Sherry asked us to write a poem about our inner wild woman.  Sherry's nickname is Wild Woman-she raised a wolf, from a pup.   Sherry asked me, for some art to go with this challenge.  I used photos to recreate altered images. 

"Within every woman
there is a wild and natural creature,
a powerful force,
filled with good instincts,
passionate creativity,
and ageless knowing."

-Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Sherry's challenge:   I’d like to ask you to release your inner wild woman, in whatever way you view that essential Womyn who lives at the center of your being. You know her. You have heard her voice, her quiet wisdom, as she tried to guide you away from danger and onto the path of your personal journey, the journey that is yours alone to make, whether or not you walk it accompanied.

Pale blue sky teases
 as glass doors open
into a snag of elders
young slender trees arch n' bow
hugging the late afternoon sun
fragile wings of hope spiral 
I walk from: tall windows, steel frames, bricks
 and pediments
I run into the long blue
my tortured suit...tears free
remove society's pastry mold 
I run...
from crumbling concrete
n' chatter of grey parrot suits
they preen in bullet proof glass
shards of day stab my brain

I see a green cathedral
arms of bended boughs kneel touch me
their silver light guides
I run into black danger
 padded with pine needles
i feel small in both worlds
my heart flutters
scent of Cedar
anchors me
 rhythm of crickets
like gently rain

Muffled whispers
in my pine needle cathedral...
promise of danger lingers
in both worlds
black birds should scatter
they don't
they watch me..
as glittering rain falls
I blur into a soft wash of 
layered night
where God's roots speak
to you n' me. 
Are you listening?

© Ellen Wilson

To the dull mind nature is leaden. To the illumined mind
the whole world burns and sparkles with light.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Kerry O'Connor said…
I love the sense of freedom you have achieved in this run away to the wilderness.

I see a green cathedral
arms of bended boughs kneel touch me
their silver light guides...

Such beautiful images.
Very nice! I'm listening.
Ella said…
Alex-Is that you or Dr. Frasier Crane? lol Thank you~

Kerry-Thank you :D I love being outside! It was such a great challenge, with intriguing poems!
Sherry really took us there~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the "pine needle cathedral"....and God's roots speaking. LOVE the closing question! This is beautiful, Ellie, and your inspiring images are breathtaking. You have the eyes and the soul of an artist. There is a surprise, a gift, every time I come in here - such beauty in your images and words.....thanks for writing to my prompt, kiddo.
Grace said…
First, love the images, you shared ~ Second, I love the idea of taking off to run into the forest of green cathedral ~ Beautiful, and yes, I am listening ~
L.G. Smith said…
Very cool imagery. And I let my inner wild woman run all over the pages of the novels I'm writing. It's great fun. :)
Kay L. Davies said…
This brings me back to a time when I had my own forest into which I could run, or walk, and let the pines soothe my soul.
Beautifully done, Ella.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
God's natural church - very vivid.
This was wonderful! Run! I really like how you used the "i" feel small in both worlds.
Anonymous said…
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Truedessa said…
I enjoyed this as you set a nice pace and I could see the words in my mind..nice..
Kim Nelson said…
...where God's roots speak... A powerful phrase, Ella!
Helen said…
... 'remove society's pastry mold' ~ for me the best line in a poem of beautiful lines.
Mary said…
Beautiful language in this poem, Ella! I really like:

I blur into a soft wash of
layered night
where God's roots speak
to you n' me.
Yolanda Renee said…
Truly beautiful Ella, the photo, so inspiring, the poem a feast for the soul!

Thank you,
Hannah said…
Ella!! Just beautiful!! Your images are so inspiring...thank you for sharing and your poetry is emotional and stunning.

I love this whole section:

"I see a green cathedral
arms of bended boughs kneel touch me
their silver light guides..."

So in-tune and I love the "God's roots," section as well...I feel like this about nature my green-loving friend!

xo TT/SS @>---->--- and a wish. ♥
Mark Means said…
I don't know much about poetry, but that was well done. So was that picture..I like both :)
Ella, you more than rose to the challenge. The cathedral, the pine needles, and for me, the birds not chattering, but watching - perhaps to learn from you?

