Golly G

Gee are we really on G?   I have this problem every year.  Some how I lose or tear a garden glove.  I honestly do not wear them that often.  I like to get my hands in the soil.  I like planting and getting dirty, no I wasn't a Tom boy, but I am a nature lover.  I guess I think of planting like painting with nature. I can pick the plants and arrange the colors, as I like.

My gloves are like those mystery socks that gets lost in the wash.  Yes, the elusive single sock.  I have single gloves.  I save them and tuck them away for spring.  I usually need an extra hand in the garden-lol. (I know that was lame.)   I usually hang them out front once I get my window boxes done.  They are pretty and tendril outward. I usually put Sweet peas or the climbing Nasturtiums seedlings inside.  Once they start to outgrow their tiny peat pots, I transplant them.  I have had a few plants bloom in the gloves. They look gorgeous.  Yes my gloves look pretty lined up on the front porch.  Their vines cascading and climbing towards the sun. It makes me want to tendril towards the light, too.   I hope you enjoy my odd photos-I'm going, going, gone! ;D

1. I tuck a small peat pot into the glove. You can poke wire through both sides and pinch upward-and twist. 

2.  Now add your seedling and take the vine and curl around the wire handle.  It sometimes needs some help or if you prefer let it cascade out.

3. There is no wrong way.  One neighbor teased me and said next year I should hang out those damn single socks!   Nah, I save those to dust with...

4. These are clustered together for now, but will hang out front once I have dirt for my window boxes.   Yes, the goodness of gloves!  Do I hear clapping?  lol


Very clever! I don't lose them, but I do tend to wear them out completely.
Tara Tyler said…
love your crafts & handiwork!
and gardening gloves are fun to wear too =)
C.M.Brown said…
I know I should wear gloves when I do my chores, but I am hopeless and never do. My hands now show the wear and tear of my deeds. Poor things!

Great ideas to recycle and keep the birds away!
Wanda said…
Indeed you do hear clapping my friend. That's another one of those tricks I never would have thought to use a glove.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Those are so cute!

Sadly I can't do much outside. I touch anything and I get poison ivy. We've killed it off, but it left enough of a trace that I don't dare touch anything in the backyard.
Mary said…
What a very cool idea. I would never have thought of doing such a thing with gloves.....ha, but I really don't lose one or the other (but this post makes me almost wish I would).
Kerry O'Connor said…
I'm amazed at how inventive you are, Ella.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a cool and fun idea!! I have a friend who plants things in old boots.......so cute!
Dana said…
You're beyond creative! Very cool ideas. :)
Lynn Proctor said…
this is so creative and adorable!!!
Christine Rains said…
That is so cute! I think I might have to try that. :)
Clever! Thinking outside the box (planter, that is?) and looking great. Thanks for sharing.
Ella said…
Hi Canadian Chickadee-lol yes, you are cute! Thank you~ It is fun to add unique pairings in the garden. One year I saw a family grow Hens n' chickens in cast off shoes. They lined the walk way :D

Christine-Thank you! Let me know if you do~ I am so not doing socks, ;D

Hi Lynn-Thank you! It is fun to change things up~ :D

Hi Dana-lol Yes, beyond that would be right, lol ;D Thank you~

Sherry-I think I know her, lol ;D
Thank you~

Kerry-Thank you! :D I think it has something to do with growing up green! My Mom was using pantyhose in the garden before Martha Stewart did! lol

Ella said…
Mary-You are funny! You could mail me one ;D lol I'm joking~ You don't have to lose one-just hang different colors! Your beautiful grandchildren could help you~

L.Diane-You are smart! You need to do some indoor gardening instead!
I agree better safe :D Sorry to hear this~ Thank you!

Wanda-Thank you! I was being silly~
Seriously though why not have extra hands in the garden ;D lol

CM-I am guilty sometimes, but when it comes to vines and sticks...I use gloves. After seeing the hives hubby had a few years ago-I'm cautious! Be careful...

Tara-Thank you! They have some pretty ones, don't they ;D

Alex-Smart! I hope to do that some day ;D

Ooh, it's like some kind of warning to other gloves. "This is what will happen to you if you lose your partner!!!"
Ella said…
Kellie-lol, yes the garden witch has casts her spell, lol!
You are funny!
Melissa Bradley said…
I should probably use garden gloves as my hands are in terrible shape, but somehow I never remember them. I love what you did with your single ones. So clever and adorable. :)