M is for Maps, Movies and yes, N-Newspapers

Life has been beyond crazy as of late.  Hubby decided we needed to put electricity in our shed. ( I feared he was shoving me and my craft supplies out there-not the case.)  We are having some issues with our Leech bed and he has this idea.  His ideas usually work-so I will keep you posted.  It looks like moles had a party, in my back yard...augh~

 George Washington broke my washing machine! You think I'm joking-I'm not.  Somehow a quarter made it through a hole and down a hose and plugged it up.  I have been bailing water out of my machine for days!  Finally hubby investigated and discovered it was George.  How the heck he managed to squeeze through-we are still baffled?!   The week before, it was the water department-time to flush the lines.  No water from 9-5pm for a few days!   Yeah, I'm tired of all the fun~

So, today I decided to combine M and N!  Movies and Newspapers~
 This simple idea is great if you need a last minute gift!

Tear off a piece of newspaper. I like to use the movie section.  You can get online and pay and print out tickets-a great gift!   We are making a pouch to put the tickets in.
Now you will trim and fold the newspaper.  You can use clear or Washi tape to seal the sides and give your gift pouch a polished look.

 I like to go small!  If you were giving a different type of gift card, sports or fashion related-find the section of the paper that would suit your gift.

I used both clear tape and Washi to seal the sides, so the gift card would not fall out.  Remember this is a quick gift idea. You could cover it with vinyl and stitch the pouch for a keepsake.   I have made these out of printed photos.

Here is the pouch, taped up.

I used what card I had on hand...but I would definitely get movie tickets for this one ;D

Here are a few pouches.  I made two movie ones and a map one.  Have fun and keep it simple~

I  practically grew up  in a movie theater.  My parents met at the Colonial Theater.  Growing up,  I spent my summers between there and the local drive in.  Dad was a projectionist and mom had been the Concession Stand gal.  Years later, they co-managed a drive-in movie theater.  Dad also co-managed a Texaco station, with his father.   So by day he wore a star and at night he showed them on the silver screen!  Dad would take the neighborhood kids and me to the movies. We would leave early and get in free.

My first job was at this theater, I sold tickets~  I have fond memories of Bargain night- half of my high school would be at the theater.  I did get a few crank calls, but the one that still rattles me to this day was from an elderly woman.   The lobby had finally cleared out-the main feature had started.  There were a few people still waiting for popcorn, but the loud hum of  lobby was gone.

 Now, the town drunk, Frenchie is at my window.  I'm so lucky, he is dancing a jig for me-he does this every night!  I smile and he takes a bow and moves along.  My boss comes to tease me when the phone rings.

 There is this old woman giggling on the other end of my phone.  
"Colonial Theater... hello?"

 "Yes,  tee,hee...I was wondering if you could tell me about that Burt Reynolds movie.  He is so handsome, that Burt, such a character. "  more giggling.

"Yes, he is"..I laugh, too.
I tell her a bit about the movie, then more laughing.

 "Have you seen the movie?" she sounds like a petite grandma type. 

"Yes, it is really fun and Burt, as you know is such a character." maybe she is lonely and just needs to hear a friendly voice. 

More giggly, "Can you tell me...tee,hee do they show him in the nude?"

 I hear crickets chirping..Oh, my God,did I hear right?  What do I say to this woman? Am I being pranked... Gosh, she sounds like a sweet old lady-huh?!  
 Then I wonder, could it be?

More silence....
"How did you know, it was me?  He is laughing hard now.

"I didn't-but the timing-you know between shows and you kept going on about Burt.
I had no idea it was you,  I was scared.  Gosh, you  really sound like a sweet old lady. You really had me going.  I will get even with you some day. "

"I'll be waiting."  he laughed his loud chuckle and hung up.

Have you ever been pranked, punked?   Did I get even-no, but I tried!


That was really sneaky of your father!
The card holders look really cool. You could do the same with magazines.
Heaven said…
How cool that you can watch movies so often ~ Yikes on the broken washing machine ~ Cool artwork Ella ~
Mark Means said…
Ha! Great story on your dad pranking you...parents like that are the best :)
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Those are adorable.

