A Poetic Cup of Tea

Over in the garden, Kerry asked us to write a poem as a love letter between two in-animated objects.   I did mine more as a conversation.  This is in the style of poet Sarah Kay.

I chose my Geisha Ghost tea cup and a tea bag blend called Zen, to have a this convo.  For some reason, I can't watch the video of Sarah. I will try again.  I hope I make you crave tenderness, a kiss, tea,  or all three.

"Soul meets soul on lovers' lips."
-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Tender Garden

"Thank you for your warmth,
your kindness
I have been lonely
packed away, forgotten
tucked between faded ink and dust
I lingered for light
 for just one tender kiss."

"Your beauty reflects in my soul
your skin so porcelain and white
I admire your patience
I do hope you feel the warmth of my embrace
as I encompass your face."

"Tears sting my eyes I have waited so long
 to feel tenderness
You are kind. 

"I am Zen-new age
 I am sure you crave
your wonderful notes of Jasmine-
so soothing but, I have a gardener's charm
I am green  with Lemon Verbena leaves, 
swirls of spearmint and a kiss of
Lemongrass...do you like my scent?"

" I love green, you are so young, so decadent 
so pleasing
 You refresh me like a spring roll 
Your notes are blended well
...all our lives we have touched others
and they touched us
 Let's be gentle with each other
I have been through wars snuck out of my grandmother's closet
 sold and traveled in rough seas"

"I have been trampled, pinched and minced to be here with you
Tossed about like mowed grass
I bruise easily 
I desire kind hands to meld my notes
sometimes I am too young and
have to be put back to age-to wait
I'm cousin to the famous Longjing-
a deep green infusion aka Dragon Well
What about you?"

"Originated in China so the story goes, 
 I am from 1930 Japan 
a gray scale of translucency  passes through me like wax
Tea bags like you Zen
were made in 1930s
We must be the same age"

"What shall I call you?  You are so delicate and beautiful-like
a flower."

"I wish I could blush. 
I would love it- if you called me Lilo?"

"May I kiss you Lilo?"

"Oh, yes please
I smell you tender green hope
reminds me of home
the gesture of  Ocha
You melt my heart"

"Lilo you hold mine
like "chisen sogoshiki teien"
(a garden with a pond at its center)"

© Ellen Wilson





lovely! And I love the cup too!
Susan said…
Utterly lovely. At one point they compare ills like two old ladies at tea! Cool. And the end--melt heart ...hold heart--knocked my socks off. I read the entire poem again. Sigh.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is such a gracious conversation between the cup and the tea.. and indeed, what would one be without the other?
That was clever! And sensual.
Mary said…
Ella, your words have definitely got me craving.........a cup of tea! Smiles. Loved the conversation you created.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Sweet and sexy poem, Ella.

I have a teacup from China with a girl at the bottom. It's at least 120 years old. I don't think I could post a photo of it though. The girl is naked!
Kay L. Davies said…
So beautiful, Ella. I could almost feel the cup in my hand and smell the tea as I read this!
Maggie Grace said…
Very nice! You made your inanimate objects come alive thru conversations. More like falling in love. Beautifully penned!
Peggy said…
Wonderful creation of conversation. I am loving all the different creative combinations people have come up with!
Susie Clevenger said…
Such a beautiful conversation...you have created a moving piece from the prompt.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE this SO MUCH!!!!!! I remember this wonderful teacup from a prompt of yours that intrigued me and inspired a cool made-up story. What a beautiful response to the prompt. I havent thought of anything yet - one of the inanimate objects being my Head.......wonderful, Ellie. Loved this!
Mama Zen said…
Delightful! I particularly like the first stanza.
Ella said…
Hi MZ-Thank you ;D

Sherry-It was fun to write! I love this prompt-so many great offerings :D Thank you Sherry~

Susie-Thank you! It was suppose to resemble an arranged marriage-kind of ;D

Peggy-Thank you! Me, too :D

Maggie Grace-Yes, this is what I hoped for~ Thank you :D

Kay-Wow, Kay you are sweet! Did you go make tea, after?! ;D Thank you~

L.Diane-I read about those cups! Whoa-! I am not sure how old mine is-no idea. I have looked, but not seen anything like them online. The plate is an artist's palette.
The cups look similar to others, but not these plates. Wow! Thanks for sharing ;D Thank you~

Mary-Thank you! What kind did you have?! ;D

Alex-Thank you ;D This is what I hoped for!

Kerry-Thank you ;D I will have to try again~ Great challenge Kerry!

Susan-Thank you so much!! @>-------

Dezzy-Thank you! Did you have a spot of tea?! ;D

Yolanda Renee said…
Lovely, lovely, lovely, yes, now I want to get one of my husbands tea cups (he, yes he, has a collection of them) :)

I usually just drink out of a mug, but that may change thanks to you!
Hannah said…
Ella!! This is exquisite and indeed now I do long for tea, tenderness, and a kiss...I really like the last line...such a perfect fit! Well done Ella!