Stampington & Company

 We want to know, how has Stampington & Company influenced your artwork or creative ideas? 

  I remember my first Stampington magazine-yes, I still have it.  I dreamed of being published in their inspired pages, but doubt always talked me out of it.  I use to think my lifestyle made it difficult.  I would start a challenge and my husband would receive orders-we are a military family-just recently retired.  I had to give my paint supplies away-I usually donated them.  I think it was doubt, more than moving that prevented me from submitting art. 

  I remember the first challenge I started, I didn't get it finished in time. It was an India challenge.  Time marched on, moving, having children, working, and another child.  One day I thought:  I don't want to grow old and wonder what if?!    I slowly found the courage and  decided to take steps towards the path, I always wanted to walk.  My first submission was the wax paper challenge.  I didn't get featured, but I kept going. 

I think of my journey as the yellow brick road.  We are cautious when we begin any new path, trying to find our voice.  Our hearts are green and we grow as we go along and yes sometimes we stumble.  Their are road blocks, detours like red lights. Yes, like the poppies that stopped Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion, before reaching Emerald city.   And like Dorothy and her journey-we all have our own pair of Ruby Red Slippers.  I knew I had the power all along.  There is no place like home in your heART.  YOU have to decide what your art, talent, passion is.  We all have the power to create our world, a new one, when we decide to listen to our heart and follow our  journey.

  My biggest road blocks besides doubt is my family. I love them and they me, but it is hard to explain when they find items they recycled back in our house.  They feel I have changed. I have, I see potential in everything!   I have put lace on Crystal Light lids, I have put dryer sheets in my printer.  I recently stitched on a coconut husk you would put a plant in and used Magic Sponge boxes to create art using T-shirts.   

You have awakened the passion and a creative force, it was there all along.  And when I tap my Ruby Red slippers, the ones I glittered myself, I think of the JOurneY.  I have had more than my share of homes, moving due to my husband's career.  It takes listening to your imagination and let the red strings of your dreams lift you and give you wings.  No one does this alone.  Other people inspire you, encourage you with their poems, their stories, their blogs, their comments, their art, their music, their love and it grows.   Yes, all of you are Glinda offering hope to continue onward.  I hope I have been Glinda to you, too.  

 Being creative is a cautionary tale, it takes courage, heart, and the will to keep learning to travel further and find your joy.

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break."
                                                                                                            (Chinese proverb)



You see treasure where others see nothing. That is a gift.
We always regret the things we didn't do more than the things we did. Glad you will not have that regret.
Anonymous said…
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Grace said…
I love your creativity Ella ~ it is a wonderful gift, and one that you must keep on honing and listening to ~

Have a good weekend ~
Mary Ann Potter said…
I am inspired by Somerset Studios publications, yes, but I am also inspired by you! I am planning to enter one of the challenges this summer. I know we talked about this before. It's time. Thanks, Ellen, for this posting.
Lexa Cain said…
I think if you're unable to express your artistic side, too busy in a menial job, you have a miserable life. But if you express it and then have to worry about selling it to make ends meet, it's equally soul-crushing.

I like the red-thread idea. I don't really believe in fate though.

Fun post! :-)
Brian Miller said…
i see the potential in everything...and that is not a bad thing at all...smiles...creativity does take courage as it comes with risk and putting yourself out there...and that is vulnerability...
Mary said…
Seeing potential in everything must be both a gift and a curse.. A gift because you are never at a loss for ideas. A curse in that it must be hard to decide what to throw away. Like dryer sheets....not many people would think of other uses for them. Being creative IS indeed a cautionary tale, but it can bring rich rewards for those who persevere. I have a feeling that your perseverance will be rewarded.
Anonymous said…
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Shelly said…
You spoke my heart.

Hugs and chocolate,
Renee said…
I hope you never lose your ability to see beauty in the mundane. I enjoy seeing your imaginative, delicate creations out of things I would normally toss without a second thought.
Wanda said…
And you wear you're Ruby Red slippers all so well my friend. Love that you've tap into your the gift of your heART.
Mark Means said…
Anyone who sees the world "differently" from others is, usually, misunderstood.

It's the "curse of the creative" person....but you have embraced it and I have no doubt that, eventually, your family will start to understand how your see things.

Keep on creating! :)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Ella said…
Hi Mark-Yes, I think at some point all creative people fall into this different phase of life. Thank you-one can hope ;D as they remain on the crow's path!

Wanda-Thank you! I would love to tap more ;D

Renee-Thank you! I really have expanded my focus of what to alter. YOU are doing it tea filter lady ;D

Shelly-@>--------, hugs n' chocolate ;D Thank you!

Mary-Thank you! I feel cursed because I find the time to do it all, sometimes. We all do this narrowing our focus to pick what attracts our attention most ;D Thank you so much! @>-----------

Brian-I am happy you shared this ;D
Thank you! Yes, courage to face it and risk being laughed at. Thank you!!

Lexa-Yes, I have had my soul crushed a bit. I think it goes with it~ It is part of the process...Hang in there and keep going! It isn't easy, but it is part of who we are~ (((hugs)))
Thank you!

Mary Ann-Thank you! YOU also inspire me @>-------- I look forward to seeing you grace their pages ;D

Grace-Thank yo so much! @>-------- I think we all know this creative dance-YOU have an amazing gift, too!

Alex-I might have a few regrets, but this passion started really early. I was drawing stick fingers at age two. Mom mailed me the proof ;D Thank you!

What a beautiful post. Your way of relating your journey to the story of Oz is awesome! Thank you for sharing your heart Ella.

Ella said…
Hi Bethany :D
Thank you! I have always thought of my journey in this way. I also like how the predominant colors are like a traffic light. Green-go, move, do, get on with it. Yellow-caution, be careful. Red-stop, experience the moment, reflect before moving on ;D
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, it is a lovely post, I remember when I first met you a few years ago and the encouragement you gave. You are always an inspiration in your posts and your wordss:)