you! I had fun :D
Wait till you see the next one I make-I am thinking of you ;D

Kim-Thank you! No, I haven't planted the 'Three Sisters' but I am going to try~ Corn, beans and pumpkins or squash-are the three. I love how together they add nitrogen to the soil and cascade together :D

Sherry-I knew you would love sky woman ;D Thank you so much~ I love Indian spirits-so much wisdom!

Lisa-Thank you :D I enjoyed yours, as well~

Alex-Thank you! Yes, a lot of wisdom in those stars ;D

Elise Fallson said…
You write such beautiful poetry, truly. And cute seed pouches! What makes it even more special is the legend that goes with the picture. You can't go wrong when you combine creativity and heart.
Ella said…
Hi Elise-Thank you so much :D
You are sweet~
Hope you had a Happy Easter!
D.G. Hudson said…
You tied this together very well, Ella. I like knowing backgrounds, legends and connections.

Just wanted to let you know you inspired me with your Favorite Chair post, and I linked back to your post for those who might have missed it.
Ella said…
Hi DG-Thank you so much :D
I felt really connected to you on this theme~ I am so happy you liked it! You understood where I was going...not just about the chair, but the memories that surrounded it~

Thank you so much!!! @>--------
Unknown said…
Wow. I'd really missed your poetry. So beautiful. I meant to keep visiting everyone when I took time off blogging, but I ended up barely even on the computer. Anyway, life has calmed down and I'm very glad to be back and catching up with all my favorite blogs!!

Hope I see you over on my new blog, Ella! This is Tamara btw. (From One Magic Bean Buyer)

Happy April! And thanks for the enchanting images :)
Ella said…
Hi I have missed you Karen!
Happy April to you-I am glad you are back! @>---------