I is for Ice Cube Tray

I thought of initials, but went with ice cube trays.  Yes, you can use them to organize stuff, but I am going to use them as a candy mold.   This is not your ordinary candy-no. I am making Gummies out of Jello and if I succeeded-they will appear to look like Dots!

Do you like Dots?!  What color is your favorite flavor?   If  you aren't a fan, what movie candy do you prefer? 
Me, I like Black Crows and chocolate!  Honestly I like it all~ lol

Here is the recipe:

l pkg of 3 oz  Jello
3 package of Knox Gelatin
1 cup boiling water

Mix the Jello powder and Knox gelatin into a bowl.  Add l cup of boiling water and stir well. Let it set for 10 minutes-I set my timer.

 I used ice cube trays that looked like Dots.  I sprayed them with a bit of spray oil.

 When timer dings you will have half a cup of liquid. I usually use candy mold, but today I am recycling an ice cube tray.

Pour liquid in and place in the refrigerator to set.  I think it take about 15-20 minutes.   I used a knife and loosened them. They popped right out! 

 Lemon is a favorite at our house.

Today I am highlighting this blog:

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads was inspired by a poem by Marianne Moore.
Robert  Lloyd from Poets United started this blog. Later, he passed the baton to Kerry.  She has done a fabulous job pushing the boundaries of our garden, our poetry~   April is National Poetry month.  Over in the Garden they are doing NaPoWriMo .  I signed up to do crafting, before I knew of their challenge.  Today,  I am  going to share a poem called Insight!  It was a challenge offered to us by Izy! She asked for us to write a poem about a Document of Discussion.   Thank you Kerry and Izy~


Day 1

Did you order these labs?
Why not?
What is your medical background
A mother-who has been in DKA-1380
I am sorry 
Thanks, why are his levels off the chart?
We suspect he has taking, no abusing bodybuilding supplements
No, he hasn't, doesn't...
What would cause Creatine levels to be off the charts
We don't know...
You must suspect...something?
A virus
Have you and your family been out of the country...
No, we went to Disney-it felt like we were 
we are admitting your son
We will figure it out..
Thank you! 
Larry they will figure it out.
We love you~

Day 2

He can't get up his hearts race
He is in quarantine
you can't go in
we have been living with him for weeks
we don't have it
we have to be sure
Ok...Dr said you can go in.
How are you feeling?
Tired...what do you think I have?
A virus
When can I go home
when you are better
Can't you sign me out
I can't do an IV at home-no
What about school?
I called them-I am going to go pick up your work
Dad is staying-gotta go get your sister
Love you
I'll be back...
 What did Dr say?
Heart still racing going to run more tests....
levels still too high

Day 3

We are moving your son to PEDS..
Because he is 17
Another Doc is in on the case
something about looking for Zebras?
Zebras-doesn't sound good
Is it Cushings?
No, why do you say that?
....because he has symptoms
Mrs. Wilson I'm Dr. _______ I don't see any signs
of Endocrine related disease. 
are you a nurse?
No( Dr. leaves...)
I think you should let them do your job
do reflexology on his feet?
I am-
Larry you are going to be fine...
Love you...I'll be back
Dad is spending the night

Day 4

New Dr is holding a meeting 
get Brenda to pick up Angela 
from school
be here 1pm
Hurry, I can't stand this....
Is he worse?
No, I just need a break...
I'm driving as fast as I can...
Just get here....he thinks he has pneumonia?
No, now they think the fluid is on the outside of his lungs
Get here now...
Meeting Room: full of 5 Drs and interns
Son, hubby and I are in room. (Son in wheelchair, not allowed to walk)
Patient has signs of_____, _______,________,
What would cause fluid outside of his lungs?
Do you want to know...?
Yes, I wanna know?
It is cancer...
I hope I am, Mrs. Wilson
 Shock, crying...
why did you tell us in front of him...
His body he has a right to know-

Day 5

Hello I am Dr.         I am assigned to your son's case
We are going to do a PET exam
We need to find that Zebra?
Do you think it is cancer...
We don't know...
I heard you don't think so
No, I don't....
Why do you say that?
Mother's Intuition....

Day 10 (Ten days, 10 Doctors)

YOU are improving and can go home today!
We do need to wait for the Dr to come in 
 check you one last time
It was a virus
But you will need to see Dr _____ in one week
Mom was right
I think it involved your wisdom teeth being taken out
Dec 26
Pleural Effusions
from dirty instruments....
WE can't prove it....but it adds up!
YOU are alright!Love you~
We love you and you are going home!

I believe in intuition!  Do you listen to your inner voice?!



