Caught in an Iris Romance

Over in the Garden,  Kerry challenged us to write a poem "from the same themes that inspired the artists of the 1800s, and to write a new poem, either narrative or lyrical, with musical qualities in its composition. Rhyme and meter are a definite option, but a strong rhythm may be achieved through the use of alliteration, assonance or repetition, as well as with the inclusion of a refrain." 

"The word romanticism was first used to describe new ideas in painting and literature, towards the end of the 18th century. This word was later taken up by musicians, to describe the changes in musical style, which took place soon after the turn of the century. Unlike Classical composers, Romantic composers aimed for a store powerful expression of emotion, often revealing their innermost thoughts and feelings. Romantic music is not just about the emotion of love, it can also be about hate or death (positive or negative feelings). "

Many Romantic composers took an interest in art and literature:

  • Far off lands
  • The distant past
  • Dreams
  • Night and moonlight
  • Rivers, lakes and forests
  • Nature and the seasons
  • The joy and pain of love
  • Fairy tales, myths, legends
  • The supernatural
  • Magic


Have you seen Iris Moon cry?
deep salty sea tears glide from mind's eye
landing on Earth's fertile velvet green thighs
papered whispers linger of jeweled strings
swooping pearl butterflies gliding with diamond wings

Iris dreams of exotic sailor's red night
as yellow feathered day releases spun silk's bleeding light
somber thunderstruck gray mood gathers n' collects
as gold mauve curtains drape for lingering effect

Pale illuminated lips purse kissing earth's brow
Lone Loon cheers as dancing rose take a bow
Opaque blooms perfume one's summer wish
Little dipper submerges finding only inky cold fish
rugged Creeper near Tall White clings and climbs
remembering their magnetic kiss "Once upon a time..."
 © Ellen Wilson


Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh what a beautiful description of Iris - part fairy tale and part product of your own creativity. I love this piece, Ella, and especially the musicality in the rhymes.
Mary said…
I loved the images you put into this poem, Ella. Beautiful writing!
Susan said…
Me too, Me too! A keepable: an embroidered tapestry of images in trochees. Wonderful!
Velvet green thighs - I like that line. Well done!
Kay L. Davies said…
I love the second line, and I love the idea that "lone loon cheers" because loons always sound so sad.
Wonderfully done, my dear Ella.
Lolamouse said…
So beautiful and lyrical, Ella. I love it!
Mama Zen said…
Ella, this is gorgeous! You responded to the prompt perfectly.
Susie Clevenger said…
So beautiful...the lyrical movement is gorgeous
The vision you created with your inner creativity pricks my inner fantasy especially with the hues of colors you introduced.

Very lovely, Ella
Brian Miller said…
ah i really like that last stanza ella....there is a magic to it....from the lip purse kiss to the start of the fairy tale...smiles.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone wrote music for that and sang it?
Mary Ann Potter said…
This is beautiful, Ellen! You've captured romanticism in your own unique form and true to the actual literary definition. A delight for the English teacher in me!
Anonymous said…
I agree this does have a fairytale quality it is so beautiful it is ethereal =)
Wanda said…
"landing on Earth's fertile velvet green thighs"...oh my, you paint beautifully with words by friend.
Michael Di Gesu said…

That was so beautiful! Your poetry really conjures up such amazing emotion and imagery...

Such expression!

Hope all is well and have a great weekend!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Very beautiful. Wowzers! Love your artwork too!
Wendy Ewurum said…
It is beautiful Ella.
Can we please post it for my next week’s Poetry Friday feature?
Ella said…
Wendy-YES!!! :D Thank you so much~
I would be honored @>---------

Sherry-Thank you! I took my daughter's pin and tossed it out my deck. I have a wall of Morning Glories and Moon flowers trying to reach Lunar's light :D

Michael-Thank you for your kind thoughts~ I hope you have a great weekend, too!

Wanda-Thank you! I was going to go with shoulders-I am happy you liked it! :D

Mary Ann-You make my heart soar! Thank you so much~ @>------- I am touched~

L.Diane-Yes, this would be magical!
:D Thank you for this thought-I can almost see it~

Brian-Thank you! There still is magic to be found in "Once Upon A Time..." lol I do have a few Cinderella moments~

scarlett said…
I've missed your beautiful writing style and imagery. Lovely to read and reflect on your poetry. COngratulations on having your work published in Sew Somerset, I have to go to the bookstore this weekend and check it out, yay!!!!!
Ella said…
Sorry I have been having internet issues!

Nene-Thank you! I hope you will write with your inspired ideas~
It would be wonderful :D

Susie-Thank you so much! I had fun with this one :D

Mama Zen-Thank you! I love how yours read like an incantation! ;D

Lolamouse-Thank you! ;D The moon always inspires me~

Kay-Thank you! Yes, it is about time we gave the Loon something to cheer about ;D

MINDLOVEMISERY-Thank you so much!
@>-------- You are too kind, but I love what you said~

Alex-Yes, I love thinking of the Earth as human :D Thank you Mr. AC!

Susan-I love your response! Thank you :D so much!

Mary-Thank you! I love enchanted twisting fairy tales :D

Kerry-Thank you so much~ It was such a fun challenge :D
Ben Ditty said…
Once upon a time :-) I can feel so much in this.
Ella said…
Hi Ben! Thank you-we all have our Once upon a time :D I hope yours is going well~
Ella said…
SCARLETT-I didn't see you! Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words make my heart smile-thank you~ :D
Yolanda Renee said…
Thanks for the recommended reading. I will pursue it, a new challenge after all.

Your skill makes me want to try at least, but I think honestly, that it comes naturally to you. You write beautifully!
Hi Ellie!

You are so talented with words. It's one of your many gifts. :)

Wish you could come to my beach retreat. If you wanna fly out you would be welcome as a special guest. ♥
Ella said…
Jenny-I would <3 to come-you are sweet~ I will have to mind's eye it for now~ Thank you dear friend-I hope you will take a lot of photos-you inspire me to paint :D
Thank you Jenny~

Yolanda-I understand-thank you! I am not sure about that, but you make me want to write better-thank you dear friend! YOU have a gift-I'm reading your book now :D Thank you so much Yolanda~
ayala said…
Beautifully penned.
Ella said…
Ayala-Thank you so much :D
I will be by to visit you~ I have been sick~
Carrie Van Horn said…
I feel as if I have walked back into a more romantic time....this is lovely Ella....hope all is well with you and yours. :-)
Wanda said…
Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you are doing well.
kaykuala said…
Romanticism and all its added remorse. Makes the heart squirm. That affect is brought out in your take Ella. Beautiful!

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