F is for Fork(plastic type)

F is tough. First,  I thought about foam peanuts-nah.  Then I thought plastic forks or regular ones.  I went with the plastic! 

Oh, you wanna know how the Art Walk went. First, I would like to say a special thank you to Susan from Page After Page.  She is amazing, such a generous spirit!  Zach was kind and set up a table and chair for me.  I enjoyed our chat!   Lisa, it was so nice to meet you~  You made my evening! :D    It was interesting and I learned a lot-no didn't sell much.  It took a lot of courage to go there and even though I didn't sell much, I still am happy I did it.  It has changed a lot since the last time I went. The Arts of the Albemarle goes all out and takes a piano outdoors and performs.  Every shop has snacks, some have wine.  It was a social gathering and I met a lot of nice people.   Over all a good experience! 

I took these before I left...I haven't checked the ones on my phone.  My daughter did end up helping me and she loved the way it looked!  Thank you Angela for all your help :D
I took twine, Forsythia and paper butterflies and decorated.  I had a lot of art dangling off the table with tiny clothes pins.  I even had some of my seedlings on the table to sell.  I used lots of vibrant color and created a spring like feel.  I received a lot of compliments.

I freaked about F...?!   Daughter and her boyfriend suggested folders and then ha, ha fingers.  I guess they noticed mine are usually quite colorful.  lol

So, I took a plastic fork and added Washi tape.  It makes an unique table setting.
Here is mine:

Oh, too messy I mean fussy-I need to fix it.   I used one of my Moo cards.
I mean mini Moo :D 
Do you have Moo
My Moo make intriguing place cards! Who knew Moo could do that, lol~

 After I made it I swear I found this.  A fork angel!   I didn't have clear or white forks. I didn't think a red angel would look right, but when I get to the store I am going to buy some more forks and try to make an angel.     


Grammy said…
Hi, Ella!
Love the crafts and the story to go with them. I remember you from last year. I'm trying to randomly hit a lot of blogs. Best regards to you, my friend. Ruby
Donna Shields said…
That is so incredibly cool. Loving the fork angel
Mary said…
How creative! You can make something beautiful out of the most ordinary things! Lovely creation from the humble fork.
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellen, your fork creation turned out beautiful! Such a clever idea, and definitely something you should send right over to Stampington.

Wow, that is a plastic fork!
See, knew you would have a great time at the Art Walk. Most big towns have really great first Friday art fairs. And sounds like you made some good connections and new friends in the process.
M Pax said…
A fork angel is very creative.

I enjoyed reading about your art walk event. Good for you! All exposure is a great thing!

I'm hosting a table with some other authors at a fair this summer. It'll be my first event... I need to think beyond the book...
Anonymous said…
Whenever I see beautiful craft like this I think it's time to stop writing, time to start doing stuff with my hands. -Belinda [A - Z participant].
Mary Ann Potter said…
Your posts always make me smile! That fork piece is so cool.
Wanda said…
Your photos has this nice dreamy effect to them. Your knack for turning the ordinary into extraordinary always amazes me. Have a fabulous weekend.
Mark Means said…
Very cool Ella and glad to hear the Artwalk was a good time for you.

Regardless of whether you sold much, you still got your name and face out there and that's a good start!
Nick Wilford said…
How do you come up with all this stuff? Your fork angel is beautiful!

Glad the Art Walk was a good experience.
Anstice Potts said…
Hi Ella! This is such an inspiring blog, glad you stopped by mine so I could find you. What a cool idea-I've never thought to use plastic forks in crafts before, but these could actually make really nice place settings for a wedding or something. You're so creative!
Dana said…
You're so creative! I look at a fork and see...a fork. You see something of beauty. :) I think that's wonderful.

Have a great Sunday!
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I have to run outside to do letter G-you will see why(sun is out) I will be back to comment and visit!
YOU all are so kind :D
Happy Sunday!
Melissa Bradley said…
Yay!! I knew you would be fantastic at the Walk. I am stunned by the beauty you create. You are truly an art angel.