Corey's Challenge

Corey gave us the challenge to write a poem inspired by radio DJ-Chris on the hit TV show, Northern Exposure. In the pursuit of profound thought- I am challenging a Chris in the Morning on KBHR  inspired poem!   Chris was played by actor John Corbett.

The very purpose of our life is happiness, the very motion of our life is toward happiness."   The Dalai Lama

How did fruit become associated with happiness?!  
Life is a peach, apple of my eye, bear fruit and multiply and then the author Sark reminds us to live juicy!   When did happiness correlate with fruit?   Yes, the search for sweetness ensues, yet we have to have some bitter, so we can enjoy the sweet.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."     Marcel Proust 

So, we now know happy equates with  fruit and gardening.  Dig deep to unearth your roots and see what grows?  Ok maybe...
but we do have to search and gather daisies, our thorns and roses?!

Maybe the chase is more kite driven. Remember your first attempt flying your homemade or store bought kite. The tangle of string, while your dad, mom, or big brother showed you how it is done.  They cheered you on-because  you have to do it yourself!   We try, try, and try again to soar in the big blue sky.  We stumble, get eaten by a tree, and rip, maybe we have a Ben Franklin moment and we get struck by lightening!    Are you thinking dumb luck...nah, think again!  The key Ben held was potential.  The potential to try, to experiment, and to play-to exhaust yourself with your passion!  The dizzy dance of search and wonder!  

*a photo I took on Instagram

                     Gather daisies, thorns and roses
thread them on life's string
dizzy dance for blue
search the starlight
it whispers 
do you listen?
make a wish or 
create one
bitter pill swallows pride
don't let it
search life's
rain and rainbows
for your gift, your key:
birthright to hold bliss
to dig deep and
plant your gray matter
it will grow
time plays its own tune
you carry it with you always

© Ellen Wilson

Each day we have a chance to find our happy...
Go find yours!   It is your birth right?!
They tell us this on the day we are born, Happy Birthday!  Smile when you blow out your candles and go fly that kite!


hedgewitch said…
I enjoyed this ramble over the idea of happiness, and of living our lives so that we are able to not just experience it, flying through, but to grow it, and enjoy the fruit. Great quotes and illustrations as well, Ella.
Helen said…
.... 'search the starlight, it whispers, do you listen' ~~~ yes.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautiful poem, Ellie, and your peacock banner is FANTASTIC - as is the fruit arrangement. A feast for the senses in here, as always.
Marian said…
nice! love this, and that peacock blows me away!
Now that was inspirational!
If a kite stayed up in the air for over a minute I was lucky. Never was very good at flying a kite.
California Girl said…
Corbett's DJ reminds me of another DJ from a generation earlier, Venus Flytrap "WKRP". He too loved to impart his hip, somewhat obscure philosophy to his listeners. It made him all the more endearing.
Heaven said…
Love your words Ella ~ We should not forget our birthright ~ Your pictures are stunning too ~
Herotomost said…
Ella!!!!!!! That was really do I find my reading things like this. You created a collage of happiness and the colors and ideas were woven together perfectly. I love other line about swallowing pride....that is a difficult thing because sometimes the things we are most proud of also make us the happiest. Great job Ella, loved Wendy word!!!
Susie Clevenger said…
dizzy dance for blue that! I needed this dose of happy! Beautiful photo and words as always!
aprille said…
Yes, me too needed a dose of happy. Unhappy also equates with fruit and gardening: when the garden, which is my happiness barometer, doesn't come up to scratch and you can't eat the fruit. Still, enough colour left here to cheer.
Beautifully done Ella.
Wonderful write, Ella.

I wish I would have read and experienced this lovely piece
before I posted mine, 'balance act', that seems to be the antithesis of this.
D.G. Hudson said…
Beautiful rose photo, Ella.

The thoughts expressed lifted my spirits. I love flowers and the more the better. I'd love to live in a little cottage with an English Garden surrounding it. I could write there easily and it would smell gorgeous.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
The poem flows so well.

