I Survived Prom

  Between the last minute, "Mom, I don't think the slip is right, I don't like fake eyelashes, last minute nail polish tricks, and making flower hair clips-I was buzzing around like a bee.  I did take the traditional photos, next I drove to the waterfront, after boyfriend's family had their photo op.  I get a txt while driving.  I didn't  answer it, but I call my daughter.   "I'm on my way."

"Mom, I forgot my hairspray." At the waterfront, kids gather and figure out where they want their photo taken, while parents circle and dart about trying to get the perfect shot.  I  run across 4 lanes of traffic to CVS,  to get hairspray.  Another txt-we r here. I meet up with them and take a lot of photos. There are a lot of funny moments and thankful the sun came out. It had been dreary gray, all day long.  While the kids go out to dinner,  parents rush to the high school.  Parents can visit Prom's open house, from 7-8pm.  The kids arrive and walk the red carpet, while more memories are captured. Now it is time to fade out of the scene, exit stage left.   I drive home remembering my Proms.  I call hubby and my  mom to relive my Prom days and share my daughter's evening, so far.   Homeward bound, to edit n' crop photos.  How many hours is that?  Hubby says you do more than most.  Remember our parents and their cameras! lol

  We were fortunate this year and found the dress and shoes,  in record time.   It was agreeing on her flowers that took the most time.  She didn't want a white dress, but it is what fit her best. He didn't want a black suit,  but the charcoal gray suits were long gone.
 Yesterday morning I ran out to get the mail-yeah, the feathers I had ordered had arrived.  Her wrist corsage had feathers and I really wanted a few in her hair.  She wasn't sure, but I had an idea and there was no way to convince her, until she could see it for herself. I don't blame her, I'm the same way.   I showed her the box of feathers and she agreed, "Oh, they are pretty."

  I wound the curly red one around her hair clip.  "Do you really you like it?"  I asked timidly.  She smiled big and said, "YES!"

 I ran around the living room with the hound chasing me, yelling, "the magic feather."   I was being silly,  while my husband gave me that look.  You know that look, I am interrupting his show:  gator, hog hunting, fishing for monster trucks while checking for the Derby times.   *laugh* 

What was your favorite Prom?   I remember one year, the Lilacs were in bloom-white and purple.  We didn't have a big budget for the Prom, so we decided to go with natural elements-flowers, twigs and vines.   It was beautiful, but if you had allergies-oh, my!    Silver accents and draped flowers, on fishing line.  Yes, curtains of blooms or curtains of gloom: Hay Fever-yikes.  We made a fountain and had gold fish in it.  It was dreamy and pretty!

My daughter's school theme was Las Vegas. They actually had huge cards and tried to replicate Caesar's Palace.  They had tables to play games.  It looked like a casino, Black Jack tables, slot machines, and etc.  If you won, you received a ticket to put in a special slot to win prizes. Of course, winners were announced at the evening's end.  The big prize a flat screen TV.    Yes,  Proms sure have changed a lot!!!

 *I really like this one*  I know we pinned his bountineer on the wrong side-we changed it!
Awe...they look so cute together!

"Be safe, have fun-love you both!"

I had to tease them! The other day we had discovered peacocks down near the Farmer's Market.   I found out the male's name is Blue.  I assured my daughter feathers were in vogue.  The Great Gatsby movie opens next Friday.  When I went to the Prom's Open House-there were peacock feathers on all the tables.   lol

 So, I sent them this photo n' text:

We need to say a special thank you to Blue, who donated his tail feathers for your Prom. 
He is still miffed, but he is getting over it!   Cheers to Blue~


Kerry O'Connor said…
That dress is really beautiful - so feminine and just perfect for her age. The touches of red really made it.
Suzanne Furness said…
Aww she looks beautiful. Glad the prom was a success, great feathers and love those red shoes very cute.
Renee said…
So adorable! What a beautiful couple. Your daughter looks like a princess, what a sweet moment and a nice Mom to photograph everything. Love those red shoes.
She looks wonderful, Mom! Fancy feet. Glad the sun came out for pictures.
I don't remember much about my prom. That shouldn't surprise you.
Yolanda Renee said…
Poor blue, at least he got to go to a prom. I've never been. On my own since 17, way too expensive.

Although, I do remember my sons, coordinating his shirt with her dress, etc. Such fun, but I bet more so for the mother of the girl!

But wow what a dress, and those shoes, not to mention the toe's! Awesome! You were wonderful, I can just imagine the scene, you painted it so well for us. Hubby, sitting on the side lines, giving that look, when in reality, he's proud as punch!

Lovely, just lovely! Thanks for sharing.
M Pax said…
Aww, they're beautiful. What happy smiles. Glad it all went well.
Melissa Bradley said…
Beautiful! I went to one prom, my senior year, but I had this awful turquoise southern belle dress that I hated.
Shelly said…
Your daughter is lovely. Sounds like you had a ball helping her get ready.

