My head and heart hurt watching the news. All the devastation in Oklahoma is mind blogging.  I can't imagine...  A state with so much heart has lost so much, but not their spirit of community!   



EJ Wesley has lived there. He has family there-they are ok, but his state family is suffering. YOU can visit EJ to get more information, as to where to help. The Red Cross is always in need and right now Oklahoma is in great need.  In my area local businesses, churches and schools have started fundraising efforts I am going to find out what I can do.


Labor omnia vincit  

 Oklahoma waterfall - click to see all state mottos
                                                  Scenic waterfalls, Sand Creek, Osage Hills State Park, Oklahoma -
photo © Wade (Wade From Oklahoma ) on Flickr -


The official state motto of Oklahoma is "Labor omnia vincit" (Latin for "Labor conquers all things").

Shelly has offered her book sales to help those in need in Oklahoma!  Shelly that is wonderful~

Now until Sept. 1st, all royalties go to the American Red Cross for Oklahoma


Together our efforts can make a  difference!



Shelly said…

I'm also offering up all my royalties from Secondhand Shoes, which started on the morning after the storm and will run through Sept. 1st.

I've also got their banner thing from The American Red Cross,to click on to make a straight donation to them.

Hugs and chocolate,
I mentioned EJ's post and Shelly's book yesterday. So many ways people can help - if they want to.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
One thing about Americans, they really pitch in when others need help. I admire that so much. The devastation is horrifying - I so admire how quickly everyone is rallying.
Janet Martin said…
It is so mind-boggling how something can be wiped out in an instant! Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Many Canadian teams come to help in these cases. When they get the word they will be there!
Kerry O'Connor said…
The scenes are incredibly painful to see, I cannot imagine living through such times.

Warmest wishes for healing from SA.
Brian Miller said…
together we can make a difference....after the hurricane in new orleans i spent a lot of time doing relief work...but we can still do much even with donations and things like that now...its heartbreaking...
M Pax said…
I hate hearing of all these tragedies lately.
Mama Zen said…
We in Oklahoma thank you!
Mary said…
What a horrible tragedy!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
So many different ways we can give to help - I hope many are able to do so.
Ella said…
L.Diane-I so agree! I know there will be more fund raising in my area~
I also know the military does this as well! Me too!

Mary-I know-it is scary!

Mama Zen-Glad you and yours are safe!

MPax-Me too! I hope there aren't more, but our weather is changing...

Brian-I agree it is heartbreaking!
YOU did a great thing! :D

Kerry-Yes, that was beautiful-your wishes from South Africa~

Sherry-Yes, it is true! We rally together in a crisis~

Alex-I hope most do what they can!

Shelly-Thank you! It is a wonderful gesture and I so hope you raise a lot~ Hugs to you!
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, it is indeed a very difficult time, here in the UK we are looking at ways in which we can send our support. Hope you and the family are well. Blessings
Melissa Bradley said…
Such wonderful people, banding together and helping out. I work with some people from OK and we are doing some fundraising to help out.
Ella said…
Melissa-I agree! There is a fundraiser tonight at the high school and more events being organized! It all helps :D

Amanda-It seems we can never do enough, but it is important to give what we can. I think if we can't give in monetary ways, we can always give our time. I loved your country when I was there :D Hope the same for you! :D
Shelly said…
Ella, thank you. And too, myself, Norma Beishir, and William Kendall have set up a fundraising page over at FaceBook. Authors for Oklahoma. We're looking for peeps to donate books. both paper and virtual to raffle off.

Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorsForOklahoma

Hugs and chocolate,
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Ella said…
Shelly! Thank you I will mention this on Monday~ When I get on FB I will like and visit~ Thinking what I might have to offer?! Great idea :D
Hugs, Paper and Chocolate!!!