Q, R and S

I am a bit behind.   My husband has retired from the military and we have had just a few home improvement projects.  Yes, I am the gopher, lol.   Today I am playing catch-up!
I hope you are having fun with the challenge- I do think having a theme does help!  

For Q I was going to make this:

Art using quilts, instead of fabric shown here.  YOU could even scan your quilt and frame the paper.   Hubby was cleaning his side of closet, so I decided not to interfere and thought I would show you my daughter's Queen of Hearts costume, instead. I will take another photo when she wears it later next week. 

How cool to use Quilt paper for these. I think I have seen this done in their sister issue

Here I used an apron(black with circles on it) as part of her costume and added black tulle to the tied part of the ribbon sash. This will go over a an inexpensive short sleeve black dress.  I purchased a black lace applique and stitched on tiny red roses and large roses with some bling. I used a thrift shop necktie to pull this together.  For the crown I used a headband and a gold applique lace.  I stitched the lace on upside down.  She wanted a red heart on the crown.  We found glittery foam stickers. They worked fine. It wasn't the look I wanted, but since she will have to dance, jump and twirl a flag in this outfit-heavy bling was not an option-darn it!
I did add clear tacky glue to stiffen the top of crowd so it actually stands upright.  She usually argues with me about my creations-Halloween ones, anyway.  This time she seems really pleased!   


R is for Ribbon Photo Corners.   I found this craft over at Martha Stewart's site.  I think I discovered this idea in one of her magazines.  Here is the 411, if you are interested.
It was too late to iron!  I agree with Martha you need to iron your ribbon, for a neat finished look.

See I should have ironed!   (My grandparents Clifford and Winona)

~S is for Seed packets~

I didn't want to toss these packets, so I found another use for them.  I cut the tops off with scissors and used Washi tape.

Next I punched a tiny hole you could use a needle and threaded hemp thread through the holes for a handle. 
I knotted the ends.  I punched out a butterflies and glued them on the string. It would make a cute gift with a gift card tucked inside. My mom will receive one to purchase seedlings, for her window boxes.  I also have a few other floral gifts-can't tell she might be viewing my blog today!

 I also added a few butterflies on the handle. 

Tomorrow letter T will be short, t!  I promise :D


Cynthia said…
I like the picture of your grandparents. I can see some similarity between you and your grandmother.
Susie Clevenger said…
Goodness you are so creative. I love the seed packets.
Elise Fallson said…
I bet that Queen of Hearts costume was such a hit! Another post full of great creative ideas. Thanks Ella (:
Lolamouse said…
I'm always impressed by your creativity! I love the seed packets, and I may just use that ribbon corners idea in my next scrapbook!
All of it is so creative! Most people would never think to use those things for anything else.
Mary said…
I enjoyed the photo arrangement...with the people and the dachsund. Very clever. Smiles. Also enjoyed seeing your grandparents. And, yes, the seed packets ARE a great idea.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I am fortunate enough to have some of your beautiful seed packets!
love those black and white pictures on the wall, I have very similar ones on my own wall!
Cheryl said…
These are such neat ideas. I would never think to do these things.

Mark Means said…
As always, I'm amazed (and a bit jealous)at your creativity.

Great stuff! :)
Lynn(e) Schmidt said…
Aww, all of these are beautiful. You're totally forgiven for falling behind because this blog totally redeemed it :)
Ella said…
Hi Lynne-Thank you so much! You are sweet~ @>--------------

Mark-;D Thank you! You ought to see what I could do with your comic book covers, lol. I would copy them-not use the original~ You are very kind~

Cheryl-Thank you so much! You never know...you just have to play ;D

Dezzy-I bet your house is fabulous!

L.Diane-:D Thank you @>--------
I think I might need use what you sent me for V ;D You are sweet!

Mary-I know isn't the dachsund adorable! Thank you! I love this photo of them~ :D

Alex-Thank you! You rock~ Yes, I see potential in everything! It kinda scares the hubby. He won't let me go to the town dump anymore-I'm kidding! ;D

Lolamouse-Yes, try it! I think it would really make a beautiful scrapbook idea or gift :D
Washi Tape on the seed packets really looks great~ I like Tim Holtz's wordy tape ;D Thank you!!

Elise-The dress rehearsal for the Queen of <3 is Wednesday...I'll let you know ;D As long as the Queen is happy, I'm good! She is tough, lol Thank you~

Cynthia-Thank you! Yes, I do favor my grandmother. It is the eyes...she was my biggest fan and commissioned my first painting at age 12. I need to paint again...
Ella said…
Susie-I had your name in there and then my computer froze and I noticed you weren't there!
Thank you so much! Oh, do try,....they are simple but cute! I want a garland of them. You can tuck tea, gift cards, poems in them ;D
Renee said…
Love the seed packet! You do look like your grandmother!! Amazing.
Scriptor Senex said…
Those ribbon corners are a wonderful idea. I'm off to do some!!
Ella said…
Hi John-I'm still on a quest to find that card! I think today is the day ;D Have fun-I too am thinking of doing a scrapbook using varied ribbons!!!

Renee-Thank you! The seed packets are gorgeous alone~ This is why I couldn't toss them :D Thank you~
zahid ahmed said…
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Yolanda Renee said…
Love you photo's but your grandparents, awesome!

Yes you should paint again, grandmothers are great for inspiring their grandchildren.

Home improvement projects, there too!
Wanda said…
Looks like you got the Queen royally attired :)
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-She has a dance rehearsal today...?! I will find out what I need to tweak... thank you! @>-------

Yolanda-Be careful...I always get hurt-silly stuff! Hope it all goes well...
Yes, I think of her often-thank you! @>------------