Sunday Mini Challenge-L. Diane Wolfe's Photography

 Today in the Garden-we are fortunate to have the multi-talented,  L. Diane Wolfe.  One of her passions developed into more than a hobby.  Before being an author, L. Diane was a photographer- she is genetically gifted.  She  was generous to grace us with some of her gorgeous photos, to inspire poetry.  Her photos have been seen in magazines, on a cover of a  music album and she has done wedding photography.  Among her many talents, she is best known as an author and professional speaker.   It was a privileged to learn more about this amazingly talented woman!  Thank you Diane for being so kind, by sharing yourself and your gorgeous art with us! 

L. Diane Wolfe
Professional Speaker, Author, & Photographer

 Painted Faerie

 Papier powdered wings
suit small lyrical dancer
Argonaut of the air 
searching for Golden Fleece
among lemon lichen and blue green spruce

pigments of evening primrose
among hues of glowing pink gibbous ribbons
as sunset unfolds
Lunar's garden attracts
vines twirl as vivid wings
 the golden iridescent ride
towards porch's amber spot light
a beacon like Orion's belt

tilted apex star
whispers of patchwork memories
still perform 
summer solstice 
arrives and wood nymphs
honor painted wings
  © Ellen Wilson

I had to write to this photo!

  The Edge

Mercurial mood 
 curls the edge of blue
as ice crystals
bind and protect
vivid translucent dreams
revealed by Poseidon's electric kiss
 quicksilver passion
shines over mica's
elliptical memories swirled
 with frozen scallop flutes and whorls
valleys surface like
Great Oak's wedding ring
honeycomb frozen in
arched rimmed edges 
infinite fossils
captured in 

© Ellen Wilson


Hannah said…
"glowing pink gibbous ribbons
as sunset unfolds"


I love what you did with "falls," visually...such a rich poem you've written!! This image is the one that put me under its spell as well, Ella!!! xoxo
Kerry O'Connor said…
Both of your poems speak beautifully of the images that inspired them. Your visual imagery is superb.
The poem for the moth is as colorful as the insect itself.
And those are some cool photos!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What lovely closing lines in your first poem. I love it that the wood nymphs "honor painted wings". Your imagery is always so vivid - it's the visual artist in you.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Those are both so beautiful! You must've known what you wanted to say the moment you saw the photos.

Thank you again so much.
aprille said…
Ella, you did the images proud.
How I would love to see that moth fly!
Anonymous said…
Dang... what a dilemma, both poems are sooooo good I can not tell which one I like better ?? !!, Like Aprille said, you did the images proud !!
Kay L. Davies said…
I can sure see why you wrote to both of these, Ella, for the same reason I couldn't choose out of all of them. She is certainly a gifted photographer. And you, my dear, are gifted as well...
Ella said…
Kay-I can see why you wrote your poem with all the photos! It was hard to pick just one~ She really is and so are you~ Thank you so much~ Kay! @>---------xo

Cloudfactor5-I love your name :D
Thank you so much-great images so fun! I might do another one~

Aprille-I too want to see the moths dance :D Thank you, I loved how you shared the creative process! I want to read it again ;D

L.Diane-Thank you! I knew I had to try the edge, but I never write my poetry until the prompt is done. Actually the words came together this morning. I read various books on my kindle and found the words I want to use. Then I is an odd process, but it works for me~ No idea, prior... I am more a serendipitous poet ;D Thank you for being so generous and kind!
@>---------- xo YOU are a Visual Poet~

Sherry-Thank you so much! I think it is more wanting to see beyond the photo, the essence of things. YOU write like this, too! xo

Alex-Thank you! I would love to see a moth, like that~ Yes, Diane is extremely talented ;D

Kerry-Thank you! I love nature it is my muse ;D @>--------

Hannah-Thank you! I felt enchanted with your poem-a tribute to a moth's life-so beautiful~ YOU are so kind~ 1111 SS/TT

VaNdAnA ShArMa said…
very beautifully captured the feelings of images:)!!
Anonymous said…
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Mary said…
Loved both poems, Ella. You took the images and worked magic with them. My favorite lines were:

Mercurial mood
curls the edge of blue
as ice crystals
bind and protect
vivid translucent dreams

