Light Hearted

Enough of the drama ;D   I thought I would share some photos with you.  When I am feeling a bit blue or frustrated with the creative process-I grab my camera and take photos. Everything come back into focus and I feel calm.  I know sounds silly, but I love playing with light, angles and shadows.  Here are a few I have taken recently!   I didn't like my real name, Ellen-when I was young.   I do now and I love that it means light!  Do you know what your name means?

My hound, Buster actually pauses at the top step before he descends to see if the rabbit is hiding underneath our deck.   I love hearing him howl.  He is too old to chase the rabbit, but has fun, anyway.    *Our son named him Buster after the Tiny Tunes rabbit.  It fits~

Trying to find inspiration in my day!  Even though I have felt a bit worn down-my creative energy is still there.  I love how the spoon looked in the bowl with all those tiny bubbles.  Time out for berries and imagination-they are both a well deserved treat~

Some projects I am working on-I had to let them set on the sidelines for a bit, but I am ready to begin again!

Are you finding time for your imagination?  What are you working on?


Buster is a cut pup. I really like the raspberries shot.
Alexander means defender of men.
M Pax said…
Those projects look beautiful.

We all get a little worn now and then. Cameras are definitely fun. I remember reading somewhere that Mary means rebellious. :D
Mary said…
Photos are a part of the creative process too. It takes an artist's eye to really SEE the beauty all around. I never thought much about my name...just know that my parents named me for the Mary in the Mary & Martha story. Your dog Buster sounds like a real joy!
Ella said…
Mary-Oh, I will have to go look that up! It sounds special :D Buster is a lot of fun~ :D

MPax-Yes, we do! I like that Mary~
Thank you :D

Alex-Thanks :D Yes, that makes sense Ninja qualities-lol!
love the bunny and raspberries pics :)
As you know my real name means "the one who carries the name of peace"
D.G. Hudson said…
My name derived from French translations means 'cherie' or dear one'. The original form was derived from the name Charlotte (no, that's not my real name).

When I checked, the source said a person with this name likes adventure and travel and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition. That sure sounds like me. . .

Love those projects you're working on, Ella. I, too, find taking photographs cheers me up immensely.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

Some lovely pics.... The light flowing through the lace is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE to take pics and I usually find something captivating as I walk the lakefront or the streets of Chicago!

You know what I'm working on. LOL.
Sandra Evertson said…
Your photos are lovely! And that old pup is adorable!
Ink in the Book said…
I'm not for sues means, but I'm going to look it up now. And my favorite photo is the cameo. A character in one of my books has a cameo of her mother.
I love Buster. Is he a beagle, or some other type of hound? It's difficult to tell from the photos. But whatever he is, he has a lovely wise face!

Lately I have been making note cards out of some of my photos. I doubt if I'll ever make the effort to try to sell any of them, I just do it for the sheer joy of doing it. I usually share one with a good friend who -- bless her -- says I have talent!

Have a great weekend! xoxox Carol
Elise Fallson said…
Great shots! I also like taking out my camera and snapping a few pictures when I can. Your dog is so cute! (:
Ella said…
Hi Elise-Thank you! Yes, it is fun to see what captures one's eye :D

Carol-Buster is a beagle mixed with Cocker Spaniel. He is famous back home! He was the like the mascot of my town. Thank you :D

I love this Carol-art for sheer joy is a gift~ I bet you are very talented~ Love this idea :D
YOU, too xo @>--------

Inky-OOOh, I love this~ I will be by! Summer is zapping my energy-
I would love to learn more about your book~ :D Congrats! Thank you~

Sandra-Thank you! Yes, his ears use to be black. He is getting old, but still has days when he wants to be pup playful. :D

Michael-Thank you! I loved what you shared~ Yes, getting outside really does inspire us on so many levels! ;D I know it came out fabulous~

DG-I love what you discovered about your name! Beautiful and true :D Yes, photos do give us insight! Thanks for sharing~

Dezzy-I love that! YOU do this :D
Thank you!! This was lovely~

Yolanda Renee said…
Lovely photo's, cute Buster, and the bunny! Great way to find your inspiration.

The name Yolanda means ‘purple’ which denotes royalty. The nobility of Yolanda's birth stems from her true beginning, which is, being part of the royal family of God once she has been born again. There is no higher calling.
Renee means reborn, the meaning 'reborn' implies not an actual rebirth but a spiritual or intellectual rebirth, a reawakening.

I am truly blessed!
Ella said…
Yolanda-This is so beautiful! My daughter's name Angela means message from God~ I had a difficult time with her pregnancy~ Everything worked out just fine! Thank you~
I love all that you shared! YOU are a blessing @>----------
Wanda said…
Nice pictures. I really love the way the light reflects in the first photo in the middle set of photos.