Fragrance of exotic woods
hinted of our evening
at the counter of worldly spice
His dark good looks captivated me
mystery wafted from his uniform
He was lost in a sea of thought
I dwarfed him in stature
He asked for my hand...
"Would you try this on, for me?"
I dabbed the exotic perfume on my
My heart danced n' leaped
I was transported to
to an
 enchanted fairy woodland
He asked me if he may sniff my wrist
he leaned in 
we were surrounded by
 violets, roses and cedar
He said, "Yes this is it"
the smell of Violets in the rain
He asked me my name
His beautiful smile lingers
in  Lieu de Reves(Place of Dreams)
We married- he went to war

Intrigue perfumed our lives
 we danced the first night we met
under the winking moonlit sky
along the shops of Champ-Elysees
me swaying like a Lily
 in the valley of his arms

I wear our past on my wrist
 when I miss him
remembering our high notes
my green heart grew vast
despite my thorny past
I remember the night we created our
We named her Violet

© Ellen Wilson

 This was a prompt over in the Garden offered by Kim.  We were asked to write a poem about the color Violet.  I started a different poem, but some how ended up on this path...

Hope Mother's Day was wonderful and your memories  remind you of cherished days!


Johanna Garth said…
That's beautiful. I love it when we start down a path and end up somewhere unexpected.
And it resulted in a daughter named Violet - bet even you didn't see that coming.
Kerry O'Connor said…
You have woven a beautifully romantic tale around the fragrance of violets.
Jinksy said…
Great to have a happy ending...
Mary Ann Potter said…
Beautifully crafted, Ellen. Romantic as can be! Reminds me just a bit of "Downton Abbey."
Herotomost said…
You know I am a sucker for romance and the longing of a moment that seems as perfect as can be. This was radiant and romantic as can be. I loved every word. Plus it made me think of the Tour de France....and I love the Tour de Great job Ella.
Vicki Sheehan said…
love romantic!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That's sweet. And my best friend in school was named Violet.
Laura said…
so lovely Ella!
Yolanda Renee said…
Ella, this was just so wonderful, I love happy ending too. For some reason I haven't been writing them lately, but I do love them!

Such a beautiful story told with poetry! I love that!

Grace said…
How romantic ~ I specially like this part:

He said, "Yes this is it"
the smell of Violets in the rain

Have a good week ~
Kim Nelson said…
Ella! You walk on the wild side with this one. Atta girl!
Ella said…
Kim-Someone sure did at the perfume counter ;D Thanks Kim!

Grace-Thank you! Hope you do the same~ :D

Yolanda-YOU will again! I know I'm reading some sad stuff, so maybe I really needed a happy ending! Thank you so much...I'll be by to see what you are up to!

Laura-Thank you so much :D YOUR poem was gorgeous~

L.Diane-How sweet is that! Was her favorite color purple?! ;D

Vicki-Thank you! Yes, I needed some romance-the book I'm reading is troubling me.

Corey-I love the Tour de France. I created the Tour de Pants one year to shrink into a smaller size, lol.
I'm not joking ;D
Thank you so much...I know imaging another time in our world helped!
I discovered the premise while looking up violet perfume?! Who

Mary Ann-Thank you! Oh, I must get back to watching that series. With hubby home I have lost control of the TV. I didn't watch much anyway, but when I ride my indoor bike I like to watch a series! ;D

Penny-Thank you! Yes, we need more of those ;D

Kerry-Thank you! Yes, romance lurks everywhere :D

Alex-Bet I did ;D lol

Johanna-Me too! I loved to be surprised and it rarely happens~
Thank you so much :D @>----------
Susan said…
What a trip you take us on in the violet depths of perfume, romance, war, childbirth! I love this poem. I hope its eroticism is a real factor in the narrator's life.
Mary said…
I enjoyed the different segments of this poem. The first segment....ah, yes, the smell of violets can be alluring, but does not always last. The ending of that segment spoke loudly. I enjoyed being the lily in the valley of his arms in the second segment. And my heart did a flip flip with 'we named her violet' in the third segment.

Renee said…
Wow what a romantic poem. I could see and smell the sweet story.
Ella said…
Susan-lol ;D YOU crack me up~ I'm more the Aviator's Wife see Prelude poem. Yes, I guess I have had high, middle and low notes on all three of those levels. My hubby was gone and involved at sea during a war. Romance is like perfume-it varies!
Childbirth-well, the heartburn lasts forever! A Dr told me that when I thought I had an ulcer and I was pregnant. I love your response @>-------

Mary-I loved that I surprised you and I love your sweet Violet :D
I kinda was proud of the Lily of the Valley-it is also my birth month flower ;D I love their perfume~ Thank you so much!! @>------

Renee-Wow, thank you so much! Really?! It reminded me about my parents meeting at the movie theater! Maybe I should write their story ;D @>--------
Cherie Reich said…
Aww! What a fantastic poem!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I loved this post from the BEAUTIFUL and romantic photo to the very last comment made. This is one of your best, kiddo, adrift in dreams and romance, poignant and not a misplaced word. Sigh. You almost make me believe in romance (just kidding, you know what a hopeless romantic I am, under all my disillusion!) I, too, loved the swaying like a Lily.....and then naming the child Violet. Absolutely lovely.
Brian Miller said…
mmm very nice....i love the focus on scent...its so evocative....and def makes a great container for memories...and a gateway to that end too...endearing....the dream of a child...lovely verse...

and always good to see you ella
Hannah said…
Oh, WOW!! Ella! I love your art for this...SO cool and the story you've woven is so that, "violets in the rain!" An enchanted offering indeed! ♥
Morgan said…
I think I've said this before, but you're honestly one of the most talented people I've ever, "met," Ella! Serious. Loved this.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Ella said…
Hi Morgan-You are so sweet! Thank you so much~ I thought of you last night, when I saw my daughter perform. We talked about ballet :D
@>-------- Thank you!

Hannah-Yes, makes me what to smell this perfume that enchanted a romance ;D Thank you! SS @>------

Hi Brian-Thank you so much! I do think the power of scent creates many memories ;D I like what you said!

Sherry-Thank you! Almost,
Are you cackling?! Yes, some people are lucky in love, some cards, and some with words- ;D

Cherie-Hi! Thank you so much! Nice of you to drop by :D @>--------

Wanda said…
Such a lovely scent of romance in this poem Ella.
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Thank you! ;D
violet has always been my fave fragrance and colour too
Elise Fallson said…
This was so lovely and romantic, loved the French reference and the ending was perfect.
Ella said…
Hi Dezzy! How sweet :D My mom had Violet perfume-it was lovely! I wish I could find a bottle just like the one she had! Thanks for visiting me... @>-----(it is purple)

Elise-Thank you so much! I had fun with this one~ There is so much romance and alluring attraction with our senses! ;D You are sweet!

Anonymous said…
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