B is for Books, Buttons and Blue Cheer

I often frequent my favorite second hand book store, The Recycled Reader.  I purchased several books-one was old and torn. The pages were falling out, but I had an idea.  I thought about my maternal grandmother and how we had shared our lives, in letters. I called her my gypsy gram.  Honestly, the woman should of been in the military, she has moved that much.  We shared recipes, tea, art, dried flowers and love of the written word.  I thought about the book and tore the chapter pages out and stitched them on paper.  The cover was also torn. I peeled strips, stitched and glued them onto envelopes. Writing letters is like sharing chapters in our lives. We allow people to  know our day, our wishes and sometimes our sadness.  I think of writing like a quilt-pieces and patches of our days, shared in chapters, fastened with words, sentiment and ink.  (I think a lot of us do this with our blogs).  I am happy blogging has allowed me to share and read the chapters of many lives. 

I was published in Somerset Life.  I bought the issue last week, the day I took my daughter to take her driver's test. Yes, she passed!  She was so happy! "Mom, let's go to the book store and see if they have the magazine."   And they did...I gasped when I saw the article.  She pinched me and told me-it is real, lol.   ( I will receive a complimentary copy-it hadn't arrived it.)   Thank you Christen Olivarez and staff, for all you do! The photos are gorgeous and this issue inspires the creative process!


"Fill your paper with the breathings of 
your heart."

-William Wordsworth

 I also used buttons on my stationary.

 Saturday I received a lovely box filled with blue cheer!  My friend made the little book and the beautiful blue crane! Besides, I though it best I share on B day~ Thank you Vicki, for this wonderful surprise! *She makes beautiful books


Melissa Bradley said…
I don't know, maybe it is the fact the I cannot sleep, but I am utterly moved by these pictures. I've looked at them a hundred times, especially the last one. You have a breathtaking, transformative gift that really makes this world a much sweeter place.
Suzanne Furness said…
How exciting to see your work in print and congratulations to your daughter on passing her driving test!
Rosalind Adam said…
When I first had a story printed in a women's magazine I bought every copy they had at the little corner shop. I'm too embarrassed to go in there again now!

Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, how wonderful!!! I can't wait to see your work in SL!!!
Ella, that is awesome you are there in the pages!
Congratulations to your daughter.
And that was a nice package to receive.
Renee said…
Congrats to you both! I saw the magazine and your article is AMAZING!
Vicki Sheehan said…
congratulations Ellen! i can't wait to check out your article. i really love the stationary you made for it...so pretty : )
Mary said…
Congratulations on publication, Ellie. Well deserved! I will have to venture into a bookstore and take a look!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Congrats on the magazine! That's a big deal.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, what a feast it is in here today! Lovely that you have been published, Ellie - six pages, whu-hoo! You have such creative and cool ideas for art - no end to them, and they always blow me away. What a beautiful blue gift your friend sent you!!!!!!!!

I am always inspired when I come in here, by your ever-changing art.
Nick Wilford said…
What a great use for an old book! Wish I was as creative. Congrats on the publication!
Ella said…
Sherry-Thank you! You always are so sweet to me~ It means a lot @>-------- I haven't forgotten about your photo! ;D
Yes blue does inspire-I know you know this!

Diane-Thank you so much :D

Mary-It would be fun to know you actually saw it~Thank you so much!

Vicki-Thank you! And thank you so much for my blue cheer! I'll surprise you sometime~ I love the Crane :D

Renee-Thank you! You rock-I someday will see you on the Cover...and artist of the month!
Fifteen cards in TSS-You are a rock star ;D I can't wait to see your issue~

Alex-Thank you! Yes, my daughter wore the biggest grin all day ;D
me, too Yes, the blue gift was so beautiful!

