Y is for Yarn and Z is for Zippers

I had every intention of crawling  into  my attic-but I am so sore.  I think my body is still in shock.  I went to bed by 9pm, woke up at 1 am and got up to go to work at 2:30am...ick!    Oh, this isn't the only morning I was up  early.  I'm a night owl...so turning morning lark is beyond difficult.   Last week my daughter comes in my room- and hollers Mom it is 6! 

What I jump at of bed and  run in her room.  I looked at my clock did it break?  It says 2:30am I run in my daughters room she is standing in the floor.  "Are you alright-your clock says 2:30 too? "   She was dreaming...her nightmare involved me. 

 Y is for yarn.   Most of us some form of it around-I bet you do.   I didn't have time to make this, but you can take your recycled plastic bags and make yarn.   They call it Plarn-( I love the name).  See you do have yarn...lol

People are serious about this yarn.  They spin it and create all kinds of items:  purses, coasters, jewelry and well this!   

Z is for Zippers!  Seriously cool stuff...wish I could of snagged a bag of these when home. My mom had this huge treasure chest on her back porch.  This chest look like something a sea captain had brought back from the bottom of the sea.   Inside fabric,  yarn, all kinds of craft odds n' ends and  sewing notions. No wonder we played on the porches, the front one was our ship via porch glider and the back porch was our treasure hunt or new planet to explore, lol. 

Funny, I wrote about the trunk and found this blog. I tried to share two other sites-they didn't work.  I went back to link credit to where it is due and saw her blog title! Whoa...

Another fun Z craft is Zentangles.  My friend
 Renee Zarate is a certified Zentangle teacher. 

Isn't this one a dream! 

I had fun doing A-Z challenge,  sometimes it was a true challenge!  I am glad I participated.  Next year, I might do poetry, since April is national poetry month~  

  I am making flowers for my daughter's Prom this Friday, a Las Vegas theme. They are playing games for a Flat Screen TV-wow, proms have changed-huh?!   So, I won't be taking a blogging break just yet... I am looking forward to May!


Creative uses for zippers.
We didn't have that option at my prom!
Four years of the Challenge now - and we'll rock next year's as well, Ella.
Ella said…
Alex-Happy we met through the challenge! I hope to be better prepared next time -more clones would help ;D
Sherry Blue Sky said…
As always, unique ideas and creations in here. I think those working hours should be against the law.
Shelly said…
WOW! Zipper jewelry.

And I've had more than one nightmare in my lifetime that felt so real, I could feel some one touching me and smell certain odors.

Hugs and chocolate,
Kerry O'Connor said…
Your A - Z of arts and crafts was very informative and entertaining, Ellen. I really enjoyed your posts.
Renee said…
Thanks for sharing one of my Zentangle pieces that has since been destroyed in an art project that went very wrong. :-)
Morgan Katz said…
Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog a while back!! I love your theme. Who knew you can make yarn out of bags!!??

Yolanda Renee said…
Yarn, I used to knit, need to pick it up again. Learned as a child from a local craft store.

Yarn is good for lots of things, but zippers seem to be the new thing in fashion, but your ideas clearly beat the usual.

Lovely posts, so glad I could get here to enjoy most of them. Thanks for stopping by mine!
Wanda said…
That zipper necklace is quite nifty. Indeed proms have changed.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I'm not very good with yarn unless it's of the latch hook variety.

Poetry next year would be wonderful.
Mary said…
Ella, just reading about those hours tires me out!
Ella said…
Hi Mary-Sorry, I quit today! I'm applying for a visual specialist type job-more me! I can't function at 2:30am-it ruined a day n' a half. Lesson learned, but I got to live my culinary dream a bit(I'm over it-lol)

L.Diane-I hear you! I think I once crocheted the longest single chain ever and tried to make a mitten for me and it fit my Dad, lol. Yes, Poetry and photos ;D Thanks for all you did being part of the team-You did really well co hosting and had a fab theme! Thank you for all you did! :D

Wanda-I know right! Yes, Proms today are like three of the ones I had-whoa...

Yolanda-Oh, how wonderful! Yes you should try again-so maybe wonderful patterns and you could knit wool and felt it into cool creations! I know I agree zippers are on everything! Awe, thank you~
I so enjoyed your challenge~ I wish I had done different. I guess I felt I had to prove I was an artist. I am a poet, wanna be writer, but always wanted to be an artist. I visit other artists, but not many come my way(because of the writing?!) Artist share art, writers write, poets poe...lol
I am so happy we met and shared~
Before your challenge I saw this on TV:

Hi Morgan-it was a fun challenge!
Thank you so much~ I know right and I have heard newspaper too ;D

Renee-I love this piece! I am so sad it is gone, but you can copy and paste-blew it up! It is amazing my favorite Zentangle!

Kerry-Thank you so much for taking time out of the busy poetry challenge and stopping by~ I tried to show you can make art out of what you have laying around! It means a lot ;D @>--------

Shelly-Wow, I hope you will write more about this! I am reading your book now... ;D Hugs n' chocolate to you~

Sherry-Against the laws of nature!
I quit...I am no quitter, but I can't do that. They were crosstraining me, but this would be my hours. I baked my buns off...oh, well! Another chapter in my book ;D Thank you Sherry~

Alex-5 is my lucky number ;D
You rocked it~

Rosalind Adam said…
I love those zipper necklaces but not sure ill be trying to crochet plastic bags! Congrats on completing the A to Z!
Ella said…
Hi Rosalind-I understand! So much prep before you can even begin...
I'll be by to visit you! :D