Lone Star

My husband actually has been saying the word move, a lot lately.  We have talked about our transplanted roots. When one retires from the military, most head back to their roots.  His roots are tangled with mine in Maine, where we met.  He is not original from Maine-so more wrestling with the ideas of where to relocate.  He loves Texas.  I laughed and said, "Ok, it is the Lone Star state." And remember our daughter thinks the Lone Ranger is my boyfriend ;D ! 

He knows I have a thing about stars, not just the ones in the sky, but my Dad was a Texaco man and he was a projectionist.  I shared a tidbit with a local paper back home and they did a story about my parents.  I will share it soon-an elephant never forgets.   We can't move just yet, our daughter will be a senior in high school-so there is time to plot and plan. 

I love Tootsie Roll Lollipops. When I get low blood sugar-this is my go to candy.   I love to spot the  Native American boy shooting a star from his bow and arrow.  Did you know there is an urban legend about the Native American boy or Chief being on the candy!   Here you can read the story behind the image, if you are intrigued.  (no this was not a commercial)

Truth be told-I am sad.  My Navy doc left me hanging and I ended up without thyroid medicine.  I have never not taken my meds, unless I had the flu.  She told me to come back the first week in July have labs done and she would adjust my dose.  Meanwhile, the Navy dumped us out of the system. We sent our paperwork and followed protocol.  I even had the mail tracked-it was lost.  I didn't  have a doctor and was not allowed to go to my clinic.  We had our copies, made calls faxed the information and everything is straightened out now.  Odd, there wasn't a fax number on the paper work-if there had been this all could of been avoided.  I went for a few days without my meds. 

  I am blue-I know it won't last.  I know why, but I still feel blah, sad and tired.  I told my doctor-my husband will officially be retired on June 30th and I worried about a glitch.  She assured me that it was not likely.  ( My husband sold back his leave aka vacation time and has been home since the end of March.)  I have to go face the music today and go meet a new doctor and find out how far off the chart I have fallen.  Yes, like a shooting star-I'm a bit burnt out.  I hope you all are doing well!  I miss all of you and blogging~


Sorry about all the hassles with the doctor. I'm not much for taking medicine either. That thyroid medicine will help your mood though.
So one more year and you're Texas bound?
And how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
Brian Miller said…
ha. i had never heard that about the indian chief...that is way cool...will have to tell my boys...decisions...decisions...my wife wants to move to texas one day...we have a ways to go before the boys get out of school though...ugh on the med issues...my wife took thyroid medicine for years...after having surgery a week before we were married for a cyst on her thyroid...then one day she just did not need the meds anymore...
Mark Means said…
I'd never heard about the Native American/candy thing before...pretty cool.

Hope you start feeling better soon and take care of yourself :)
D.G. Hudson said…
Take care of yourself first. Isn't medical paperwork a complex thing? Good luck getting everything back to 'normal'.

Our pharmacy has a policy that if you run out of meds, they will give you a few of the meds until you get the new prescription. (from a prev. RX) It helps at times.(we have a daughter with a chronic illness)
Yolanda Renee said…
I think moving to Texas sounds like fun, not the move, but the adventure. Moving is never fun. I would love to move back to Alaska, and my hubby who hates the cold says he's willing, but I'm not sure he knows what he's saying. It's not for the 'cold haters' :)
But if we compromise once again and end up in Washington State that's fine with me. But I would love to do at least one year traveling the route of book 3, from Prudhoe Bay to Dutch Harbor, that would be a great adventure.
I do hope you are feeling better soon, just a note have your vitamin D checked too - they say some of us just quit making it. It plays havoc with all that other stuff and without it lots of medicines don't work right anyway. Feel better!
Mary said…
Hope you will feel better soon, Ella. It is so hard when there are medical screw-ups. Hope husband and you together decide on a place to locate that suits you both. I do hope you get good news at the MD.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

From the email I received... Glad to see you feel better... At least I hope so!

Moving is a GREAT NEW ADVENTURE! How fun! I cant wait until I sell my condo and get out of Chicago. I have never lived in one place for SOOOOO long! I used to move every three years. I've been here for NINE!!! LONG overdue!!!

I'm excited that you are going back to the hotel!! Hope it's a mystical experience!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Hopefully you have not fallen far.