Mary Ann-You must submit...you are so talented! :D Thank you so much

Rosalind-lol I love that ;D
I will receive one complimentary copy, so I grabbed this one for my Mom! You are so cute-congrats to you~Thank you

Suzanne-Thank you so much! Yes, it was an exciting day ;D

Melissa-You are gonna make me cry!
You are so sweet ;D Thank you...I can't take credit for the magazine photos. Johanna Love is the photographer over at Stampington publications-she is so talented!
I did take the heading photo and the blue one :D Thank you Melissa... I can't wait till you see letter P...lol I made something out of pantyhose that is going to be fun and shocking, lol!
Thanks you made my month,my year ;D

Mark Means said…
I always enjoy coming here because you always have the coolest stuff on display.

Congrats on your article..that's aweseom! :)
oh this is so wonderful.... I felt so happy, just like the way when I felt seeing pooh's stories in childhood...
I agree with Melissa Bradley. Couldn't have said it better myself! :)
Kassiah Faul said…
Congrats! I can't wait to check out your article.
Brett Minor said…
You are so much more creative than me. I write and that is about it. Craft stuff I leave to my daughter, but everything ends up looking like a crying, severed head. She's 17.

Dropping in from A to Z. This is my first year.

Brett Minor
Transformed Nonconformist
Ink in the Book said…
First, congratulations on your publication! WooHoo!

Second, your blog is simply AMAZING. you are so talented, you inspire me with EVERY post. I'm sorry i don't let you know often enough.

Third, your kind comments on my blog is one of the highlights of my day. Thank you!
Chris said…
What an awesome project, you are extremely creative and congrats on being published, you must be very proud.
Michelle said…
I. Love. This. Post. How fun must it have been to lead a "gypsy" life. And congrats to you for being in the magazine. I've never heard of it before!! I love that with blogging my life expands more and more and more. Thanks for visiting me at Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life. Happy A to Z! :)
Julia King said…
I echo what Michelle said... I. Love. This. Post. Especially this line: "I think of writing like a quilt-pieces and patches of our days, shared in chapters, fastened with words, sentiment and ink."

Beautiful. Thanks for writing this post.
Julia King said…
Oh, and congrats on being published. AMAZING!
Rachel Morgan said…
What a cool idea for the A to Z Challenge :-) And so exciting to see your name on the front of a magazine! Those envelopes you made with the chapter numbers and strips of the old book cover ... so creative :-)
PS - Well done to your daughter!
Cynthia said…
That is such a pretty gift...looks like you have a friend who is quite thoughtful.
Ella said…
Cynthia-Yes, she is a wonderful person :D I planning on surprising her, with something colorful.

Rachel-Thank you~ I'm not on the front, still dream about that... :D
Yes, my daughter is thrilled-thank you~

Julia-Thank you! I love books-it wasn't anything I planned to do. I felt the book had to be saved in some way. It was really torn up. :D

Michelle-I too love how we find each other :D I don't think she planned on the gypsy life. She moved a lot, than I married a sailor and I moved-letters kept us connected. Happy A-Z to you :D

Chris-Hi thank you! I am thrilled-a pinch me moment :D

Karen Tamara said…
Congratulations so much on getting published in Somerset Life, Ella! That is so awesome! And I love the blue crane.

I had a friend who died a couple years ago of cancer but, before she passed away, I put together a project where we folded a thousand cranes for her. So many people wanted to help that I ended up with 1700 cranes, all strung together in rows, hanging from a Japanese parasol.

It was beautiful and now every time I see a crane it's somehow like seeing a piece of Zellie's spirit. I don't know if that sounds strange but it is how I feel. It's nice. It's like I get these glimpses of her when I least expect them, like on your blog tonight.

One way or the other, I always leave Ella's Edge feeling uplifted.
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, I am really made up for you, you have done so well, and the photos are great. Send my congratulations to your daughter!x
Ella said…
Thank you Amanda :D You art is gorgeous...you need to be in a gallery~ Sending my thoughts n' prayers xo

Karen-Oh, this is so sweet n' sad~
I like how you are reminded of her....
Is this the Zellie that wrote a book?
This name sounds familiar? I am touched by your words xo
I love your ideas. The tin can art is so unique!
Ella said…
Hello Border-breaking bound! I love your name ;D

Thank you so much! There is art in junk, lol