The Dance

I haven't been feeling so well-I go to the doctor today.  I'm nervous-my doctor blackmails me.  Oh, yes she does.  She won't give me my refills if I don't get this or that tested-ick!  I'm too hot-kids laugh and say "hot flash"-no that isn't it.   I ask everyone is it hot in here-everyone says, "No"- I feel like a snowman shoved into a greenhouse.   I have other symptoms that suggest I am too fast.  Hubby does call me Turbo-lol.  I think my thyroid has decided to be hyper.  Why can't I have this extra heat in the winter, not now with 94% high humidity!  Augh...

I was downtown last week and thought of all of you!  Do you do this?  You see a person in line or shopping and wonder do they blog?  Do you see people that remind you of people online-kind and open!   I first went to Muddy's-they have the best sugar free Frappes. My daughter had a Liquid Brownie and I bought a Sugar-free Mocha.  This place has a European feel-you would love it and they even have Red Velvet coffee.  But I had another destination in mind. I took my daughter to a local shop that would transport us back in time.

Black n' white marble floors, antiques and grand doors fragments of history reside now in this shop, inside the former Southern Hotel.   There is even a baby Grand piano~

Supposedly there is a ball room on the 4th floor. We saw where the service elevator had been and the back entrance-the glass doors and the original counter for checking in-a marble slab.  Stories are tucked in every corner.  If your creativity is  blocked go visit a museum or antique store.  I swear you will find inspiration-whispers from the past.   I plan on going back this week and taking photos.  I dropped off some art-she wanted three pieces.  This place has a Gatsby feel, with fringes of the 30s, 40s and 50s.  There was even a tiny room that looked like Hemingway's writing nook, in Key West.  I was beyond enchanted.  My daughter wanted to move in!  The owners,  Laura and Chloe were gracious and charmed us with southern hospitality.  Chloe is a chatty bird-no really Chloe is a parrot.  She whistles and talks-she reminded me of my mom's cockatiel.   She had a cockateil-she named him Aussie.  Aussie livened up everyone's mood-wolf whistling, barking, and saying "I love you"-so fun!  Yes, the bird barked-my mom had a poodle.

*Not my photo...but see the columns inside, this is the lobby of the former hotel!  It is rearranged differently now.    Supposedly Orville and Wilbur Wright stayed here before heading to Kitty Hawk~   There is a plaque in town about them!   Fun to go back in time and see what is in your area-a lot of stories steeped in local history ;D   What is it like in your neck of the woods?!   (Does that sounds like Al Roker?-lol)


Bossy Betty said…
Hope you feel better soon. Amazing what is inside that nondescript building! Yes! I do see people and wonder if they are my blogging buddies!
Hope you feel better. 'Hot Flashes'? You're too young for those to be com'n around. Thyroid?

Interesting about wondering if someone you see is a 'blogger' buddy or blogs. I don't have those notions because most of the wonderful writers that I've met in this venue I consider my muse therefore somewhat distantly surreal
I enjoy museums! Sorry you feel hot and bad.
L.G. Smith said…
My doctor does the same thing!! I feel like I won't get my prescription renewed if I don't go have all the tests done that she wants me to do. Drives me nuts.

And I do have a thyroid issue, but with opposite sympotoms. I'm cold and slow all the time. Hot flashes would be a welcome relief. LOL.
Mary said…
Glad you are going to the doctor today, Ella....hope you will find out what your body is trying to tell you! I am glad you are taking care of yourself by going. Wishing you all the best....
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Hope you get feeling better soon, kiddo. I LOVED this post! You must have had a ball. Who is in the top photo? Is it Mary Pickford? I am thinking you could do Angela up to look like her and decorate HER in a photo like that - wouldnt it be way cool????????
E.J. Wesley said…
Hope everything turns up well at the doctor, Ella. (I'm going today, too... but mine is just for my annual checkup/physical.)

I'm always trying to guess who around me has published something, or might be a blogger! lol I just know how surprised people are when I tell them what I do, so I know most of us probably walk around in disguise.

One of my fears is that I won't recognize one of my good blogging friends (like you!) if I ever bump into them at an airport, etc. I'd be very upset if I missed a chance to say hi in person. :)
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I would have a blast taking photos in that building.

Heat flashes might mean a change for you. If that's it, I hope you go through it quickly.
D.G. Hudson said…
In the Clean Eating book, ground flax is suggested for helping fluctuation in body heat. (usually related to hormones). Hope you find out the cause. I dislike being hot, it's why I moved to the cooler north. Good luck.

