Sunday Mini Challenge

I miss writing poetry...  I might share some older ones or do the Sunday Mini Challenge over in the Imaginary Garden. 

Peggy asked us to write a poem about the outside or maybe the inside of outside.
Kerry asked us to write a poem inspired by a quote by William Wordsworth.  

 Kerry shared this:

 William Wordsworth was born on 7 April 1770 and died on 23 April 1850, at the age of 80. Wordsworth was the Poet Laureate of Great Britain (1843 - 1850). He is best known for his lyrical poetry which is definitive of the Romantics, as well as several much anthologized sonnets. His magnum opus is the posthumously published epic poem, The Prelude, on which he worked from the age of 28.

One summer evening (led by her) I found
A little boat tied to a willow tree
Within a rocky cave, its usual home.
Straight I unloosed her chain, and stepping in
Pushed from the shore.

Wordsworth allowed her (Mother Nature) to be his guide in life as well as in art. For this prompt, I am providing the following quotes selected from his writing. Choose the one that most inspires you, becomes the little boat, and push off from the source to write something to express your own unique perspective.

I selected this quote:

  "Come forth into the light

 of things,

 Let Nature be your 


 Moon whispers from her perch
her  twinkling gray eyes learn  
the smallest wish
  as shooting stars play
 jealous of Lunar's throne
cross their hearts and hope to die as the slip 
to find the secrets of old 
 visit day's blue window
skeleton key lost 
till one finds the treasured map
diving tattered angels
like chipped diamonds
plunged to  sea
collapsed like spun sugar

 just to see day's bridge n' 
feel blanketed breeze
sand colored arches skim the clear blue
cloud mountains frame the dotted canvas
of pierced and soft greens
salty perfume entices
faint hint of honeysuckle
SEAsons ebb n' flow
stormy n' calm
 like Lunar's romance with the sea
stars dive deep into dark abyss
 alluring sirens 
tease them
into the wild, blue wonder
 mission misleading
their descent 
their tree
lost at sea...

© Ellen Wilson


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Such a beautiful song of the sea and the photos are incredible........WOW!
Margaret said…
stormy and calm
like Lunar's romance with the sea

This is certainly a love poem to nature's essence. Lovely.
Very nice!
Sirens are such teases.
And is that last starfish for real? Whoa!
Kerry O'Connor said…
diving tattered angels
like chipped diamonds
plunged to sea
collapsed like spun sugar..

Wow, Ella! That image is startling visual. Your entire poem took me to a different place, imaginative and filled with possible meanings.
Peggy said…
I love the idea of the stars falling into the sea and then your spectacular photos are the perfect touch!
ah, the moon and her perch... wait, why is Moon a she and not a he? :)
Ella said…
Dezzy-The Moon has a rotation-several take turns on the night watch! Tonight's rotation was a she~

No rules in nature ;D This is how I see it! My next poem the Moon will be a man-one time my Moon was Marilyn Monroe, lol
Idolized by many:
Ella said…
Hi Peggy-I thought it fun to imagine them trying to find their family tree, lost at sea. lol Stars in the indigo and aquamarine blue. I like blurring the lines~ Great prompt :D

Kerry-Thank you! I love that I took you somewhere else~ I thought it nice to think of those falling stars finding their family on land n' sea~

Alex-Thank you! Yes, I guess it is:

I thought for sure my daughter would read this and think of Starbucks. They use a siren as their coffee logo~ lol :D

Margaret-Thank you! Yes, they have quite a relationship-timeless and lots of ebb n' flows, lol ;D

Sherry-Oh, I love thinking of it being a song! I just thought it fun to let the star dreaming night cousins visit the light of day and find their family tree! :D
Dana said…
Very nice! I love the photos, too.
Grace said…
I specially like the opening lines ~ Those starfish photos are amazing ~

Happy Weekend Ella ~
Truedessa said…
a great opening line..enjoyed the poem.

Moon whispers from her perch

great pics as well..

Mary Ann Potter said…
Sight and sound, water and wind --- beautifully done. Love the photos. Your presentation is lovely!
Kay L. Davies said…
Beautiful, Ella. I particularly like
"stars dive deep into dark abyss
alluring sirens
tease them
into the wild, blue wonder"
Mary said…
Lovely words AND photos, Ella.
You are amazing.
A magical and enchanting poem with lovely imagery ... and the moon is definitely a woman :)
Shelly said…
As usual I loved your poem. Love the star fish pics, too. Tweeted.

Hugs and chocolate,
Hannah said…
Oh, Ella!! This is the perfect quote for you...I thought you'd choose this one!!

This melodic love poem of sea and sky...I love the likening that you pull through the fluid it almost feels like ink pooling or paint being applied.

Lovely, lovely piece, Ella!! Twilight twin!!! xo
Other Mary said…
this is beautiful. My favorite lines are:

SEAsons ebb n' flow
stormy n' calm
like Lunar's romance with the sea
stars dive deep into dark abyss
alluring sirens
tease them
into the wild, blue wonder
mission misleading...
Ella, I loved the wordplay in this poem, including SEAsons and "the treasured map."

Quite the adventure. My mom told me that she and I, both singers, were "descended from a race of mermaids." I worried for years that, when I sang, somewhere there was a ship crashing on the reef.


Great work, Ella. Peace, Amy
Panchali said…
Incredible lyrics so is the visual, Ella. Love this poetry...:))
Ella said…
Hello Panchali-Thank you so much :D
@>-------- This makes me happy~

Amy-Oh, this made me happy n' sad!
I was told I was a mermaid, too. Oh, Amy...I'm sorry you had to worry!
I bet you are an amazing singer!
@>----------- Thank you~

Other Mary-Thank you so much! :D
Yours was so fun~

Hannah-Hi Twilight Twin @>---------
Thank you so much! xo I need to paint again... ;D For now this is less messy, lol~

Shelly-Thank you so much! Hugs n' chocolate to you~ I have to find you on Twitter :D
Anonymous said…
Intriguing write! Mystical and enticing!
Melissa Bradley said…
Starfish, seahorses and turtles are my favorite ocean creatures. I could not stop staring at the pics. You are one of my favorite poets, I really love your verse. It's inspiring to me.
Susie Clevenger said…
Stars falling into the sea, what a beautiful image. Your photos are wonderful!!