Your well chosen words really made me SEE!
Grace said…
Love the glorious colors weaving from both picture images ~ The second specially is dreamy as infinite fossils captured in time ~
I love the colors captures in each of the photos, but especially the second one, and your poems are wonderful too.
Thoroughly enjoyed both the poem, its wonderful how you have described it in poetic flow of words, artistically, loved the way you have written falls, a visual treat along with the pictures.
Panchali said…
Both the poems are so well penned. Reading you is always a treat, Ella....each one is a piece of art...Kudos.
Laura said…
Love them both Ella:-)
Kristin said…
Oh, I just love this:
Mercurial mood
curls the edge of blue
and the photo is amazing.
SO sorry I am just now seeing a comment you left about The Summer of color a long time ago! Thank you for sharing your colors, and SO happy to have you play along, xoxo
Lolamouse said…
The images are breathtaking, and your poems capture them so well. I love the colors in both the photos and in your writing.
Maggie Grace said…
It's evident you were smitten by both photos and wrote beautifully for each. Heartfelt writing and such lovely words woven together in each.
Anonymous said…
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Susie Clevenger said…
Such beautiful words and imagery in both poems..."Papier powdered wings suit small lyrical dancer" "vivid translucent dreams revealed by Poseidon's electric kiss" Just a couple of things I love about these poems.
Anonymous said…
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Dawn M. Hamsher said…
Lovely photos and poems.
I love your beautiful blog I really liked your article as it is very interesting to read thank you.
Mary Ann Potter said…
As always, Ellen, your work is beautiful and moving. I loved the photos you chose. By the way, that nifty little buglet in the first photo is actually a rosy maple moth; I've seen them before, and they really are that color. They're sweet things...
Nick Wilford said…
What stunning photos from Diane and your poetry complements them beautifully. Double whammy of talent in this post!
I love the blue of your new banner, Ella. The moth pic is a bit scary, though :)
Ella said…
Hi Dezzy-Thank you! Yes, in theory fluttering and still a bug, but how beautiful to see this gypsy linger in the light~ :D

Nick-YOU are sweet! Yes, Diane really zooms, rocks and focuses. I think she is a visual poet~ :D

Mary Ann-Oooh, thank you for telling me! She is beautiful~ I have never seen one, until Diane's photo~ YOU are so sweet to me :D
Thank you~

Butik Busana-Thank you so much~

Dawn-Thank you! I had fun writing them~

Susie-Thank you! It was inspiring to have Diane share her art form with us~ :D You are kind~

Maggie-Thank you! Yes, I was smitten~ The moth doesn't look real and turquoise is my favorite color ;D

Lolamouse-Thank you Miss Mouse ;D
I thought the colors were so vibrant n' fun. Yes, I was drawn to these both, like a moth to a flame! I am glad you joined in, too~

Kristin-No need for sorry! ;D Thank you, I enjoyed gathering words for this challenge! Your new art challenge sounds amazing xo
I'm considering it, but my time is odd these days!

Hi Laura-Thank you! I swooned over your photos~ I love those Fiddlehead ferns unfurling :D

Panchali-You are sweet! ;D Thank you so much~

Kislaya-Thank you so much...I thought it would make of an impact, like a falling star~

Tyrean-Thank you so much! I hope you are doing well-I'll drop by soon~ :D

Grace-Thank you! I thought I would allow time's imagination to the poem :D

Mary-I love that YOU could see it!
This means a lot to me <3 Thank you

VaNdAnA-Thank you! Yes, Diane's eye really made us see :D
Michael Di Gesu said…
HI, Ella,

SUCH VIVID word painting to accompany such intricate and colorful images.

Your pairing is truly magical. Well done!
Michael Di Gesu said…
OH, AND I forgot to add...

CONGRATS on the YOU ROCK AWARD... fellow Rockee!!!!
mshatch said…
Wow, incredible pictures, lovely words.
Poet Laundry said…
Your poems pair quite nicely with these photos Ella. Both are colorful and pretty, delighting the senses. I enjoyed them both...I think maybe the second is my fav...I think ;-)
Wanda said…
Job well done on pairing your mystic words with her striking photos. Hope things are going well.
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Thank you! I'm okay, but sick again-stress I think!

Poet Laundry-Thank you! I enjoyed yours, as well~ I mentioned it to L. Diane. I do hope she stops by~

MsHatch-Thank you! :D

Michael-Congrats to YOU! :D
Thank you so much~ @>-----

M Pax said…
I just finished my yoga/pilates. :D It's one of my favorite workouts.

Age and writing aren't friendly to the metabolism either.

I'd pretty much given up processed food some time ago, but I recently read an article in Scientific American about nanopowders on food which freaked me out. Husband Unit will attest to my continued freaked-outness. :)
Ella said…
Hi Mary!
I need to do more of that ;D
Yes, I agree....

I am on the continued freak fest myself...gosh, it is scary!
I did see Jetson food in the store...
dehydrated peanut butter! whoa...