Seeing Red

Over in the Garden Izy asked us to write a poem using a favorite movie quote.  I have trouble picking favorites, yet as I edited these photos an idea started to form.

I thought why not go with my first thought.  So, I selected one of my favorite quotes in the movie, The Wizard of Oz.  Close your eyes and you will see Dorothy tapping her ruby red slippers and saying:

 "There's no place like home."  

I had to include some yellow.  See,  the colors, red, yellow and green. They remind me of the movie.   I think of the colors as symbols.  Red-passion and anger, yellow-caution and green-go, discover, find. 

Izy always gives us a twist.   Her challenges are called  'Out of Standard'. 

The Challenge:
Share with us your favorite line of movie dialogue and then embed it into a poem which is not related to that movie or the character who spoke it in anyway.  Reinvent your standard for excellence.  Bring us the unexpected.

Color Map

Black as night
 I wander lost in pale light
 haunting thoughts blur
seeing red, not tickled pink

Green eyed monster 
knows the grass
is greener on the other side
of the fence
Monster sees yellow bellied
white elephant on the lawn
 dancing n' twirling

Once in a blue moon I remember
"There's no place like home" 
but lately
I want to run away
home feels like an ink blot.

 In my maze
time drips and my words
run and blur
 they try to run away
leap off the page
hoping to return
to their
sunny green thoughts
where fragile
stars bloom
and radiance
rains light.

© Ellen Wilson



A little like lost innocence.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Pretty flowers, Ella. Green eyed monsters - love that.
Shelly said…
So the opposite of what Dorothy was trying to do. Love your bright beautiful pics.

Hugs and chocolate,
Lolamouse said…
Love this! "Home feels like an ink blot" is a terrific line, Ella! Sometimes "there's no place like home" can have a different meaning than in the movie!
Melissa Bradley said…
The Wizard of Oz is such a great film. This poem is beautiful and haunting. I really loved it.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I think it best to go with the first thought that pops into your head. Your line is a classic and I love how you turned it around here, with an equally excellent line:

home feels like an ink blot

Your poetry always transports me, Ella.
Kay L. Davies said…
Beautifully done, Ella. I also like the ink blot line, but there are so many other good ones...
Luv, K
Mary said…
First of all, you have some beautiful photos here.

Second, I am struck by home as an inkblot...excellent metaphor.

I like the idea of words being able to jump off the page and return to sunny green thoughts. Wonderful imagery there too.

Just don't get lost in the night.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautiful photos, as always........your poem is wonderful, especially your final stanza, each line just gets better and better........spectacular ending!
Susie Clevenger said…
Beautiful flowers and there is no place like home even if it is an inkblot...Great piece!
Mama Zen said…
Those last lines are so pretty!
Ella said…
Mama Zen-Thank you! ;D

Susie-Thank you :D lol Yes, the inkblot speaks volumes-;D

Sherry-Thank you-I had to end on a hope filled note ;D

Mary-Thank you :D
We always think we are normal till we see others normal. Normal is a mixed metaphor, for sure so I substituted inkblot~ I've been lost at sea, but not a night ;D

Kay-Thank you! Now I just have to rework that inkblot ;D Luvs to you, too

Kerry-Thank you so much! This means a lot to me~ @>--------

Tara Tyler said…
love everything about this!
the flowers, the quote, the challenge, and the final product poem!

glad i stopped by!
Ella said…
Hi Tara-so nice of you to stop by!
Thank you so much ;D
Happy Friday to you~

Melissa-Thank you so much :D
You always make me smile!
I hope life is treating you well~

Lolamouse-Yes, sometimes ;D Lately I feel like I'm in some sort of science experiment-being tested!

Shelly-Yes, but Dorothy found the truth on her journey! I know it, but finding it is another story ;D
Hugs n' chocolate to you~

L.Diane-Thank you, this means a lot! Damn that Green-eyed monster ;D

Alex-Yes, you could say that and be right :D

Isadora Gruye said…
Ella, great work here. In fact I think it a hallmark of success that I also heard pink floyd while reading. Viva la