Where in Texas would you move? Ironically the next post in my reader is all titled Lone Star, so I'll have to see if she's moving, too. Look at it as a grand adventure and new chapter in your life.
Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, Ella, what a muddle about the meds. Our doctor was away recently, and rather than send me to another doctor, my pharmacist renewed the prescription on her own say-so. Catastrophe averted.
How wise of you not to think of moving while your daughter is a senior in high school.
It is 50 years now, but I've never forgotten my father's decision when I was a high school senior. He and Mom wanted to move from the interior of British Columbia, where I had always gone to school, to the west coast to start their own business.
I said, "That's okay, but I'll stay here with one of my friends so I can graduate with my class."
Dad looked stricken. He hadn't thought of that, and had already sold our house.
So he moved all of us—five people, two cats and a big dog—into a motel until the school year was open. It was crowded, and I knew it was crowded because of me, but oh, how I appreciated it, then and ever since.
Ella said…
Hi Kay-The big issue was I had no Dr. The Navy had to assign me one-I still feel tired, but I have my energy returning! I love your pharmacist :D Happy for you~ Once I had a name I called and my new Dr. gave me meds until I could get in to see him. It was a gift Kay and you were well deserving! No, I won't do it-my daughter like you deserves to finish with her class :D Thank you for sharing! Wow (((hugs)))

L.Diane-I hope not. I will know how far tomorrow! Hubby loves Lake Fork, but now he wants to go to Maine. YOU know if we both get the jobs we hope to-it won't happen! Wow, that is funny?! I will be sure not to miss that one~ lol I like your view :D

Michael-I usually live somewhere three yrs and move! YOU sure you aren't in the military?! ;D I have been here 12-it is kind of shocking to say.
Thank you Michael you made my day!
:D I know I am excited~

Mary-Thank you! I so far am not sure about his bed side manner, but if he helps me than all is well! :D

Yolanda-I have wanted to go back to Alaska at different times! Now would be nice-those long summer days ;D I hope you get to go to WA it is a beautiful state~ Thank you-you are sweet! I have upped the D just in case! Thanks again!
I so hope you get to do that tour-how fabulous that would be!!!

DG-Once they assigned me a Dr I called him and got a script for enough pills until my appt. I am sorry to hear about your daughter~
Sounds like she has a wonderful mom helping her keep on track!!!
Thank you~ :D

Mark-Pretty cool huh! I only learned about this a few years ago!
Thank you so much~ :D

Brian-Happy it all worked out for your wife! I have the autoimmune kind! Tell your boys if the see the Indian shooting the star they are suppose to make a wish ;D
I want to visit Texas before I move there~ Thanks for sharing!

Alex-Hubby is saying Maine again! We will toss a coin in a year after daughter graduates! A lot can change in a year ;D How many licks?! 1, 2, crunch 3 :D I remember that wise old owl! I also remember the day my brother asked me and he had licked up to 500 on his pop and I did the owl trick ;D
Scriptor Senex said…
Sorry about you feeling Blah. Isn't it always the way that the hassle coms at times like that?

Like most things, the plsanning can be as much fun as the event so I hope the two of you enjoy the next year or so of planning.

Take care,
Ella said…
Hello John-Thank you! It happens-but I think this one could of maybe been avoided. Oh, well-I will do what I can,when I can and soon recover!
One hopes ;D

Thank you I will come visit n' see what adventures you have had!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I vote MAINE, you'd be so happy there. Sorry about the medical stuff. Changing docs can be a pain - tho in my case, my new doc did more for me in two weeks than my old one did in THIRTEEN YEARS. Hard to adjust from a woman to a man doctor also. Hang in there. Everything keeps getting better all the time....as John Lennon says!
Mark Koopmans said…

I vote for Texas and I would even go so far as to say move somewhere close to San Antonio ;)

No. 1 & 2 Sons were born there (so there are no Lone Stars in our house :) and the military hospital, SAMC is huge, but great - at least it was for us...

Also, no state taxes, warm weather and Texans really are swell folks, y'all :)
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! Gosh did the power hijack my blog. I would of bet I commented on all these wonderful comments?!

Thank you everyone! I will keep y'all posted!

Oh, something about home, but Texas sounds amazing too!!!

Thank you so much~