Texting and the Lone Ranger

I didn't mean to be away so long.  Life has been busy- a revolving door of people. It has been nice, but I miss all of you!  I get odd looks if I talk about my online world-so I learn to just talk about social media in general.  I only share blogging thoughts with those who blog.   It is weird sometimes-like we are a secret society in public, but online we share our world. 

My daughter told me the other day, that I look like an Native American elf.   We were going to Subway and I was talking about The Lone Ranger.   She was texting, "Are you talking about an old boyfriend?"  

"What?  Are you kidding me-no, it was a TV show a long time ago and now a major motion picture.  It has been advertised for awhile. Johnny Depp is in it.  He plays the part of Tonto, the Lone Ranger's partner.  Look behind you, there stood a cut out of the Lone Ranger.   You haven't seen a preview?  Well, if I look like a Native American elf, than I rather be Tonto's girlfriend."

 When my daughter was little she thought George Washington was my mother's boyfriend.   Mom had a drawing on the fridge, from another grandchild.  I remember the day well.  My son was talking about a girl he liked and my daughter smirked and said something about grammie's boyfriend.   My mother laughed, "okay Angela who do you think my boyfriend is?"

 Angela laughed, "Duh, George Washington." -she was little, five years old at the time and her brother is seven years older-hence the duh comment.  

"Why do you think that?"  Mom laughed.  

 The wisdom of a child, "because you see him every day at the bank and because he is the oldest person I know,  and because you have a Cherry tree." 

Before we went to see World War Z,  I was telling my family about my grandmother having a pet crow.  His name was Jimmy.  He would fly up to her at the same time every day and she would feed him popcorn.  He wasn't in the house, but an outside pet. My family started laughing at me- "You are so funny."

  I called my Mom putting the phone on speaker, we were in route to the theater. She said she didn't know what I was talking about.  My family had a good laugh.  Thing is I can see the table where I am sitting talking to my grandmother and she is telling me about Jimmy.  She was a young girl and he her only pet.  As we rode along we saw a crow in the middle of the road and I rolled down the window and yelled "Hey Jimmy".   Jimmy also made an appearance in World War Z and in The Lone Ranger.  I recently saw him crash into an invisible dome on Monday night, created by Stephen King and Steven Spielberg.  Are you watching, Under The Dome-what do you think?     Did you see Jimmy?  lol

So, I told my daughter that my gypsy grandmother, her great grandmother is originally related to the actor, who played the first Tonto and his crow is a descendant of a special spirit guide.  My daughter stares at me and then I start singing Jimmy Cracked Corn and I don't care.  

See what happens when it gets too hot-the sun has scorched my brain! 


Despite what the critics said, I really enjoyed THE LONE RANGER. Being told by an aged Tonto, the tale could be forgiven its Pecos Bill tall tale aspects. It even made the movie more enjoyable.

Being part Lakota, I have Native Americans play important roles in my books from THE LAST SHAMAN to THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS (think LOTR meets Native American legend)

It is best to simply enjoy what we do and let others go their own way, right? :-)
Native American elves have active imaginations!
So your mother really didn't remember the crow story?
And do you want to be Tonto's girlfriend or Johnny Depp's?
Wanda said…
Ah, kids are so funny. Couldn't help but chuckle at the George Washington as boyfriend. Definitely sounds like you guys keep it interesting Ella.
funny stories :)
And not a major film anymore since it flopped big time at the boxoffice :) Guess people are tired of Depp wearing wigs and make up :)
Janet Martin said…
' It is weird sometimes-like we are a secret society in public, but online we share our world.'Yes!

Here's to more 'scorched-brain' posts:)

Mary Ann Potter said…
Now I am REALLY anxious to see the movie. It started as a radio show, by the way, and I remember listening to it well before we had a tv. Ahh, memories...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love Angela's reasons for why George Washington was her grandma's boyfriend - "because he's the oldest man I know". Hilarious. I remember watching Lone Ranger as a kid......"Kimo Sabi"........Johnny Depp would make a great Tonto. Cool post, kiddo. Summer is busy, we are all having trouble keeping up.......just enjoy all the laughs!
Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, what fun! I wish I had a daughter!
D.G. Hudson said…
My preference, Ella, would be to be Tonto's girlfriend, too! But the Lone Ranger is a nice guy. I like 'good guys'. That mask just gives the LR a bit of mystique.

