Margaret asked us to write a poem about summer.   Now, I have that song Summertime-and the livin' is eeeeeasy playing in my head.

Plant Truth

Leatherbacks lounge by the salty sea
looking for wonder n' mirrored hope
looking for truth in their broken day

Butterfly, bear and crow carried truth
 said it was bittersweet
dropped it under a ladder of trees
where the stars once fell

A little girl found it
one night as Grandmother moon
whispered to her in a dream
the puzzle of peace

Wind, water and waves vibrated
from the river polished stone
she found when she heard Tortoise's voice
plant it under a rainbow of people he said

Between two worlds: heaven n' earth
near a dipper of stars
by a sea of blue
Truth will bloom
if one just listens.

© Ellen Wilson


Between Heaven and earth - isn't that the truth?
Peggy said…
Lovely images in this Ella. And I do hope truth will bloom! Stay cool.
kaykuala said…
Truth will bloom
if one just listens

Very wise words Ella! The trouble is, most folks talk more than they listen! Very nice pics as always! Great write!

Renee said…
Love that song too! Lovely poem.
Mary said…
Yes, truth will always bloom if we wait and look!! Enjoyed your poem, Ella.
Grace said…
A magical ride, specially that last verse ~ Lovely share Ella ~

Smiles from BC ~
Susie Clevenger said…
Full of magic and promise...beautiful!
scarlett said…
Beauty crafted in words, as always. Have a wonderful weekend, friend!
Wanda said…
May our eyes and ears be open to the blooming truth.
Kay L. Davies said…
Beautiful, Ella.
I love "near a dipper of stars
"by a sea of blue"
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is really beautiful, Ella. I could wish no more for children than that they feel that connection with nature, understand that they are a part of a much greater whole. That is what your poem has given me.
Ella said…
Kerry-My poem came about when I was searching about turtles. My son had a thing about turtles, when he was a young. He wanted a turtle and a house with a green door. He did get his wish, when we moved to our current home. Our yard is filled with turtles and we have a green door. :D
I found a book on Amazon and its message was profound. I only could glance at a few pages, but it inspired my poem. "Old Turtle and the Broken Truth"-I want this book. It looks so beautiful the message and the watercolor pages~

Here you can take a peek:

Thank you Kerry! :D

Vandana-Thank you! :D

Kay-I had to add that gorgeous blue sea ;D Thank you~

Wanda-Yes, sometimes it is hard to listen, but we must remain open!
I like that Wanda-I'll be by soon~

Scarlett-Thank you :D I hope you are doing well~ Happy weekend to you!

Susie-Thank you! I think the book is different-I can't wait to get a copy~ :D

Grace-Yes, we must follow those stars ;D Thank you~

Mary-Thank you! :D Sometimes the truth is bittersweet, but we have to keep trying~

Renee-Thank you! She is only 16 when she did this rendition! wow~

Hank-Thank you! You make me smile :D I need to work on my truth~

Peggy-Thank you! You stay cool,too!
Yes, it takes work :D

Alex-Thank you Alex! Yes and it is a large between sometimes~ :D

L. Diane Wolfe said…
The truth is there if we listen and watch. A beautiful poem, Ella. It has a gentle rhythm.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is incredibly beautiful, with so many great lines......I love that butterfly, bear and crow dropped truth under a "ladder of trees where the stars once fell". And the Turtle advising the stone be planted "under a rainbow of people". Love the "dipper of stars".....just a fantastically beautiful write. Mystical.
Susan said…
A fine rural take on summer's denizens Ella--and a great rendition of Summertime, too. Lovely, Lovely--to find hope, truth and peace where plant able, so plantable.
Scriptor Senex said…
What a really delightful poem, Ella.
humbird said…
Nice images here...and each of them has their own truth....just listen. Love this poem!
Poet Laundry said…
Celestial meets natural! Nicely woven Ella :-)
Ella said…
Poet Laundry-Thank you so much! I have an errand to run, but I will be by to read yours~ :D

Humbird-Thank you so much! :D You are kind~

John-Thank you! I so want this book ;D I know I didn't follow it exactly, since I could only peek at a few pages~ :D

Susan-I love that song ;D Thank you Susan. I will be by soon to read your offering!

Sherry-Thank you! I know you would love this book ;D

L.Diane-Thank you! Yes, listening should be like that, too! :D
I will be by soon~ Hope you are doing well!
Margaret said…
near a dipper of stars, by a sea of blue.... sigh. Love that.

The book looks absolutely beautiful and I really liked the band, but Olstead's version of "Summertime" to my ears, sounded like an annoying buzzing bee (which in its right place is pleasant). I googled her and found I really liked her song "A Love That Will Last". So it must be her rendition of "Summertime"... or perhaps its MY take on what that song should sound like as I'm a HUGE fan of Porgy and Bess :)
Truedessa said…
I enjoyed your poem and the last verse really stood out for me
between two true..
Ella said…
Margaret-I couldn't find the version I heard her sing on TV. I do like her, but I agree the other rendition is better~ I am having sound issues on my computer. I didn't check it till later on and wish I had posted a different on Margaret! ;D
Thank gotta love the blue and those stars! Fun challenge!

Truedessa-Thank you! Yes,there is a lot of blur between heaven n' earth-looking for all that truth, but we keep on treasure hunting ;D