Kerry asked us to write a poem influenced by T.S. Eliot-a prelude type poem.

Her suggestions:

If we are to write a prelude of our own, what should it contain? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Focus on setting: place and time in terms of date, day, year or season.
  • Lyrical poetry: descriptive and mood-driven rather than narrative.
  • Style: Eliot chose Stream of Consciousness, more abstract than concrete, so select the approach which would best suit your intentions.
  • Intention: Leave the reader with the sense that this was an introduction. Set the scene for an imagined main body of writing, but do not write the second part.

I am reading the book The Aviator's Wife...I just started it.  I thought of the era and what a young woman might feel like saying good-bye to her husband, as he soars above her. It is the story of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, a poet and author.  Yes,  she was married to the famous, Charles Lindbergh.  His mistress was the sky!


Down On Earth

 Strawberry juice stains her fingers
red rimmed circles align her eyes
her posture droops in the midday heat
the plane hums and darts above her like a white falcon
playfully soaring and gliding
  her gray drab dress
doesn't share his joy
as she waves both hands towards the kite blue sky
horizon's view of yellow blurred by the sun's winking eye. 

    © Ellen Wilson


Susie Clevenger said…
Wow, Ella, this is fantastic!!
Anonymous said…
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Everything was awash in color except her. Good imagery.
Shelly said…
Loved this! I need to practice writing poetry again. I used to write poems all the time.

You're such an inspiration.

Hugs and chocolate,
L. Diane Wolfe said…
So lonely all by herself.
Mary said…
You have definitely set the scene well, Ella.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Ellen, this is WONDERFULLY FABULOUS and FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL! (You'll notice I am shouting!) A beautifully set mood, just the right words, just the right length --- anything else would have spoiled the moment. You do such GOOD WORK!
Mark Means said…
It has to be tough to compete with the 'wild blue yonder'...

Great poem :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
Your use of imagery to suggest mood is superb in this piece, Ella. Both viewpoints are introduced to us: the freedom of the sky and the woman, earthbound. I think this is exceptional writing, which leaves me longing to read on.
Grace said…
I must say your header is fabulous ~

Enjoyed the prelude of a reluctant wife, waving both hands towards the sky ~ Hard to compete with the sky as the mistress ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I'm with Kerry - this is exceptional writing - you have so totally nailed it and it does leave one wanting more - a perfect prelude. Take a bow! Love the strawberry juice, especially!
aprille said…
Dynamics of contrast in reds, then her stooped posture versus the free flying movement above, and the moods so opposed: they set off a tension that will soon be released in a dramatic way.
hedgewitch said…
Excellent imagery in short brim-full phrases--leaves the reader imagining the flight of two lives and where it might go.
Kay L. Davies said…
Beautifully done, Ella. Your prelude says much, but leaves the reader wanting to read on.
Such vivid imagery! A prelude leaving one wonder if that marriage will last? :)
Maggie Grace said…
"Her grab grey dress doesn't share the joy". Curiosity peaked. Nice prelude!
Anonymous said…
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Ella said…
Anonymous-I took fragments from my day. I had gone strawberry picking, I was wearing a gray top, a crop dusting plane was off in the distance-it was yellow and he was performing aerial stunts. Yes, a bit of a show off. I thought how I would like to be in that plane. Then this book was recommended to me and I put a free chapter on my kindle. ?! Write what you know and then add some color :D

Maggie-Thank you! Yes, gray does set the stage of wonder-Why?! :D

Loredana-Thank you! Yes one life down to earth the other in the clouds...?! It does make one wonder. My husband's mistress was the sea-Navy. So, I can relate a bit!

Kay-Thank you! I am happy you like it :D

Hedge-It is a tightrope dance when lives are not lived together! I kinda lived that, myself ;D Thank you!

Aprille-Yes, plenty of drama down on earth! ;D Thank you~

Sherry-Thank you! I'm waving my Strawberry stained fingers at you, lol. Actually the plane woke me up...I love watching the dance of wings tilted in the sky! ;D lol

Grace-Thank you! I hope to do better-regarding Blue's photo. Yes, this peacock is near my Farmer's Market and his name is Blue. I want the ultimate Yes, two lives lived mainly separate-a difficult journey, for sure :D

Kerry-Thank you for this challenge! It has made me rethink some things I have written~ I started the book, but it is my day in this poem! The plane is a crop duster, bright yellow and the pilot is such a show off. I long to fly when I see his or her tilted dance ;D @>------------

Mark-Thank you! Yes, it is ;D I had to compete with the blue sea. One becomes sick of blue n' gray when at sea for so long. Green becomes their favorite color-the grass and the trees!

Mary Ann-You are shouting because the plane is loud, lol! Thank you so much!!! YOU made me SMILE BIG!
@>--------- THANK YOU!!! :D

Mary-Thank you so much!

L.Diane-Yes, she is...

Shelly-Thank you! Oh, do try again-so fun~ It is a secret language! See, my poem included my day, but you wouldn't know that unless I shared ;D Hugs to you and sorry I ate the Chocolate, but I have Strawberries?! lol

Alex-Thank you Captain! ;D Color rules

Susie-Thank you so much! :D

Anonymous said…
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