I listen to the one that prevents me from saying something really stupid.
Clever idea with the Jello. Where do you find Knox Gelatin though?
Mama Zen said…
Nothing is worse than enduring that search for the zebra! This had me biting my nails!
Hannah said…
Oh my word!!! Ella...you're SO strong. How terrifying. You've captured this so well. ♥ to you my friend. and 1111 wishes, too. xo

Ella said…
Alex-No, not stupid-it is in the aisle with the Jello-usually off to the side or up above. Orange small box-look up-on top of the shelf! I wish they would make Cinnamon Jello or Sugar Free Hot Tamales...that would rock! Food God are you listening?! lol

Mama Zen-Sorry, I kinda felt ick after writing it and wondered should I post it?! I do think though we do need to listen to your intuitive voice-so I shared it! Yes, true story...my son's Senior year-it shook me to my core. We had to fly my Mom down to help us with our daughter. Hubby and I spent our evenings online trying to find answers...it was horrible! I still shake thinking about it~

Hannah-Thank you! I still look at him and worry when he gets sick~ It was difficult- xo to you! I'll take that wish...did you use yours?! ;D
Mark Means said…
Your version of Dots look great...I'll bet they taste even better :)
Emma Major said…
wow that's a lot.of conversations? well done
Dana said…
I believe in intuition—definitely.

Your dots look great. ☺
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is a gruelling story, Ella. I'm reminded that doctors (and bless their dedication) too often see the symptoms but not the person who has them.
I'm glad you listened to your intuition.
Kerry O'Connor said…
And thank you for the shout out for the Imaginary Garden. You have played a big part in its success, Ella.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I believe in intuition. I don't always listen, but I hear that voice in my head.

We used to have little ice cube trays like that. I wonder if we still do?
Ellecee said…
A harrowing conversation - so glad that things turned out well. I, too, believe in intuition and try to follow mine. This conversation is so well written,,,,and I like your little dots - I think I'll try some.
Kay L. Davies said…
OMG, Ella. A mother's intuition is so often right. I'll never forget my mother telling me about driving home from Mexico. "Stop the car," she told Dad, "there's something the matter with Kay."
He kept driving. She kept insisting.
By the time they stopped and found a phone booth, I was in the hospital.
I was okay, but my mother was frantic.
A fabulous write, and now I want some of those fridge gummies.
Luv, K
Isadora Gruye said…
I personally am happy that you posted this poem (and also the stuff about the jello). I find the poem to be a gripping account of what it could be like to see a family member suffer and not know what it going on. there were ups, there were downs. This is a great write out. Thanks for participating Ella
Kim Nelson said…
I believe in intuition, too, Ella. I listen to mine all the time. It is a helpful tool, gift.
Nick Wilford said…
Well aren't they cute and look yummy too! Great job!

Quite a rollercoaster ride with the poem, glad things turned out OK.
Peggy said…
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Peggy said…
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Peggy said…
Oh what a terrifying story. Being in that medical world is so frightening when it is a loved one--and they all stand around consulting with each other deciding nothing. The great cop-out, a virus (which really means we don't know what it was really). Oh don't get me started here. So glad it all turned out OK for your son!!
Your Jello Dots are adorable!!!
Margaret said…
I'm appalled a mother wouldn't be given the consideration of being told separately from her child.... give her a moment to get a grip so she can be strong for her child. I know opinions on bedside manners differ, but this is my feeling.

I am so glad everything turned out well. I was on the edge of my seat, afraid.
Karen Tamara said…
Loved the recipe. I'm going to try that. And having just gone through something like that with my cousin, I know that Drs sometimes throw out a lot of diagnosis and sees which one sticks. Glad it all worked out for you and my cousin.

Anonymous said…
I am going to have to try this recipe. Nice job keeping up with the challenge!
Michael Pierce said…
That's a really cool way to make jell-o...and they'd be the perfect size for my 14-month-old!
Mary said…
What a terrifying experience that must have been for your family, Ella. So glad that all turned out all right in the end. There seem to be a lot of unknowns in medicine.
Amanda Trought said…
Love the sweets, we don't get them here might have to give it a go. You held it together really well, It would seem that the doctors pick the first thing off the top of their heads (generalising here) A doctor told me when Sekani was little that I probably know more about his health than she did because I see him all the time and join up the necessary dots. So yes I think we have to allow our intuition some space in the mix....
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I have an interview, but will be back to comment! I think I am changing my name to Lucy! I have more than a few household issues this week. Bailing water out of your washing machine, is so not fun!

I hope you will try to make them...
Anonymous said…
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