Hugs and chocolate,
Liza said…
Hope she had a wonderful evening!
Mary Ann Potter said…
How beautiful she looks! Memories were made --- not just for your lovely daughter but for you as well. That's the best part. Such a nice post, Ellen---so loving.
Kristin said…
Ooooh, Ella! Only you could describe your feelings over your baby's special day like this! I feel like I was there - and it made me tear up a bit knowing I'm a mere 10 years away!
AND your daughter is gorgeous! I LOVE that gown - so elegant and so pretty. Hope she had fun, she'll definitely have the pictures to prove it! xoxo
Mary said…
What a wonderful occasion, Ella. Love the pictures of your daughter and beau. They definitely make a good looking couple. Love all your description as well.
Wanda said…
She and her date look lovely Ella. You captured some great shots she's sure to treasure.
Mark Means said…
Your daughter is a real cutie-pie and I hope she had a great prom.

You're right...they have sure changed -a lot-! :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You are the best mom ever! They look sweet, cute and happy - and as if they really appreciate all the love and effort you put into making their special night so wonderful.
Em-Musing said…
Your beautiful daughter has an incredible mom. Enjoyed your post today.
Heaven said…
Love the dress dear and the red shoes and painted nail polish made a dramatic contrast ~ I can't wait for my daughter to go to prom ~ Hope she had a memorable time ~

Happy spring day ~
Ella said…
Heaven-Thank you! @>----------She had a wonderful time-boyfriend was selected Prom King-he is a senior. My daughter is a junior. Yes, so fun.. How long till she goes? ;D

Em Musing-You are so sweet! Thank you :D @>------------

Sherry-I know they did! They are both good kids and appreciate all the effort! Her boyfriend knows he is family, no matter what~ I let him bake and have flour fights at my house-lol! Thank you :D @>------------ They had a wonderful time!

Mark-Thank you! :D She really did-yes and I can't imagine what the grandchildren will attend?! I can wait awhile for that...yikes, lol

Wanda-Thank you! Yes, I think they liked the photos I took! They seemed really pleased :D

Mary-Thank you :D! The evening was memorable and worth all the effort! Both of them seemed really happy with the photos ;D @>----------

Kristin-YOUR day is coming! YOU daughter is so adorable...I look forward to her Prom! ;D Thank you, I wish you had been there xo.
I dealt with a lot of drama filled parents-I could of used some laughs~ @>---------- xo Thank you so much!
Ella said…
Mary Ann-Yes, this is what I wanted my photos to capture! The wonder and love of the day :D Thank you so much @>---------

Hi Liza-Thank you! :D She really did! You are sweet~

Shelly-Yes, lol I had fun being the Fairy Godmother waving my camera around ;D Rest of the time I was the mom @>---------- Thank you

Melissa-Oh, I saw that gown at this Prom! I love Turquoise-I bet you looked fab! I am glad you went :D I love looking at those photos-the crazy hairdo's is what gets me every time ;D Thank you!

MPax-Thank you! Yes, they were really happy and I snapped a lot of pics, so they got over me standing there ;D (yes, a lot-lol)
@>---------- They had a wonderful evening!

Yolanda-I am sorry you didn't go...
I know there was a party a few years ago for grown ups to attend a Prom. I didn't go, but it might be fun! Daughter did her toes-she won't let me touch the hair, make up stuff. I guess I missed out on the glam gene. My Mom n' her have it-me, not so much.
Yes, it is fun with the boys, too!
I have a son-7yrs older than my daughter. Yes, hubby was on the sidelines, but he was as you said, proud and full of one liners~ lol

Alex-Did you know Mrs. AC then?!
I suspect not-or you would have remembered! ;D Yes, she had fun-Thank you!

Renee-Thank you! :D Yes, I knew you would love the shoes ;D lol
It was fun to see it all come together-a lot of work behind those scenes,lol! @>----------

Suzanne-Thank you! Yes, the feathers, the prom...all wove its own magic! @>--------- so fun :D

Kerry-Thank you! Yes, I do prefer age appropriate-I saw a lot of them that weren't. They had so much fun- I agree red really made it work ;D @>------------

Vicki Sheehan said…
your daughter looks beautiful! i love the white dress and the red shoes. i never went to prom, i tried not to spend any more time at school than i had to! but i'm glad my daughter went to hers : )
Ella said…
Hi Vicki-Thank you :D
I am sorry you didn't go! I do hope you had a chance to dress up, twirl and wore gorgeous shoes! Sometimes it is over rated. My first prom..the guy dumped a drink down my gown staring at another girl. Yeah, he was an ass~ Thank you @>--------