I love antique stores and especially when the store is in a renovated or authentic old building. History is what we make of it, so I love to see these sorts of places kept and reused. That's ingenuity. Thanks for sharing this, Ella!
Ella said…
I'll be back to comment, but it all points to thyroid. I had more labs done-blood doesn't lie-so they tell me. I was hyper last time-odd I'm back on a dose I took 12 yrs ago?! body temp was up, blood pressure normal-but higher for me and pulse up...
UP means high-for me. I am under a fan and feeling like I'm melting...? My body temp was 98.9-I usually run cold 97.6 so I feel like I have a fever-lol
I'm okay-Thank you everyone! I have another errand to run and I'll be back to comment and visit!
I have missed everyone!
Diane I am going to be in heaven tomorrow taking photos~ EJ I know me too...I hope all is well for you~
I'll be back...Thanks again everyone :D
Morgan said…
Oh Ella... and you're so positive through it all! I'm so sorry you're going through all of this... :/
Kay L. Davies said…
You don't deserve these health problems, Ella, but nobody does.
It sounds like you had a wonderful time looking at memorabilia. Good stuff!
Looking forward to finding out the doctor's verdict.
Luv, K
Liza said…
Love the idea of going to an antique shop to get ideas!
Renee said…
So sorry you don't feel well! The antique store looks AWESOME! Get well.
Linda H. said…
I had heat flashes and other problems when I had a severe bacterial infection, so I feel your pain. Those flashes can be annoying.

I hope you are feeling better soon.
kaykuala said…
Standing in line one often indulge in such thoughts. Are they bloggers. Can one connect? They look decent people!
It gets one into idea formation that is useful later. Thanks for sharing Ella!

Wanda said…
Hope you get to feeling better Ellie. I feel your pain about the extra heat this time of year :)
Anonymous said…
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Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Thank you! Yes, now winter I could be about it, lol ;D

Hank-It is fun to imagine :D Isn't it?! Thanks Hank!

Linda-Oh, that sounds miserable! I hope it didn't last long... It is strange and worse when I eat?! Thanks for sharing~ :D

Renee-Thank you! I know that will cheer me up ;D and it is cool inside, lol

Liza-Let me know if you go-I would love to hear about it :D

Kay-Thank you! I have had more than my fair share of fun with medical. Life goes on and we make the best of it~ (((hugs))) Thank you~

Morgan-Thank you! I have been hyper before and yes, it was in the summer. I have autoimmune type, so it can swing either way. Now, if I could only fix it so I'm hot in the winter and cold in the summer, lol! You are sweet~

DG-I have used ground flax in my protein shakes before-thank you for sharing! I'm from the north living in the south~ I have a Clean Eating book-I better go dig it out ;D Thank you for sharing!
Yes, it is fun to imagine what it was like back in the day :D

L.Diane-Thank you! I was told I was hyper my last appointment-I suspect it is getting worse. I talked to my mother-it isn't that! so, I just wait for a phone call and new meds! And stay under a fan, lol Thank you...I will think of you, when I go tomorrow :D

EJ-I am like you and I look at everyone wondering what their talent is! We all have our special gifts-it is fun to imagine. I talk a lot to people and it is always interesting to hear their stories. I hope you made out well at the check-up! I totally agree with you... :D The bunnies are back in my yard and the howling fun has started, lol!

Sherry-Thank you! Oh, gosh she would love that! Go glam...I said glamoriffic the other day and she laughed and told me not to use it again, lol. I make up words...some she likes-this one not so much! ;D I am not sure, could be Mary Pickford?!

Mary-My body has been trying to tell me a lot the past 20yrs. I think I have one of those signs on me-like those zoo animals...I can only eat food in its natural state or I get hives and anxiety! What are they putting in our food-it was never like that?! Thank you :D

LG-Then you know exactly what I am dealing with! She won't give me an endocrine dr referral until I do this test and that...grrrr! It is annoying... I am sorry...I know how that feels! I feel like I have a fever-I'm being cooked is how it feels. It will change...I sure wish I could be hot in the winter and cold in the summer! Do take care-yoga helps!

Alex-Thank you! I'm not sad, so that is good ;D Stay cook Captain AC

Nene-You are a muse yourself to many! I think everyone has a creative side-some of us are just more expressive! YOU are so talented-I would be thrilled to be in the grocery line with you :D
Thank you! I'm getting close to old enough, but not yet...but thank you!

Bossy Betty-Thank you! I think I am going to the newspaper and ask they publish a open house blogging party! ;D I wish you all could come, but I do think locally we should do this! Bloggers deserve to meet besides online~ I am happy you do too!

Melissa Bradley said…
I wish I could go to this place, it sounds absolutely enchanting.

Hugs!! I'm about to go to mine and so I can get my meds re-upped. Hopefully there will nothing else wrong. Sometimes I think my body is one of those cartoon cars that pieces break off of at every turn. :)
Ella said…
Melissa-I hear you! I hope it goes well...I need some rust remover for my back-I did get injured from two different accidents. I need an Over-Haul, lol. I hope you get the attention you need and deserve. My doc really does blackmail me.

YOU would love it...I swear the ghosts were whispering to me today. I felt like I had gone back in fun!