I'll see this one. I care not what the critics say. Liking or not liking a movie is very subjective.

I like the kid's perspective - they surprise us.
Mary said…
I had looked forward to The Lone Ranger because I always liked the series when I was a kid. I can still hear "Hi ho, Silver." I saw Johnny Depp on late night tv a night or two ago. I have decided I no longer think he is cool. Ha. I am going to let the Lone Ranger and Tonto live in my memory. Glad to see you blogging again.
Scorched brain cells make for fun times. Five year old brain cells do too. I love that your daughter thought George Washington was your mom's boyfriend. Hope he never chopped down her cherry tree.

Be well, Ella.
Mark Means said…
Some great stories there, Ella....thanks for the chuckle.

In fact, I found your blog post waaaay more entertaining than The Lone Ranger......I was pretty disappointed in that one, sad to say :(
Ella said…
Hi Mark-YOU are welcome! ;D
I haven't seen the whole movie-this makes me sad. I was at another movie and went in to see what it was like. I wasn't fond of how they portrayed the Lone Ranger~ Seen any movies you liked?

Robyn-lol! I know right-I love the wit and openness of children. Their view is spot on! My Mom didn't have a Cherry Tree, but my daughter thought it was one. It still stands, tee,hee! I left out the obvious, my daughter said, "And you have his picture on your fridge." Children are so funny~
Thank you xo

Mary-My dad loved the Lone Ranger. They both were men with stars(my Dad was a Texaco man and projectionist.) Oh, that is sad-what did Johnny say? I am glad to hear you have fond memories and see the silver in them!! :D Thank you~

DG-;D Me, too! I agree we need more masked men in our lives~ Super heroes in real life-have many masks. I totally agree with you! I worked at a theater and people would get irritated if I said it was good and they didn't like it. Movies are for you to decide, interrupt...I never said good again, when I was at school or in the ticket booth. I haven't seen it and I hear it is good. I only had one night off a week, so it had to be a film I really wanted to see, to spend another night at the theater!
Yes, kids do know how to surprise!
I hope you enjoy the movie~ :D

Kay-:D I'll be your online daughter or niece?! Hugs to you and Lindy xo

Sherry-Yes, great wisdom White Owl Woman ;D YOUR tongue has many silver thoughts, lol! More heat and I'm going to be warped all day~
Off to the hotel-I have been asked to take pics of a silver vanity set! Robert Frost is still following me. ;D Thank you Sherry!

Mary Ann-It has a slapstick feel, from what I have seen! I talked to my mom last night. She said the same as you-she grew up with it on the radio and she always talks about Shadow, lol. I love watching movies, when everyone sits around the radio. There was a togetherness. I watched a show the other night with my family and everyone is gaming on their phone?!

Janet-How are you? I will be by :D You should do a book-please?! I hope your summer is going well~
Thank you!

Dezzy-One has to wonder how come Helen Bonham Carter is always in a Depp film?! Ok, not always, but you know what I mean. They seem to be a package deal~ I'm not tired, yet! I vote for another Chocolat movie, lol! I bet Robin will agree with me ;D He makes a good gypsy!

Wanda-Yes, I warn my kids not to say that b word-bored! If you use your imagination you won't be bored. ;D Hope you are staying cool!

Alex-Johnny Depp's ;D lol
No, my mother says I'm wrong. The thing is it is my other grandmother. So, now she is convinced-since this woman was always feeding the birds. I'm 5'1 and live in the Land of the Giants! Why don't they remake that TV show ;D

Ella said…
Roland-Well said! I love that you are part Lakota :D Thank you for sharing~
Anonymous said…
I'd go see the movie because Johnny Depp is in it. And I think you are right, we bloggers are set apart and have to be careful what we say in public. Lots of people just don't understand. Their loss,

Ella said…
Hi Elizabeth! Yes, me too :D
I agree-their loss! I hope you are doing well :D