Today I accomplished my goal

My brother called me this morning.  I am six years older than him. "Happy Birthday Sis,  doesn't it seem weird how old we are now.  Does this birthday bother you, do you feel old?"  

When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I set a goal.  I hoped I would live to see a cure-but that wasn't my goal, it was a wish.  My goal was to have a family and see them grow up.  A simple goal, that most people take for granted.  If I hadn't gone through my journey, I wouldn't even think of it as a goal.  

I was a difficult case to diagnose.  My first doctor thought I was gestational-I wasn't.  They tried  pills for Type 2 diabetes-they didn't work.  They sent my blood work and info to Joslin in Boston, Mass.  I came back as Type 1  1/2.  This type was unheard of-you are either Type 1 Juvenile diabetic and need insulin or Type 2 adult onset and take pills, watch your diet and lose some weight.  I weighed 106-so that wasn't going to work.   It was crazy to give insulin to someone who still made insulin, but I had no choice.  I have had a lot of close calls. I stopped counting after the 9 lives moments.

Actually that isn't true.  I remember the 13th episode-it was real bad. Three tubes of sicky sweet glucose shoved down my throat and a Glycogen shot. Problem being  no one at the scene-legally was able to administer the shot. I was placed in  an ambulance while my Mom and kids looked on thinking I was dead. Hubby was out of town-Navy!  Within minutes, the guy arrived who was certified, jumped in the ambulance and administered  the shot.  I was back to my Chatty Cathy self.   I have passed out and fallen downstairs using my nose to brake.  I have tried to wrestle my husband who is 6'4.  I am 5' one in their right mind, my size would attempt that.   Between all the highs(1380) and lows(17)...I'm still here!

I have to thank my family for being my angels-all of them have helped save me at some point in time.  I am fortunate that my insulin was changed five years ago, and eventually my pancreas did die.  Today I celebrate my birthday-I have yet to have one that I dread.  When I turned 30-I kept hearing, "Oh, oh, the big 3-0!"  I laughed, 40 did not bother me...either.  Ugh...50-uh, no!

 I am just thrilled to be here to celebrate another second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year!  Sure, I am not excited about the wrinkles and the gray hair that is coming in wavy, against my straight black hair.  But, I get to see my kids grow up:  drive, prom, graduate, and maybe if I am lucky get  to see them married, be successful, and maybe have kids.

  My goal was to live long enough, so they would know me and me know them.  I'm the crazy mom that let my son have a LAN party with 12 teen age boys over night, while his Dad was out to sea.  The mom that went in the haunted house and almost peed her pants when a black n' white clown scared the day lights out of me. This was my daughter's unofficial first date. She was 14, boy was 15.   I'm not scared of clowns-he popped up, out of nowhere.  The Mom that said, after reading Wacky Wednesday, let's eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.  lol   The Mom that turns Cake Nazi if the cake is still in the house, 24 hrs after the occasion.  I will get rid of will go to a neighbor or disappear!   The mom that will take so many photos you will get over a camera being  in your face.  lol    So, today I made it to the age I never thought I would!  Celebrate every day, because you never run along and go hug someone you love  ;D

 Chatty Cathy is going to the movies! 


Gail said…
Congratulations. Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday, Ella!!! You are a walking miracle. God has really kept an eye on you.
Go to the movies. Go wacky and get some candy as well.
D.G. Hudson said…
Have a lovely happy birthday, Ella!

If you're still here, that means your mission is not yet complete.

Enjoy the good things. I've got friends who are diabetic and one with a chronic lung condition. They are still going strong. Hang in there. You are needed.
Vicki Sheehan said…
happy birthday Ellen!!! your amazing journey has shaped you into the kind and wonderful person that you are : ) happy mother's day too...i hope you get spoiled!
Happy Birthday, Ella! Congratulations! What a lovely post and an excellent reminder to be happy for all the moments life gives us. :)
Mark Means said…
Happy Birthday! I'm six years older than my sister, too.

I think you, definitely, have angels watching over you :)

Have a great weekend!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Many, many returns of the day as happy as this one. It is not easy to live with a life threatening disease - you are an inspiration, Ellen.
Amanda Trought said…
Wishing you the best of health for your birthday, that we take each day at a time and savour and value each moment. So glad to know you yet another year, you are an inspiration and support. Hope you get lots of treats, tlc and tickles?!* Virtual hugs coming all the way from the UK, Amandaxx
Mary Ann Potter said…
Happy, happy birthday, Ellen!!! You are a blessing to your family and to your friends, and I count myself among those friends. Many blessings are coming your way in the long life you're having!!!
M Pax said…
Happy Birthday! You filled my heart with cheer. I'm so glad you met your goals. Yay!
Mary said…
Happy Birthday, Ella!! Hope you have / have had a wonderful day. I especially hope you enjoyed the movie!!
Shelly said…
Happy Birthday! And if it makes you feel better, I actually did pee my pants in a haunted house while with my duaghters.

