T is for Tea

YOU knew didn't you! 
Yes, I have to admit I have a little problem-okay it is more like an issue.  I love coffee, I love tea, ....you know that catchy tune.  I have a hard time tossing those cute Tazo Tea pouches.  It is tough, their fragrance perfumes the paper.
Hey TAZO-I think you own me some coupons. I stitched you on stationery and was published and now...

I also was published for using tea filters to make a garland-my fingers were blue for a week-lol.

Wish I had time to offer you a cup of  creativiTEA :D 

I was thrilled to share the limelight, with my Summer of Color friend Kristin!


Very cool, Ella!
And I confess, I am not a fan of either coffee or tea. Iced tea with a lot of lemon juice and a little sweetener on a hot day once in a while. (And no, I don't mean southern sweet tea with two cups of sugar.)
You are so creative! I love coming here and looking at your pictures! I love TAZO tea, but I think I love what you did with the pouches more.
Mary said…
Very clever and beautiful, Ella! Amazing all the ideas you come up with.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
As always, I am astounded by the beauty you create. I especially love the little bird on your banner. Did you make her? She is so adorable.
Em-Musing said…
Terrifically creative! How's that for a 'T'?
cmoh said…
Tea and Coffee is a love of mine also, and I do a lot of art around the topic but I don't think I've ever used the bags, what a great idea! And yes, I think they owe you some coupons ;)

Great pieces
The Glitter Tart
Scriptor Senex said…
I'm a tea and coffee lover but I'd never heard of TAZO tea! Love the clever things you've done with the pouches.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
The little butterflies are adorable. I did get mine hung and in a place the cats won't reach them.

I like my tea flavored and without sweetener. The first time I ever had Southern tea I almost gagged on the sugar.
Melissa Sugar said…
You are very creative . I'm one of the few grown ups in the world who is not a tea or coffee drinker. I like the occasional glass of really really sweet iced tea and a hazelnut iced coffee with extra sugar and extra hazelnut . Might as well just have an ice cream sundae with all those calories
"....I love a java, java, it loves me..." I know that tune. My mother used to sing it.

Well done!
Anonymous said…
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Yolanda Renee said…
Love tea, and am trying to drink coffee, but it's not my favorite. Love the old fashioned tea cups with saucer. Have about 100.

You are most creative, a garland!
Renee said…
Love the garlands as much as I love COFFEE! Tea is nice too. Those butterflies are adorable.
Kristin said…
Oh my gosh! You always amaze me. Thank you for your sweet comment AND for that amazing inspiration! Your new use of tea is jaw-dropping. How do you come up with these things?? xoxoxo
Ella said…
Hi Kristin-lol...same to you-how?!
;D You are always fun~ @>---------

Renee-Thank you-you are sweet! I love both-coffee to wake me and tea for reflection~ @>---------

Yolanda-How beautiful...me too! Oh, look up tea cup crafts on Pinterest...you will be redoing your kitchen ;D Which one is your fav? Thank you~

Colette-I wish I could hear you sing ;D You are cute!

Melissa-I hear you! I am kind of a purist~ I am not into the high sugar drinks~ I know what you mean!
Thank you :D

Diane-I love imagining your cats looking up~ I know I remember my first glass, too-yikes! ;D

John-I will remember that! :D
I will let you know when I find the map card! ;D

Cmoh-Thank you! I love being playful with what we have around us~ I will be by to see what you create :D @>----------

Em-Musing-That was tremendous ;D lol

Sherry-Thank you! No, I didn't but I did think she would look lovely in my butterfly tea cup ;D And she does!

Ella said…
Hi Mary-Thank you :D I had fun with this one...

Kimberly-Thank you! I am kinda sad-they changed the pouches :(
I will find a way...lol

Alex-Your tea is just how I like it~ :D
Thank you~

Melissa Bradley said…
The tea bags look great. I love tea, but iced. I'm not into hot tea, not really. I need my sugar overload LOL
Amanda Trought said…
It's great to see you in print, the teabags look good. I am sipping on a cup of spiced tea as I read this!
Ella said…
Hi Melissa-Thank you! I love iced tea, too! Oolong is great iced ;D
YOU will love it~

Amanda-Thank you! YOU need to submit I can see you in print...do it-I mean it! :D lol I love that~