Bathed In Color

 (Via Photobucket)

  Over in the garden, Hannah prompted us to bathe ourselves with color.   She shared a few photos-aren't they gorgeous!     

(Via Photobucket)

Mother Nature's kiss of green gold
sparks Coral passion
Monarch wings spread like spun honey 
wild raspberries perfume the land
splashes of radiance float in green sea
peek a boo ripples of light dance
Scarlet dreams of sun's final duet
enchant a golden spell
ignite the world 
in fireworks

© Ellen Wilson

Mama Zen prompted us to write a vacation poem. It can be real or imagined...past, present, or future. She reminds us to keep it under 60 words. Mama Zen always adds another challenge~


Time travel back to
Freckle Face Strawberry
Jolly Olly Orange
and Count Chocula
carefree whispers
lunge at me
with movies, family n' friends
Sweet Honesty wore me
told to
Stay free in the land
  of Fresca,
 Bundt cake n'
and a pet rock (no I didn't have one)

 Ultra bright smile
friends wore Windsong
didn't stay on my mind
Me- Nestea gal
pedaling my bike dreaming of
a Horse with a name: Mustang
"Puppy Love-I think I love you..."
Bonne Bell lip smacked me first
time to blend n' focus
as dad says watch
the change over
and Mom says
we are going to the lake
that's my cue
to reload the film... 

© Ellen Wilson



Those two photos are real blasts from the past. I can't remember if I had a notebook with Farrah on it. (I did have the poster.)
Splashes of radiance - that really fits that photo!
Lolamouse said…
I had a wicked crush on David Cassidy! That poem really brought me back-we must be of a similar age. I remember Bonnie Bell (actually, I think I mentioned it in an older poem of mine!) Made me feel like a kid again!
Helen said…
Honestly? I could leave this post on my monitor ALL day ... return many time for one more read!!!
Ella said…
Helen-Thank you! You make me smile big~ :D My mom sold Avon, decorated and sold beautiful cakes and was a hairdresser. I could of done a whole poem, with just products :D

Lola-Me, too! I saw David Cassidy in concert, when I was eleven! lol I still see Bonne Bell selling stuff.... I always thought it was Bonnie Bonne Bell?! Thank you-yes, I suspect we are! My friends loved Donny Osmond-me I had David Cassidy all over my room! ;D

Alex-I know right! I didn't have a notebook either of my heart throb-David Cassidy. I did have Farrah hair once upon a time-lol!
YOU make me smile :D My hubby said he also had her poster!
What a fun post! Great pictures. :)
Mary said…
I love the idea of the world being ignited in fireworks, Ella. Enjoyed your words for both prompts. Loved the photos of the old adverts. Ha, I remember that 'Free Spirit.' Loved the memories you triggered.
Renee said…
Boy did that bring back memories. I thoroughly enjoyed, I went back and read it again! Brought a smile to my face.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Wow, Ellen --- now I am bathed in color and sweet memory. Beautifully done, beautifully presented! You are impressively creative.
Hannah said…
Ella!! I'm under the spell of your descriptions! Wow...I love this one, "Monarch wings spread like spun honey" a lot!! Love the sound play in spun/honey!! Excellent post!! Thank you so much for joining the challenge!!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love the way your tulip poem introduces a new colour in each line.
Margaret said…
Time travel back to David Cassidy and Donny Osmond... yes, I can do that!

Comparing tulips to monarchs wings is wonderful.. a dance, a spell, a kiss... yes they are all of those!
Shelly said…
Bonne Bell and David Cassidy...we're not that old. We can't be.

Love the first pic and all your poems, too.

Hugs and chocolate,
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Cool! The colors, the photos, the poems, the memories....all of it - a feast of color and reverie......
Wanda said…
The colors and the imagery are beautiful
Heaven said…
Love that golden spell and world in fireworks ~ Those notebooks are vintage memories, smiles ~
Mark Koopmans said…
I'm going to Holland in September, and should I see any fields as pretty as these, I shall stop to take some pics!
Wonderful and fun couple of pieces Ella. My wife tells me she was totally enamoured with David Cassidy.

I like the bike pic and reference
my seven siblings used to take turns riding one bike, LOL!

Gracias to you and Hanna for a wonderful journey
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I never had notebooks like that. We had the cheap Pee-Chees. I always decorated mine with pictures.
Susie Clevenger said…
Beautiful use of color in your tulip piece and I love the walk down memory lane in the second. I was a Beatles fanatic. I didn't have much money so I bought all the bubble gum Beatles trading cards that I could. Sadly I lost them to water damage.
Ella said…
Oh Susie-Thank you! I love the Beatles too-but they motivated me more at a later stage~ I lost a lot of my collected cards-being the only girly girl on my street. I collected a lot of baseball cards. Thank you for sharing! :D

L.Diane-I didn't I doodles all over mine ;D

Nene-Funny, me too ;D Your wife has great taste! We had bike...that was sold in a yardsale(recycled) and everyone in the neighborhood learned to ride on this blue bike! It went through ten kids~ Fun memories thank you for sharing! :D

Mark-I am jealous! ;D Take lots of photos and have a blast~

Heaven-Thank you! Yes, I do remember my best friend having a totally purple room with Donnie Osmond posters all over it~ lol

Wanda-Hi-thank you! :D I can't imagine seeing a field like this, but would love to~

Sherry-Thank you! Yes, color rules, lol ;D

Shelly-No, not us! lol ;D
You are fun~ Hugs n' chocolate for you~
Ella said…
Hi Margaret! Thank you~ Yes, a day of the 70s-would be fun ;D

Kerry-Thank you! I didn't even realized I did that-must be the gardener in me! lol ;D

Hannah-Thank you! Me, too~ I will use it again-Go ahead try it ;D

Mary Ann-Thank you! So are you :D
I think of you often-I hope you have been playing in your studio~
I love your designs~

Renee-I am glad you went back in time! Fun to do that with happy memories~ Yes, those were the days-all those posters all over our rooms ;D Thank you~

Mary-I am happy I triggered good ones! Yes, planting more fireworks today ;D Sweet peas and Morning Glories! Thank you~

Hi Rachel-Thank you so much! I will be by to visit soon~ I have to go plant a bit more color ;D

Peggy said…
You are doing a lot of writing--and on a holiday weekend no less! I enjoyed reading both of these.
Ella said…
Thank you Peggy! Hubby has a project and my kids were working~ Hope you are doing well :D
Scriptor Senex said…
Thay second one was really sweet but it was the first one that I found compelling.
"peek a boo ripples of light dance"
What a great line!
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Ella said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ella said…
Hi John,
Thank you :D
There is nothing like the dance of light on those gorgeous blooms~
I loved your garden photos-stunning!!