It was a pinch me moment to see my article being published this month in GreenCraft magazine.   I love the byline, "creating today. preserving tomorrow"! Yes, recycling is more than a trend, being green is a way of life. 

I grew up green- really I did.  My mom was cutting up torn panty hose and using them to hold up her tomato plants in her garden. The green mesh berry baskets sometimes would train a new seedling to stand tall.  You should of seen what she made her scarecrow out of-lol.  Let me paint the picture for you.  His name was Zulu and he was a witch doctor, with metal canning jar lids for his eyes, torn fabric and raffia for his skirt. Some kind of  wire for his arms and backbone  and tin cans for his hands. He was wild looking and the talk of the neighborhood.  Mom had a railroad tie garden with a chicken wire gate.

 On holidays and birthdays there were also green touches: candles made out of milk cartons, a coat hanger Christmas tree for a holiday table, and my first Barbie doll cake was made out of a special round stainless steel bowl.  I think it took three hours to bake, but there was no way she was spending that much money on a special pan.  She also used Vaseline to extend her beauty products, long before anyone else did.  In our basement,  she had a special shelf, just for glass jars.  She saved them for homemade pickles, jelly and terrariums.

  You might remember my Memory Lace Catchers I made from Crystal Light lids.

It is an amazing issue!  I am thrilled to be part of the magic~  Thank you Andrea Rangno, for your generous spirit, during this process!   Here is a preview of just some of the unique crafts you can find inside this issue.

What is your favorite way to be green?


Susie Clevenger said…
Congratulations!! My mom was so creative. She used to cut dress patterns out of the newspaper, braided all our old clothing into rugs, boiled mulberries for went on and on.
Kay L. Davies said…
Good for you, Ella. You are wonderfully creative. I envy you. My hands aren't good for much except typing these days, and they're not as good as that as they useta was.
I'm very proud of you.
Luv, K
Kerry O'Connor said…
Wonderful to see your crafts and recycling ideas getting more exposure in one of your favourite magazines, Ella.
D.G. Hudson said…
Congrats! Scoring an article is something to celebrate. I'm always impressed with your results.

I'm making a memory quilt(wip)for younger daughter. I've always recycled glassware, fabric or ceramics, and vintage clothes. I like that tailored cup holder!

Anonymous said…
Dear Ella
I am so THRILLED for you.
Your artful creations always deserve to be gracing the pages of Stampington & co publications.
Your lace catchers are positively darling.
so many lovely ideas in the magazine! Congrats on being published in it, Ella!
Yolanda Renée said…
Congrats on the magazine article! I've gotten into the bad habit of saving things, plastic containers, glass jars for collecting and holding the smaller things. Shoe boxes, never ever throw away a shoe box. Everything in its place and a place for everything. :) My grandmother never bought a new dress, she shopped at the thrift store and brought her prizes home to re-create a masterpiece. She taught me to sew, although I'll never match her skills. She was a quilter, amazing work - she left me her quilting frame, and a prized antique, a pedal Singer sewing machine. Maybe someday. I am no where as creative but I love all your ideas and the simplicity, the uses, but especially the non-tech (real world) beauty!
Congratulations, Ella! And featured very prominently I might add.
My wife reuses plastic containers for all sorts of things.
Guilie Castillo said…
So cool, Ella! Congratulations, and may many many more such publication credits be in your stars. What an amazing magazine! Looks packed full of great ideas. Of course, impossible to find here in Curaçao--*sigh*. I'll have to find an online version somewhere, or maybe order it.
ed pilolla said…
congratulations on the article. great ideas and i really like that altoids tin. reuse as a common value sounds a lifestyle i can participate in. i'm blessed to have a wife who's quite crafty.
Unknown said…
Ella everything looks so beautiful and pretty. I am so inspired.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! I hope you are well friend, always thinking of you:)

Renee said…
I can't wait to see your article! You must be so excited, congrats!!
Michael Di Gesu said…
I reuse things all the time for crafts. Last Christmas I made Christmas stockings for a close blogger buddies kids.

I went to local thrift store and bought kids clothes and cut them up to make the stockings. I also bought a rabbit fur collar from a former kids coat and used it to trim one of the stockings.

They came out AWESOME! And the kids were thrilled. They were very Dr. Suess like....
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I love all the green you shared~ Sorry, my evenings have been off line. We have had several severe storms in our area. I am so happy to see the sunshine~ Hope your day is filled with this glorious light~

Michael-YOU are so clever :D I remember seeing those stockings and loving the Dr. Suess inspired shapes~ How wonderful!!! I know the blogger was thrilled with your gorgeous creations~ I am a thrifter, too! I love that you shared this~

Renee-Thank you! It is a great issue-ideas will flow when you look at it. My daughter wants to make the Love wire message for her room! I love the mini garden idea for my winter windowsill ;D Thank you Renee-I look forward to seeing what you are cooking and crafting!!

