V is for Vintage

L. Diane Wolfe aka Spunk On A Stick, takes amazing photos!   I thought I would love to write a poem inspired by her visual eye, her other gift~  I contacted her and we are working on a collaboration, for next month.  Her visual art will inspire poetry, over in the Garden.   She was gracious and saw my recent doily Heirloom pouches and asked me if I would like some.  "Oh, yes are you sure?"   Thank you L. Diane @>---------------

So, today being V,I had to go with Vintage!

 ~Another view~

This one is a heart doily~   I used double stick tape and a copy of an original photo.  I added some Washi tape, some words from an old okay, vintage letter(again make copies and keep the originals).  I added a butterfly made from a map, some adhesive pearls and a key to the bottom of the heart.  Red was my grandmother's favorite color and reflects passion.  This is a photo of my grandmother, my dad and Aunt Patty.  Red  reminds me of this proverb:

A Chinese Proverb: An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break. 

 You might remember I made these a few years ago. 


      My grandparents were married in December, so I                added some Christmas elements.

                      *Yes, that is me in the red coat* 

I was inspired by a class taught by artist Pam Garrison called Linage of Love-I tried to make my own. I saw various photos online. I gave them away, but first decorated my Christmas tree ;D.   Now, I am thinking about connecting doilies and making memory art.  I think it is a great way to share photos of those we have loved and lost.  My maternal side of the family doesn't have a lot of photos-but I am working on it.  This is why you always see my paternal grandparents. 

Thank you L.Diane for inspiring this art~ :D





Very nice! The ornaments are really creative.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Oh now pretty! Is that from one of the doilies I sent?
Ella said…
Hi L.Diane-Yes, it is! I will make more garlands, too I think. I love the idea of memory art~ Thank you so much~ I'm trying to figure out how half my post ended up green, lol! ;D

Alex-Thank you! Fun to decorate with happy memories~ :D
D.G. Hudson said…
I collect antique doilies and have some made by MIL - she had exquisite skill. A couple have been added to daughters' memory quilts to remember Nana's gifts. Nana is in a care home now at 98 yrs.

That was nice of L. Diane to share those with you. Look forward to seeing what you create.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the idea of memory art - that is a great concept to present to the places we have been talking about! Fabulous idea!
Melissa Bradley said…
Beautiful! Your artwork always puts a smile on my face. :)
Nick Wilford said…
Diane's great and a collaboration sounds cool. I still think the Red Thread is a lovely idea!
Yolanda Renee said…
My grandmother gave me treasured items, handmade pillow cases, quilts, even her quilting frame. I keep looking for a museum to donate the frame too. I'd like to think I would quilt one day, but I like writing too much, and it takes finite skill to quilt. And yes I have doilies too. Your art is wonderful, can't wait to see your collaboration with Diane. I'd love to collaborate on a book with someone, although maybe I should try getting into an anthology first.
Mark Means said…
As always, your art looks great, Ella :)

Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us!
Ella said…
Hi Mark :D Thank you-you are sweet! I am working on my super hero tendencies lately-I need a cool cape, lol!

Yolanda-We could do an A-Z book ;D
I love the memories you shared~ Do you know a lot of your grandmother's stories?! You could make them True Fiction-seems to be the trend lately.
I was just reading about a book written in this style. Blend and blur her life and make it fiction!
Thank you! Diane takes amazing photos has been published! Perhaps
we could do a poetic challenge?!
I'm open...but I have to convince a group of Toads(I'm not a poetic prompter anymore) but I can write a quilting poem sometime if you like! ;D Thank you~ @>---------

Hi Nick-I love the red thread! I am actually thinking about doing an art project with this in mind!
I'll share more lately...but it would be so cool! I'm still puzzled how I ended up with green ink in my post! I changed it three times and wanted red. Perhaps the Gardengoyle has hexed me, lol ;D
Yes, Diane is so talented~

Melissa-Thank you! YOUR posts make me feel like we are or should be walking and talking! ;D Perhaps someday! I hope you are better~

Sherry-Yes, I am working on it! Thank you so much~ It would be a gift to see what stories would come from it, as well~ Perhaps a book?! Thank you Sherry! @>---------

DG-How wonderful! Nana must have had quite a life~ Did she tell you her story?! I love that you added them to her quilt-so special :D
@>-------- Thank you for sharing!