Artist of Our Days

“Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our time will become.”
                                                                                                                                                                  - John O'Donohue

I haven't been feeling well-sinus pain and headaches from hell.  I think mine might be allergy based.  I am writing down everything I eat to see if I can figure out what my triggers are.   I have more than my share of episodes.   I hope you are doing well~  I did hear this saying when I first moved to North Carolina-"If you aren't allergic to anything, you soon will be"-yikes!    

I wish I could be more like the spider and not get mad, when life interrupts the creative process.

 "The spider is a repairer.   If you bash into the web of a spider, she doesn’t get mad. She weaves and repairs it.”     -Louise Bourgeois

 I'm finding it difficult to maintain a routine, these days.  I know I will find my flow. I still am writing and creating, but my rhythm is off.   My morning routine has changed, since my hubby is now home and the quiet is gone.  Quiet is work for me now!  I search for it every day.  I stay up late trying to capture moments of it.  Sometimes I have to wander off to find it-if I do not find it, I can't be me.  Do you find me time everyday?

  Gaming, TV, radios, music-I like noise, but not when I write.  I am trying to write during the noise, maybe eventually I will get use to it.  Maybe the words will start to tumble out anyway.  It is a new way to exercise my mind-to allow anything that arrives among the noise to settle.   My inky seeds wander...    I write them anyway-wondering will they connect to anything worth sharing?!  

“Dare to imagine. Dare to be.
Books are the seeds. Dreams are the soil.
The fruit of the harvest, a world reborn.”
Richelle E. Goodrich,

 Here is a wish for you! Write your stories, your poems, create your art, sing and play your songs, and dream...


Hope the words will come through the noise soon. Maybe noise-cancelling headphones?
Hope you feel better.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I can so relate! When my husband stays home because it's a holiday, I struggle. He's not real noisy, but he's just THERE.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I am waving my Magic Wand. I am making pain and headaches Disappear. I am sending your husband off fishing. There is a strange sound in the is......Silence!

p.s. I LOVE your banner photo and quote. I so resonate with those words. But at some point, we get to go back to those things and places that we love.......otherwise, it's Not Fair.
Mary said…
Ella, sometimes I CAN tune out noise. But it's hard. My best writing time is later at night or early in the morning...peaceful times. I wish there was a room in your house where you could go to find your silence and your creativity, Ella.
Lolamouse said…
Southern MD is notorious for allergies/sinus issues too. I heard the same thing when we moved here that you heard about NC!

Do you think you may have migraines? A lot of what people assume is sinus headache is really a migraine. As a lifelong migraine sufferer, I know how having allergy and sinus issues can precipitate a migraine.

Hope you feel better soon. Hugs.
Anonymous said…
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scarlett said…
Oh man,these days my 'me' time is so rare..but I've created all the busyness on purpose's a good distraction.

I'm so sorry to hear your having a rough patch healthwise...I hope you can find a trigger...and maybe figure out how to get some relief. Hugs from Texas <3
Anonymous said…
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I echo Sherry's attention to your banner and quote. It is what I ultimately recite to myself continually, that I am glad to be here to touch to see to feel to love and then depart quietly but sated.

When my solitude is unavailable, I carry a little recorder, ie, Iphone; record my thoughts to hear them later when I have that silent alone time moment.

Hope your allergies/migranes dissipate.

kaykuala said…
Peace and quiet is very necessary to get the ideas moving in the mind! Otherwise it can be a frustrating writer's block in the making. Your writing is an inspiration of a fighter, Ella! Keep at it Ma'am! Nicely!

Shelly said…
I can write through anything. Having 5 daughters taught me that. Once upon a time, I was the mom doing her algebra assignments at McDonald's Play Place.

You'll find what you need. Hope you feel better. I suffer from the same thing and I live in Florida. But I think I'm more susceptible because I have Hashaimotos-a thyroid disorder.

But drinking close to a gallon of water a day has helped me as well as excluding gluten from my diet. And using non-toxic cleaners and detergent.

Hugs and chocolate,
Ella said…
Shelly-You make me wonder! I have autoimmune thyroid-Hashimotos! It can flip flop and go from hypo to hyper. I know...thank you for the water idea and I'm trying to give up gluten. I have wondered... Hugs and
Chocolate to you! Thank you~ @>---------

Hank-Thank you! I'll get there-it is just adjusting. I do have one area to crawl off to, but the FROG is hot. I need the AC unit put in-we have central air, but not in this space. Once it is in place I will be living up there, lol!
I think you are right... ;D

Nene-Thank you! :D I have a lot of notes on my phone and iPad. Smart idea-thank you! Thank you so much~

Scarlett-I bet!!! YOU must be so busy... Relief-will come! I just stay up late now, for my 'Me' time!
Oooh, how is it all going-the new job?! Thank you <3 Hugs to you!

Lolamouse-I call them sinus migraines and I usually ending up bowing to the porcelain throne-so I do suspect migraines! When I get them, I can't function. They seem different than the migraines I use to have in my early 20s. Those had auras of light and I had to be in a darkroom, and quiet was a must. These start in the sinus cavities near my forehead, not cheeks. I think you are right! Thank you Dr. Mouse~ @>-------- I hope you have relief, too!

Mary-I'm waiting for a cool Frog, lol! Thank you, yes, morning and night seem best for me. The middle of the day is too busy~ Son suggested a Bluetooth keyboard ;D
hooked to my iPad! I will find a way~

Sherry-Thank you Fairy God Friend ;D lol Yes, I agree we need to go back to those places we love and if we can't we write about them! @>--------

L.Diane-Yes, this is how I feel and sometimes he isn't noise, but it is the idea of interruption, sometimes that throws me off!

Alex-Yes, I will have to find a pair of those, lol! Thank you ;D
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, your pictures are beautiful. I find it difficult to write in the noise, I've been getting up an hour earlier to get some head space, pushing through I look for the pockets of peace that surprisingly find themselves in unexpected places. My mothers home is one of those havens.....I too have found that giving up wheat and gluten has had beneficial effects. Have a blessed weekend.x