Sew Somerset

Sorry, I have been quiet.  I am starting to feel better.  Doc says I am hyper, right now.  My meds have been changed and I am on the lowest dose in years?!   I kinda wonder if it is the seaweed I have been eating?!   If you are curious about your thyroid you can visit this site and even take a quiz to see if you have symptoms.  My grandmother had to have a goiter surgically removed.   It was before I was born, but I remember she had a scar and her eyes were always bulging out. My mom reminded me of this-my grandmother  had eaten too much seafood.  I know sounds crazy doesn't it?! No, this isn't my problem-darn it!  Back in the day, when my dad was a teen-he use to trap Lobsters and dig for clams.  They ate a lot of seafood-Lobster was once considered poor man's food.  Diet really does affect the way we feel...

My daughter and her boyfriend are headed to the Outer Banks today-I so want to go, but I have a deadline regarding some art.   And I wouldn't want to cramp their style.  Have you been to the beach, yet? 

I was fortunate to have my Burlap Beach Pouch published in the current issue of Sew Somerset!  Thank you to Jennifer Jackson Taylor and staff! Jennifer reminds us in her Letter From The Editor, "When is the last time you challenged yourself to create something out of your comfort zone?"  For me just recently and I mailed it to GreenCraft-here is a peek!

 I know you are thinking what is it?   It is for my daughter and it holds gift cards. I didn't have any to her favorite shops, so I tucked in a Starbucks one.  Yes, that is Audrey Hepburn!

I made a beach like pouch.  It is a placemat-burlap like fabric. I folded and stitched it together.  Then using my curtain technique I printed an image of a vintage photo.  This photo reminds me of the calm I feel sitting and watching the waves roll in, when I am at the shore.  I love to walk and look for treasure. Sometimes treasure arrives in ideas, words, and memories, not just in tiny bits of frosted sea glass.  I love to find the turquoise glass.  I love how smooth the sea has tumbled them.  I am always delighted when I see the light dance like jewels on the sand and pools of water.  My kids loved to find tiny crabs in puddles of wonder.  Me, I love to find sand dollars and tiny  shells.  I like how listening to the sea waves matches the rhythm of my heart and how the salty brine seem to make the ideas flow.  There is a sense of calm, even if it is crowded.  I tend to think of being in the eye of the storm.  All around me loud, busy fun, yet I can still find peace and a sense of well being.  I am trying to learn to do this in my every day world.   I use to be alone a lot, now not so much anymore.  Yogi, Baron Baptiste talks about it-Tadasana.

      He mentions how yoga helps with balance, not just in conquering the poses, but inside it helps train you to remain calm and observe the storm around you.  We all have our own storms-but remember there is plenty of wonder, too!  Now I can't get that Doors song out of my head!


Congratulations on getting in the magazine!
Too much seafood? Hadn't heard that before. Does tuna qualify?
Sorry to hear about the health issues, Ella :(
Love the blue ribbons in the project!
I've sent you a funny link at Tweeter :)
Jennee Thompson said…
wow! look at you getting in a magazine! Hope you're feeling better.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Hooray for you --- another published work! Love the bag, Ellen.
Liza said…
Great bag. And, you left me craving a visit to the beach.
D.G. Hudson said…
It could very well be the iodine in the seafood. A friend of mine was self-dosing on kelp and found her heart palpitating and she was losing weight.

Upon checking her thyroid, they found she had been taking about 3-4 times the recommended dose. The body has a delicate balance and we must eat a variety, and in moderation. I think it's just the shellfish.
Hope you h
Yolanda Renee said…
I'm allergic to Iodine, something the body needs and yet an overdose will kill. Interesting, isn't it. Glad you are feeling better. Congrats on the magazine posting!

Love that you can escape the noise and find peace. I can do that too sometimes, and then at other times it's panic mode. Crowds give me claustrophobia. Ended up on the bottom of a stampede once, not good!

Happy Monday!
D.G. Hudson said…
To finish. . .hope you have found the problem.
M Pax said…
Hope you're all to rights soon, Ella. Congrats on being in the magazine! You're so clever. I wish I could think up the beautiful things you do. But then I know you to do it for me :)
Renee said…
SEW glad your work is in the magazine! It should've been on the cover. :-) Feel better!
Anonymous said…
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Janet Martin said…
Ella, Oh I hope you feel better soon. wish I had helpful advice. We in-landers don't eat enough sea-food!
Congrats on your magazine publication! You are so creative!