I'm going to tell my husband about George - that will keep him from leaving change in his pockets.
Nick Wilford said…
Your dad sounds like a hoot!

A newspaper ticket pouch - I'd never have thought of that. Very neat!
scarlett said…
Cute idea, love it!! That's one I will use for sure!
Carrie Butler said…
You are all kinds of brilliant! I love this. :D
that's a creative idea, Ella!
Although I'd prefer some other face on it rather than the one of horrid Borat :)
Ella said…
Dezzy-It is Will Farrell :D
Thank you~ @>---------

Carrie-Thank you :D I want to hear more about being in the newspaper! ;D
Congrats again @>-----------

Scarlett-Thank you! :D A quick way to come up with one of those last minute gifts~
Scriptor Senex said…
I don't mind harmless pranks but it's very easy for them to go into unpleasant territory so I tend to avoid them. Many years ago there was someone at work who used to do calls like that to me. The best occasion was when he imitated the boss and I cut him short saying I hadn't got time to mess about. It turned out it wasn't my prankster friend - it was the boss. Oops!
Melissa Bradley said…
These are too cool! Sounds like you have some truly amazing memories fro childhood. A drive-in...Holy cow!
Sherry Ellis said…
Hard to believe a quarter could cause so much trouble!
Hart Johnson said…
You're so wonderfully creative! Love the movie section wrapping paper. Sorry about your washer trouble! Dang politics! erm...
Cynthia said…
Sorry about your washer troubles.

Sounds like your dad could go into voice acting!
Wanda said…
That George is one slick trouble maker isn't he. I've got to keep a closer watch on keeping my change out the wash :)
Carrie Butler said…
Hey again, Ella! I replied to your comment on my site, but then I thought, "She might not stop back to see this." LOL

Anyhoo, I just wrote about the article in my April newsletter, if you want to check it out. :D
Thanks for coming by my blog, Ella! As a nightclub performer, being punked was part of the job description. Everything from sending over someone pretending to be a big-time agent to an obviously counterfeit hundred-dollar bill in my tip jar!

Your dad is a oner. I love him already. Hope you get him back, but good, because I can tell he's a good sport. Amy
Ella said…
Hi Amy, Thank you for sharing-I would love to hear more. My Dad passed away, when I was in college. I had a lot of fun with him, but never could keep up with all of his antics. I am trying to with my children ;D They both remind me of him~ Oh, please share more stories about this world-I'm fascinated! @>-------

Hello Carrie-I'll come back :D
Yes, I would love to-Thank you~
Ella said…
George never should of made it through! It is very odd, but I am use to odd. When our roof was done a nail gun harpooned our Freon in our AC...a 1-in-10,000 chance said the repairman on the hottest day of the year! My mom really calls me Lucy~

Cynthia-Yes, I do think my Dad could of been in cartoons, lol!
Thank you~

Hart, lol-yes politics did cloud my day! ;D
Thank you~ You are funny!

Sherry-I know right! You should see the holes inside the machine-there is no way?! I check for change-I guess I missed George, this time~ :D

Melissa-lol Thank you! Yes, I think my Dad was a clown! ;D
Yes, it was really fun~ I didn't work for them long-it was a drive to get there. I worked local at the Colonial. Parent didn't get home till 3am. I use to wake up they would be loud and eating fresh bakery doughnuts!

John-Oh, no! Sounds like something that would happen, to me~ Yikes...
Thanks for sharing! Yeah, I do remember my Dad taking pizza order. People would dial the wrong number-but it was 5 wrong digits! So, he would take their order and hang up....oh, boy~

Nick-Yes, Dad was a hoot alright!
Thank you~ A real clown... :D

L.Diane-Thank you :D I would like to be on the receiving end, lol I think tickets are always a cool gift!

Mark-Yeah, I had a fun Dad! Thank you :D Life was never dull...never! lol

Grace-It was fun! This is probably why popcorn is my comfort food ;D
Thank you

Alex-Thank you! I know and book covers... ;D

LOL he totally looks like horrid Borat on that pic :)
Mary said…
Love your stories, Ella. What a mess with that quarter. I will have to keep an eye on my change.....