Being Held Hostage

H-E-L-P!  I'm being held hostage-please send recycled paper towel tubes, berry baskets and plastic water bottles!  lol

 Yes, some of my green items have been discovered and tossed in our recycle bin.  My family is policing the bin, out in the garage. The worst discovery was my paint chips-I use them to make gift tags.   I like the paint names and use them in my poetry.  Thankful the online website will work, until I can get back to Lowe's.  Here you can check out what other people are making with these colorful papers.

Things probably wouldn't have gotten this far out of hand, except my husband took over half my creative space.  I lost half a room!  He has the garage, so why can't I have a room of my own?!  Something about working working in the garage and he needed another table elsewhere.  Yes, yes his side is neat and mine is not, but I'm working on it.  It is just every time I attempt to clean it-one of those so called family members needs something.  Daughter needs a ride home...yeah, get her a car and still toting her butt around?!   Gas that isn't it-it is the fact no available parking at school.  So, for now we are victims of circumstance.   I know almost over...yeah!
Some how whenever I decide today is the day to face the music-something happens like detours with rainbows and unicorns.  I am at the mercy of left brained people and I am tired of being called crazy.  I guess the current slang is cray-cray.  Son just laughs at me picks me up and puts me upside down or twirls me around.  I live in The Land of the Giants. "You are one of a kind ma!"   Aren't we all... but  I do think some are more Vulcan oriented.  (Sometimes I am jealous of this logic).

"Insufficient facts always invite danger."
--SPOCK, Star Trek: The Original Series, "Space Seed"

"Change is the essential process of all existence."
--SPOCK, Star Trek: The Original Series, "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."
SPOCK, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan


Anonymous said…
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Lolamouse said…
Eek! Tossing your stuff is unconscionable! I would rebel! Even if they don't understand the artistic mind, they should respect it (and you!) Hugs.
Mary said…
Oh, Ella, I am so sorry you are losing half your space. Respect is a two-way street.........or should be.....but it sounds like at your house it is a one-way street. And to throw YOUR things out is just plain mean-spirited. Perhaps you need to go to the garage and throw out some tools?
Sorry you've been invaded!!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Ooooooh, paint sample cards! I am addicted to them! Loved the Spock quotes --- you don't see smart stuff like this on current tv!
Yolanda Renee said…
A husband that cleans the garage, oh sorry, I mean, how awful he threw out your stuff. Shame on him! :)

Love the Spock quotes!

Happy Hump Day!
Mark Means said…
Haha, I feel your husband's pain. My wife is pretty messy...not creative...just messy, lol.

Sorry your space got cut, though...that just ain't right :)
D.G. Hudson said…
I share my study space with hubs too, but mostly in the evenings. I like him doing something creative, rather than just watching tv. Just don't let them take over the space, some guys tend to do that. I had to establish some rules, you know.

You asked during the Get Healthy blog hop what I did to reduce the pain from the accident where I suffered neck, shoulder and arm damage. Here is a brief timeline: tried physio, didn't help. Requested a custom workout to work around my injuries and strengthen the muscles at employee gym. A public gym may charge for this.

First, running on the treadmill or walking outside in nearby park for 20-30 mins. Then a few mat exercise to stretch. Added a few basic exercise ball movements after a few weeks to accustom us to the balance on a ball to strengthen core muscles.

After 6-8 wks, she had us do a few more exercises, adding and changing our repetoire using the basic machines - again to increase familiarity with the equipment and accustom our muscles to training. I got bored with the readmill fast, and requested some weight training exercises, which were interspersed with the cable machines (which I liked a lot). Then we did weight training five days a week, dropped the treadmill, but kept on walking every day. What helped the most was the gradual strengthening of the areas injured. I was able to get to the advanced level of exercising (per the instructor)and felt better than I had before the accident. I do have a mini-gym at home, as I realized this will be something I have to continue. It's helped my migraines, and mobility. Sometimes you have to get back to the basics, but there's no need for you to do the military type exercises - especially if you've had injuries. If you want specific exercises, it might vary with your injuries, so best to ask a professional. But, I could send you the basic ones I did, if you need them. I have a stretch routine, too. Let me know if you want specific exercises for neck, arms and shoulders. Shape magazine was the best one for new workouts. They feature gym and home workouts.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.
nutschell said…
oh boy. Talk about spring cleaning gone wrong! love your idea about the paint names though!
M. J. Joachim said…
We could learn a lot from this post! Thanks for sharing :)
Ella said…
MJ-Hubby is creative, too. Just I wanted my own space~ We will work it out. They will come around-I'm doing volunteer work at the senior center and use green(recycled) items. :D
Thanks for stopping by~

Nutschell-I was thinking about you!
I will be by you always do such fab interviews! :D

DG-I agree with you! We will work it out. He is very clever and I like his stuff. It was in the garage, for the most part-which is larger than the space I am in. It will work out with compromise :D
Thanks for sharing! Yes, he laughed about putting up a line.

Thank you for sharing your experience and process. I do have access the the Navy gym. I tried physical therapy and it didn't go well for me. I had a college student who didn't listen to me. She kept changing my routine. I told her I needed to know what was making me swell and I would know two days after I did certain moves. Nice gal, but I looked like someone had taken a bat to me after 4 weeks of treatment. I was so bruised and in pain. I didn't go back. I do think the gym would work and I do agree building muscles especially the core would help. Thank you sooo much! @>--------

Mark-lol! Yes, I am messy ;D She must be creative-I know she is with the juicer! I understand his need, so we will make it work and I will find a way. I think I have the whole families support on the green items now :D I'm saving them for an art class I am going to teach. I told them green $aves! lol

Yolanda-Well in his defense he recycled them-which I am all for! I will gather more-I'm good like that ;D lol

Mary Ann-Me, too! So fun to hear I'm not the only one. I am sure I am on camera helping myself. I think I bet use the online one more often. lol ;D Thanks

Alex-I will make it work! He is clever maybe I can get some shelves :D

Mary-It does feel that way, but he did say if I start selling my art-he will move out of the space. So he is willing to compromise. He did recycle the items and didn't realize they were for the senior center. I am going to teach an art class there. We are working it out. Thanks Mary :D

Lolamouse-Oh I rebel alright ;D
I'm so good they don't see me coming, lol.
Wanda said…
Oh no that must not hold your creative juices hostage my friend ;)