We always flew kites in a big empty field, so I never lost one to Charlie Brown's kite-eating tree.
Mary Ann Potter said…
"Time plays its own tune." What a beautiful line this is, Ellen!!! I enjoyed the poem --- a lovely collection of ideas and images.
Renee said…
Where did you ever find that gorgeous peacock to photograph? Lovely poem.
Damyanti said…
Gorgeous pics, and lovely poem-- thanks for sharing, and making me smile.
Ella said…
Hi Damiyanti-Thank you~ You made me smile, too ;D

Renee-The peacock is down near my local farmer's market. Isn't he gorgeous :D These days I take my camera when I go pick out my tomatoes and peaches. Thank you~

Mary Ann-Thank you! I think of you when I watch Downton Abbey ;D

L.Diane-Thank you! I did that growing up, too. My kite eating events happened when I moved, with my kids. I always think of Charlie Brown when I fly a kite ;D

DG-Thank you! I love flowers, too! Me, too, but I want to be near the water and have tea! Oh, your cottage is lovely-I can see it ;D
I am glad I lifted you a bit~

Nene-No, I like your style! I just tried to challenge Chris :D YOU always bring sentiment to your posts!

Aprille-I do understand what you mean! It is experimental and we never know-the weather and all how it will grow-but I love trying :D
Thank you! Happy you have enough color to cheer~ @>-----------

Susie-Thank you! I could use some dizzy blue sky myself ;D You are sweet!

Corey-I LOVE this challenge I want to write a book like that. YOU are right Chris was profound and poetic. The literary quotes and then his pondering questions he offered us insight and hope to look again. I meant we have to swallow bitter pills along our way-our pride is sometimes in question, but we have to continue on to our happy! Thank you Corey!!!
I loved your challenge~ @>--------

Heaven-Thank you so much! It was a ramble, but I found it a fun challenge to think how to connect the dots. Now finding the happy is another story ;D Photos and words are part of my happy!

CaliforniaGirl-You are so right! He did...I remember that show :D
Thank you for sharing~

Alex-Thank you :D YOU have found your happy-sharing your stories, music and highlighting other people! The blogging world is happy you are so generous~ Thank you! @>-----------

Marian-Thank you! I so was hoping the peacock would do his dance-no luck! His name is Blue and he loves the color red. I might go visit him all dressed in red, lol

Sherry-Thank you! It was a fun ramble trying to connect! :D
Blue I found out loves dog food?! His happy, lol

Helen-Thank you! ;D I am happy you listen~ @>---------

Joy-Thank you! I had fun-it is a journey of growth-you are so right! Thank you @>----------so much

Yolanda Renee said…
Happiness is a memory of perfectly flying that kite. Everyone should have one of those!

Lovely poem, lovely imagery!
Ella said…
Hi Yolanda-Thank you so much!
How are you doing? Yes, we all should have those happy memories ;D
Well said!
Kerry O'Connor said…
To me, there is nothing more sad than a person who has forgotten their potential - and I admit that I was happy for many years to ignore my potential and go with the flow.

Your post reminds us that we should never give up on being our very best!
Other Mary said…
That's a very good message to remember! Thanks.
nutschell said…
gosh i love all the pictures here and the words that go with them. happiness is always a good thing to ponder.
Morgan said…
Beautiful poem, beautiful pictures, beautiful post. As always. Such talent. <3
Ella said…
Morgan-I can't wait to hear how your book is coming along ;D Thank you so much-it is fun to ramble!

VaNdAnA-You are sweet :D

Nutschell-Thank you! I agree it is good to ponder happiness-since we are always searching for it. It is a goal that is always evolving~ @>-----

Other Mary-Thank you ;D

Kerry-Me too! I kinda lost my way-life detoured me. I appreciate you sharing this~ It isn't an easy dance. We need to do all we can to protect and honor it! It is our birthright ;D @>----