Also, your multifaceted art is a wonder. At first I didn't pick out the hidden wonders within the wolves. Now poignant a commentary, and how lucky we are to have you. Peace, Amy
Beautifully done! I especially liked:
"scent of Cedar
anchors me
rhythm of crickets
like gently rain"
Mixi said…
Such cool, green, fragrant freedom :) Loved the walk through the Pine Cathedral Ella :)
Anonymous said…
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Anunoy Samanta said…
Ella you made me your fan with your exquisite dexterity with words... offcourse I'll be listening to all your songs of the road...
Cheers :)
that's a cleverly done photo, Ella!
hedgewitch said…
I love 'running into the long blue' and breaking the pastry mold! Truly inspired, Ella. Thank you so much for allowing us to use your wonderful illustrations in this challenge as well.
Marian said…
oh, so lovely! i'm afraid i'm in a parrot suit behind bullet-proof glass. well, not literally, but i spend a lot of time in the unnatural world... i guess that makes for greater appreciation. just love the pictures you paint here.
Lolamouse said…
Oh, yes, I'm listening! I love the sense of adventure and boldness in this. The RWE quote is great too! Love your photos!
Christine Rains said…
Great poem and I love the photo!
Ella said…
Hi Christine-Thank you so much :D
I look forward to your new book~

Lolamouse-lol! It feels like Frasier Crane is in the house ;D Thank you so much~

Marian-You might wear the gray suit, but you are no parrot :D They never get off their perch~
Thank you so much!

Joy-Thank you! You are welcome-Sherry really released our inner wild child ;D It was a fun challenge! Yes, hurry let's run into the blue! I bet you broke the mold, too ;D

Hi Dezzy-Thank you! Yes, a little magic and over laying photos does help ;D

Anunoy-You are sweet! I do like to take the road less traveled ;D I bet you do, too~ Thank you!
Ella said…
Hi Mixi-Thank you so much! It does have a glorious view ;D

MadKane-Thank you :D It was fun to venture into the wild~

Amy-You are so sweet! I loved your poem~ Your wild child view and now our daughters will have their turn ;D
Thank you so much~ @>-------

Mark-Me either! lol I just pick words I like, blend them and see what I will get. ;D Thank you so much-I think all the matters is you find your own message in poetry!

Hannah-I thought of you and our poem collab! :D We should do one again sometime. Maybe when I come to Maine ;D SS <3 @>--------
Thank you so much!!!

Yolanda-Thank you! I love a good wild adventure or feast, lol ;D

Hi Mary-Thank you! I wanted it to have a mystical feel~ :D

Helen-Thank you! I know I hate molds and society's are so cumbersome~

Kim-Thank you! I thought so ;D
We just need to be more protective of our PLANet!

Truedessa-Thank you so much~ It is nice to meet you :D

Hi Robyn- i do, sometimes ;D Thank you so much~

Diane-Thank you! I have been once to an outdoor church and it was made of stones-just an outline. I think of all of nature as a church :D

Kay-Beautifully said! I felt that way about my shore, by the bay :D
There is magic that resides in those places of wonder~ Thank you~

LG-I love that idea! :D How fab~

Grace-Thank you so much~ I think we do listen more when silence is in our background, to our inner stirrings! ;D

WildWoman-Thank you so much for your challenge and daring me to write a poem! I am not sure how I found you, but our paths were meant to cross. Some day I hope to come visit you on your island :D
I know the enchantment of the wild. We share that view~ @>---------thank you Sherry!

Ella said…
Hello Misha :D
Thank you so much!
I need to visit the green cathedral more often~
Other Mary said…
Your images of civilization are brilliant Ella. And I also note that you find spiritual solace in the natural world...that seems so, well, natural. Thank you also for the images you created to go with the prompt. All three are hauntingly beautiful.