Side-note: I disabled my anonymous option to comments because of above type spam;(
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellen, your feature is beautiful and I thank you for sharing a copy with me. I emailed you recently, not sure you received it. I have been thinking of you, hope you are well dear friend.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
I cant believe you could have gone to the beach and didnt........but nice of you to give them some space. I LOVE the beautiful card you put together for your daughter. And your beach pouch is so beautiful. You have so many amazingly creative ideas. I've never seen anything like your stuff. Pretty cool, getting in magazines!!!!! Good for you. Your metabolism is likely speeded up because you arent able to really have any down time to relax - one gets going on adrenalin. Doing the same here - too much work and busyness - way too much. I think I caught it from you, smiles.
Ella said…
Sherry-lol or maybe I caught it from you ;D I want to go on my terms :D
I would be happy to walk along the shore and just let my mind drift. They went shopping, miniature golfing-I love both of those, not sure how much time on the actually beach?! When I go it will be on my terms or I will toss sand at the person dragging me away and take their keys-tee,hee! Thank you-you are sweet! It is a gift card booklet-an idea for Christmas! YOU know how tricky it gets when they reach a certain age... Yeah, I have autoimmune type and stress is likely the cause! Thank you Sherry @>----------

Abby-Thank you! I did and will respond soon...I have been extra hot and finding the best place is under a fan-I have a fever high temp, but not the flu. I will email you soon! YOU have graciously shared with me before!
Thank you @>------- :D

Janet-I will have to go check that out...thank you! It is crazy...
We had sushi a couple of times, but I read the seaweed can cause issues. I know I don't get enough seafood-I would like that diet!
Thank you-you are so kind and thanks for sharing! @>---------

Ella said…
Renee-Sew clever of you ;D Thank you-in my dreams! I think cover art is usually article based?! Anyway I was still thrilled-you are sweet!
Yes, I'm better @>-----------

MPax-You are fun! We need to collab on a Moon and stars project ;D I have an idea, lol! Thank you so much

DG-Kids and hubby have brought home a lot of Sushi lately-also the soy can cause me issues. I think it threw me off. I hope your friend is okay~ Yes, you are so right it is a delicate balance-water, sodium and potassium too. Our bodies are clever like that~
Thank you for sharing! I am much better than I was. @>-------

Yolanda-How awful both the allergy and stampede?! I'm not much for crowds myself. I can do well for awhile, but there is a time limit!
Oh, gosh...I can't imagine how you found out-so scary! Please be careful (((hugs))) @>----------

Ella said…
Liza-Thank you! I crave the beach-I hope we both get to go :D @>-------

Mary Ann-Thank you! I hope you submitted ;D I can't wait to see you grace their pages~ @>----------

Jennee-Thank you-you are sweet :D

Dezzy-Thank you! I am getting better-yes, I love the blue, too!
I loved the tweet....did you like mine? ;d @>------------

Alex-Sorry Captain it does! Be cautious a lot of mercury in Tuna. Just mix it up...Ninjas like change! ;D @>---------- Everyone gets a rose today! Do Ninjas like roses?!
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Vicki Sheehan said…
hope you're feeling better ellen. i love seeing all of your creations...they are always so special : ) i haven't been to the beach yet, but soon...
Bossy Betty said…
Thanks for reminding me to get to the beach! Love the pouch. Ho[e you feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
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Wanda said…
Hey Ellie, I'm glad to hear your feeling better.
Anonymous said…
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Morgan said…
I love Audrey Hepburn!!!! Most beautiful woman ever. And I'm glad you're *starting* to feel better... what a rough road! :/
Ella said…
Thank you Morgan you are so sweet! I have been on a few rough roads, but I am a fighter! ;D I know I love her, too~ I'm getting there, but it is slower than usually. I am going to write down everything I eat. Soy works against me and it is in everything, so I am eating cave woman style! @>---------
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Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I am behind, but will make the rounds this weekend to say hello!
I have missed you all ;D
Susie Clevenger said…
Hope you feel better soon!! And Congratulations, your work always amazes me!
Ella said…
Thank you Susie...I am getting there!
It is a slow process-meds take time~
Thank you so much~