K is for Key; L is for Lid

I save calendars and use them to wrap gifts.  I like to give journals, for presents.  I enjoyed this calendar with doors and quotes.   I thought what an unique presentation a door with a key.   Yes,  I recycled a key as part of my gift.   Why not?!   I think of  journals as a way to capture heartfelt moments, the key being us penning their magic.  We need to write down our memories, before we lose them.  Yes, those words that dance in our minds-some day may be lost.  Words ignite us, give us  doors to open to visit new worlds, portals to dream, travel, and be inspired!  

Here is my K-key!   Re use those keys and if  you can't part with them-you can buy replicas!   

Yes, really  go here

I love this quote, so I had to include it~

L is for Lids

Mother's Day will be here, soon!  I tend to wrap my mom's presents, to fit the theme of her gifts.  This means I use seed catalogs.  I didn't want a traditional bow, so I used a lid to make an unique decoration.

First get your glue ready, your seed catalog, some moss and a lid!

Punch a hole in you lid, now before you glue and add the details! Yes a simple hole punch will do the job.

Now, add your tacky glue.  I added my ribbon, but you can do it after.  I used silk ribbon.
You can buy it here!   

Now, pile on the moss!

I cut out a photo from the seed catalog and glued in the center of the mossy lid!

Here is another lid.  I cut out a Poppy and pushed it into the center of  this lid.  I used a Tomato sauce lid-yes, the kind from the jar.

This is a cupcake lid!  

Yes, I love a good bow, but I also like to add other details to my gifts! 
I hope you will try to use what you have on hand!  ;D


Kerry O'Connor said…
Your lids are beautiful. So many excellent ideas here, Ella.
Elise Fallson said…
You are so creative! It's killing me! :D
Some fancy lids! That journal is really amazing though.
Renee said…
Love the lids and the keys! Very innovative. Gorgeous as always!
Dana said…
You have so many great ideas! I love the journal!
Wanda said…
Of course I love the journal but those lids are too cute. Have a great weekend.
Leslie said…
fun and beautiful
I really like the old key one but I love old keys they have "journey" imprinted on them

Happy weekend
Happy a to Z
Grace said…
How creative to make use of the lids and old key~ Thanks for the ideas Ella ~
Arlee Bird said…
You do such creative stuff. I was just thinking this morning how I wished I had kept a journal throughout my life so I could remember more now.

A Faraway View
An A to Z Co-host blog
Mark Means said…
I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating...

I love visiting here and seeing all the cool things you come up with...seriously. I wish I could think of these sorts of neat-o things! :)

Keep at it!

Left and Write
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That journal is gorgeous!
I love homemade stuff like this. Thanks for providing a follow-along to DIY.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
These are so beautiful. But if I tried it, it would not look like yours! sigh!
Mary said…
Love the idea of using calendars to wrap gifts. I always buy too many calendars and never know what to do with them at the end of the year. Lovely work - all.
Mary Ann Potter said…
This is why folks love getting gifts from you! What lovely,creative wrappings! I am impressed.
Sherry Ellis said…
What a creative way to use lids. They're beautiful!
Mary Aalgaard said…
Wonderful, creative ideas. I especially like how you reuse calendars and wrap in seed catalogues. Also, cool about using old keys. Now, I know what to do with the ones that don't seem to open anything anymore.

Play off the Page
Dawn M. Hamsher said…
Ella, You have a lovely spirit...it comes through in the things you make. I can imagine the joy you have in making them. Love the key and wrapping gifts with calendar paper, etc. Great idea.

Found your post from Spunk on a Stick's shout out. Glad I did.

The Write Soil
Ella said…
Sorry, I am now playing catch up!
I have had a week right out of an I Love Lucy episode. My Ricky(hubby) has been home for three weeks. He dug up the yard trying to wire electricity to a shed, George Washington messed up my washing machine-I have bailed water out of that thing several times this week and now a snake in the garage!

Thank you for all the kind comments!
I will be right back to comment! I'm BBQing and my helpers are in the neighbors yard....augh~ I thought I was going to get a night off from cooking!!!