Hugs and chocolate,
Liza said…
You are amazing. Happiest birthday...and wishing you many, many more to come.
Feliz compleanos mi amiga.

Enjoy your day!!
Anonymous said…
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Wanda said…
You sound like a wonderful Mom, Ella. Happy belated birthday to you. And Happy Mother's Day my friend.
Yolanda Renee said…
Happy, happy day!

Yes, you too are surrounded by the angels!

And Mother's Day, too, must be extra special for you!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Happy Birthday, Ellie. Your family, most especially your kids, all of us and the world are all the better because you are in the world. I am glad you are still here and hope you get to see your grandkids and GREAT-grandkids!!!! (Let's dream Big)I hope you get to see The Great Gatsby. Am waiting to hear........
aprille said…
Congrats, well done,and good luck for the other 40 [or whatever]plus years.
Have I asked you before about Low carbing? Anywhere near 36 grams per day? It may take your insulin requirements right down, and therefor the danger. It saved my sanity, if not my life. I know, being one and a half is the devil to slalom through.
Nick Wilford said…
Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one!
Ella said…
Hi Nick-I did ;D The first movie was sold out, which made me toss a coin and it came up-3D! So fun
I hope you are doing well!

Aprille-I'm a low carb gal most of the time! It is hard-I go in cycles, but find eating Zone like or South Beach phase 1 1/2 or 2 works best. When they changed my insulin about 8 years ago-it improved my life and lifestyle so much. I didn't know you were also fighting this demon. It feels like a curse some days~ Yes, cheers to saving sanity n' life! xo @>-------- Thank you~

Sherry-Yes, let's dream big! ;D
I love that idea~ It was great-but I didn't see the first one, but I loved it~ I know one dream for both of us has water in it! One can hope one of us will get our wish! I'm betting on YOU @>--------- Thank you~

Yolanda-Yes, Mother's Day is special! I didn't think I was going to be one! Thank you!! I hope you had a lovely day, yourself @>---------
Ella said…
Sorry, I will be right back!
I have to run errand-than I will visit all of you and comment~ :D
Hope Monday is a good day for you!
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Thank you! I'll be by :D
I hope you are doing well~ I enjoyed both days-thank you so much~

Nene-Thank you so much! I know you have lovely memories of your beautiful mother! @>-------

Liza-You are so sweet ;D Thank you so much!

Shelly-YOU are so fun to tell me!
I heard a lot of people did one year-it was so scary! See, you weren't the only one ;D Damn weird clowns-I like clowns, but not under a strobe light popping up in my face. It was freaky...
Thank you so much @>---------

Ella said…
Mary-Thank you, so much! I had a fabulous day :D

MPax-Thank you so much! It has been a journey, but I am so happy to see more sunrises n' sunsets and that glorious moon! ;D

Mary Ann-I feel the same about you!
A kindred spirit ;D Thank you so much-I'm a work in progress, poetry and paint, lol! @>------

Amanda-Virtual hugs back to you!
xo You are sweet! I had a great day-my son and daughter surprised me with similar gifts! So cute...
Thank you so much!! @>--------

Kerry-Thank you! No it is not fun, but we make due with the cards we are dealt! I feel fortunate to still be in the game ;D @>--------

Mark-We have a few things in common! ;D Pensacola is another one and jelly fish, lol! Thank you so much~

Rachel-That was beautiful! Thank you so much(I love your photo, so sweet) ;D

Vicki-Thank you! I did get a bouquet of gorgeous roses ;D
Spoiled-not, but they did well by me. I still had to make them breakfast, but this time someone made me coffee(never happens, lol).
They are the spoiled ones :D
You are sweet @>-------

DG-Thank you! Yes, one must remain strong and I am a fighter~ ;D
YOU are kind!! I think it involves art, lol

Alex-I'm always wacky, lol ;D
I will indulge in something sweet today(Ice Cream) Thank you so much~

Gail-Thank you!! I now need a new goal ;D

Renee said…
I don't know how I missed this! Hope you enjoyed your day, you certainly have hit your goals, you are a wonderful, unforgettable Mom!