Abby-Thank you! I will email you soon~ I haven't been able to get online for the past three evenings~ Last night was the worst~ I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods and you are making time to craft~ xo

Wendy-Thank you so much! I had fun-I am trying to make things for my store and finding the sun does really inspire! You are sweet~
Hope the sun is out in your day!

Ella said…
Ed-Thank you! I love what you shared~
I love that you embrace the world in this way and what you shared about your lovely wife~ :D

Guilie-YOU might be able to find a copy on ETSY:
Some businesses share older copies and will ship to different countries. You can also go to www.pinterest. com and type in green crafting-to get ideas! Here is a board I like:

Yes,I know this company sells digital copies, but for now only one GreenCraft issue. I am sure this will change:
They are like books-so many ideas!!
You are so sweet-Thank you~ @>----

Alex-Thank you ;D I do remember you sharing your wife did use dryer sheets, too! I love it~

Ella said…
Yolanda-I love what you shared! How talented she was and I share your value of keeping things. I fear moving ;D Hubby has mentioned it and oh, boy do I need to downsize-yikes! I have three projects I must finish-I'm almost done. Then I am going to go through my stash! Oh, you must try-you must have a hidden talent-remember it takes time to develop it, but you never know. If not maybe write about a character like that inspired by your grandmother!
How beautiful it would be ;D
There is a book out now that you reminded me of: Glaciers

It is about a gal in Alaska and her love of thrifting and glaciers!
Go peek ;D Thank you for sharing~
You are sweet~

Dezzy-Thank you! Yes, you might need a lovely green velvet Hollywood Spy wired sign ;D

Ella said…
Lynne-You are too kind! I love your romantic style~! YOU are in the Handbag issue-wow! I hope to see it tomorrow! Congrats to you Dear Lynne!
Thank you~ I look forward to seeing more of your lovely offerings~ YOU should do a book :D Thank you @>----

DG-Thank you! OH, I do hope you will share your creation with us~ I would love to see it~ Your daughter will love it~ What a wonderful, sentimental gift it will be filled with cherished memories :D

Kerry-Thank you! Yes, I think this might be my favorite issue ;D Green holds a special place in my heart~ Thanks again~ :D

Ella said…
Kay-Thank you! YOU have your gift with words and I bet you are a wonderful cook ;D Clever Kay you see n' share many jewels on your blog! xo @>-------

Susie-I love this! How amazing-she was green gifted! I think poets n' writer are green. The way they use words to share new insight~ YOU are green Susie ;D Thank you for all you shared!
Lolamouse said…
Congratulations! I'm going to have to find this issue and get out my crafting supplies!
Ella said…
Hi Lolamouse!
I can see you creating! Have fun~
Your daughter will probably love the same greencrafts, as my gal ;D
Thank you~
Congratulations Ella!
It's amazing how much creativity is unleashed by "going green"! Those pictures say it all!
I love arts/crafts and did lots of sewing when I was younger... the machine needs to be dusted off and oiled, before I can even think of getting back to it...
Writer In Transit
Vicki Sheehan said…
congratulations! as you know i love anything with lace : ) these are so pretty.
Ella said…
Michelle-Do it dust and add the oil and plot n' plan! It will make you happy~ Thank you so much ;D

Vicki-Thank you~ I do know this, lol
;D Your lace books are gorgeous-dream worthy! :D
Mark Koopmans said…
Hey Ella,

SUPER DUPER congrats to you, and I hope you frame the cover on your wall and send tons of copies to friends/family :)

Ps.... I turn green the most on St. Patrick's Day - is that bad? :)
Ella said…
Mark-lol! I love that you turn green on St. Paddy's day :D My Irish eyes are smiling at you being fun~

You are sweet-thank you Mark! I do have a copy to send home to my mom. She is the original green gene in my family rainbow~ Now, I am craving Lucky Charms-lol!
Unknown said…
You go, Lady! I'm so, so excited to see you in print, Ella! You're a creative genius, and it's well-deserved recognition in my opinion. :)

I'm going to start my newsstand hunt tomorrow. If I find a copy, I'm going to buy it and post pics on my blog. :D
Ella said…
EJ-You are sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words~ I hope you are discovering magic in your new home-it takes time! Thank you EJ-you rock! ;D
Unknown said…
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