Tarnished Mirror Poem

Over in the Garden, Kerry challenged us to write a Sonnet. Two famous poets who write Sonnets: Petrache and Pablo Neruda.  I broke rules and tried to follow more of a Pablo Neruda poem-but it didn't come out, as I hoped.  I might let it steep and try again.  I started out in the traditional sense with rhyme. I liked it, but had to  count syllables to make it work.   Even though I broke the rules-I am okay with what I am sharing. 

It is odd, because the direction I was headed in also aligns with another theme. 
I'm curious what do you think it is about?


Day dreamer what lifts haze off the coast of your prow?
Milky Way poured into your delicate bone china cup
envoy conveys tradition into Earl Grey's mood

Steeped memories on a salty sea of blue
dance like clouds lifting and twirling their skirts
Mourning gray dove soars proud- there's land ahead
as black infused clouds roll into tepid view 

High tea mood composed in botanical rain
as notable White Crowned Sparrow pecks the tea tray
morning Zen opens like a shiny quartz rose
later moon sails tilt-reflecting their silver polished leaf

Tempered English ghost your guide:
blue whale migrates by small barrier reef
light ripples as winking stars warn over exposure
Tarnished mirror an ancestral thief

© Ellen Wilson


There are two themes? I'm in trouble. My best interpretation is a mirror brought up from a shipwreck. (And I'm sure I am WAY off.)
Ella said…
Alex-No worries you are a Captain, but not of this kind of ship ;D
I hope you do not ever know this dance-me either! It isn't good...
grapeling said…
Ella - a trove of images you've wrested from the sea :) ~ M
Heaven said…
I specially like the second stanza, steeped memories on a salty sea of blue ~ The overall tone is melancholy to me and don't worry about this form, it's really very challenging to do ~ Have a good weekend dear ~
I'm always in Earl Grey mood :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
I definitely feel Neruda in your figurative language here - what a remarkable sea voyage!
Peggy said…
Well, Ella, I was thinking you are lost in your thoughts and trying to wake up. Dreams and ideas are out there but you can't quite bring them into focus. So this could be applied to many things--trying to grasp what you really want to do, remembering what you used to want to do? Just a guess of course but fun to think about. Beautiful images. I am impressed you got something written in this challenging form.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is really beautiful. The first line really captured me, the whole first stanza, actually. Love the idea of the Milky Way pouring into a cup....I LOVE the photo, and the title, and all of the blue tones throughout the poem. Really beautiful imagery, which you are so good at.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
p.s. I cant guess the second theme.
Shelly said…
I liked how you used Earl Grey, and steep, and the bone china. Loved it.

Hugs and chocolate,
This feels like daydreaming or perhaps reminiscing? I sense a bit of loss and grieving because of the references to mourning dove and ghosts ... but it's also peaceful and accepting like relaxing with a good cup of tea :)
Margaret said…
An old shipwreck off the coast ... possibly one with such things as china, tea, and fine goods aboard?
You're so gifted, I'm in awe. I just floated through the poem a few times and will a few more. It's really magical.

I always did poorly in school when I had to interpret poetry. I like it for the sound and beautiful word combinations. The last stanza alludes to death, but I otherwise have no clue.

It's so nice to read your writing again. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ella. It nudged me in the right direction (i.e., over here).

Be well.
Susie Clevenger said…
This is beautifully descriptive...the second stanza is my favorite!
Cynthia said…
I enjoyed the references to tea.

Perhaps the references to the sea might allude to the broken reflections we see when we look at ourselves in the water? Please forgive me if I'm way off. =D
Bj√∂rn said…
The second stanza is awesome.. great images you paint there.
Hannah said…
I'd like to pick a favorite stanza...hope you don't mind...

"notable White Crowned Sparrow pecks the tea tray
morning Zen opens like a shiny quartz rose
later moon sails tilt-reflecting their silver polished leaf"

I just love the balance in this of life, reflections and the mention of rose-quartz...love it!!
Wanda said…
I think I'm lost at sea with Alex, lol. I really like the last two lines.
Helen said…
Your lovely poetry brought back vivid memories of my mother ~~ she would have enjoyed this too.

* *counting syllables is not fun!
Ella said…
The poem is about one's memory and losing fragments as we age. My neighbor's mother has Alzhemiers. She got up early and drove off-no ID. They had to go to the sheriff and report it-to find her. So sad-she was found at her old house about 1 hr away, but it had been years since she lived there. I just find our minds fascinating-what we remember and the journeys we take. The tea n' sea I though were perfect to convey this message. I went to take her some muffins a while ago and she was fine-her sunny self, but other times she is not. This is why I shared shiny bits and ghosts. I have disease, but losing one's mind and memories-to me would be the worst way to live. So sad...

Helen-I am happy-I hope these were wonderful memories! :D Thank you~

Wanda-Yes, lost at sea is right!
Thank you~ :D

Hannah-I picked a rare bird to symbolize those rare moments the memory is sharp and in focus! I hope we all remember the shiny bits our lives~ Thank you Hannah! <3

Bjorn-Thank you so much :D You made me smile~

Cynthia-It is a broken reflection as we lose our memories, our focus fades~ :D Thank you...

Susie-Thank you so much! I loved your tulip poem...I'll be by~ I went to the city this morning and am behind! :D

Robyn-It was fun to visit you~ I love peacocks and that car-wow~
Thank you so much! YOU are on target...the curse of our genes!
I kept using tea as a reference to silver linings. I think poetry should be what you see. I thought analyzing interesting...but I feel it is more a secret language. We see what we want to it in. It might
conjure a mood or memory! I was just curious what people saw when they read it. Thank you for sharing and your compliment made my week! xo I am happy to nudge
:D How though?

Margaret-well there is treasure n' sadness to those wrecks, but the real wreck is losing one's mind.
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Ella said…
Loredana-Thank you! I love your view...there is a haunting feel to it-yes! I do think we have to remember the good-see the silver lining. I think one can relate on many levels...this is what I wanted my poem to accomplish~ :D

Shelly-Thank you! Yes, I thought how tea can comfort or scald us-just like our memories~ xo :D
Hugs n' tea to you~

Sherry-Thank you! We have to have stars with the sea ;D lol
Thank you Sherry-yes, the magic of blue-you know it well!!!

Peggy-Yes, I like your thoughts on dreams-I do think our memories arrive in our daydreams. Thank you for your thoughts~

Kerry-Thank you! Yes, the sea n' tea have a lot to tell ;D

Dezzy-How poetic! I bet you could write poetry ;D

Ella said…
Hi Grace-Thank you~ I will try again, soon. I loved yours~ He is an amazing poet-Neruda-you did him proud! I will read more of him ;D
Thank you~

Grapeling-Yes, I went deep sea diving on this one ;D Thank you~

Alex-You always make me smile! There could be several themes actually. I thought of Alzheimer's and Alcoholism. They both distort one's perception.
I do want the mirror you found in my poem! lol ;D
L. Diane Wolfe said…
The poem speaks of aging to me.
Ella said…
Hi Diane-yes, it kinda does! :D
I hope you are doing well~
Crazy weather in my neck of the woods~
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