Insecure Writer's Support Group

It is the first Wednesday in the month and time for IWSG.  Our host is Alex Cavanaugh aka Ninja Captain, Captain Cool, I like to call him Mr. AC.  He is the author of three books-the last installment of his trilogy will be available next month! Congrats Alex~ He is an all round great guy-everyone's online best friend and/or brother.   

I woke up with sinus pain and an eye twitch-doncha hate that-I do!  This one felt like my whole eye socket was robotic-somehow attached and tangled to my brain.  I call them a  sinus migraines.  I'm better so I sit here rambling with my thoughts.  Earlier, it was so bad I wanted to holler out the window at a crop dusting plane to shut up!  I laugh thinking about it-so I know I am alright.   Can you see a crazy lady opening her window screaming at a bright yellow crop dusting plane.   I can, but for some reason she is old with her hair in rollers living on a farm, with cats hugging her ankles.  (not me).  I'm middle aged, with medium black hair, wearing an emerald embroidered green top n' gray shorts.  I have an Italian bump in my nose and a recently a twitchy eye.  If you could see me you would know I have a headache-it wraps around my forehead like a sweat band.  I have two kids, a husband who keeps asking me questions while I write this and has the TV way too loud!   One crazy hound, a beta fish who likes to read books I put up to his tank-he likes school and a yard filled with rabbits.  Three have white pom pom puff tails. I named them Peter, Paul and Mary-my mom's favorite trio.  Every time PBS has a special my mom calls me and sings their songs. I can hear her singing, "Don't Think Twice, it's all right"-I need drugs-the legal Tylenol kind.

*Dante likes school*

 One time I had the twitch in my eye for weeks, then it stopped one day-I was so happy and the next day it was in the other eye.  A vacation for eye day-(so lame).

Maybe I shouldn't write this post all head traumatized and twitchy.  I mean who am I anyway?!   I am a small town gal aka popcorn elf, who grew up in a movie theater who recently shared a tidbit with a local paper back home.  They printed my parents story and two other articles the following week. My parents met at a movie theater.  A three part connection to one tidbit!  I'm pretty pleased as punch about that! I wish I had written it, but it ended up being a gift- I will be sharing soon.   I'm a crazy lady who had the chance to be in a health magazine and got an e ticket to fly to New York. My husband and family said, "that is not a good idea."   I went anyway-you only live once. I rode a bike in Manhattan and was featured smiling like a Cheshire cat riding an expensive slick, silver bike.   Yeah, my daughter took the mag to show n 'tell.  I'm from a small town so there was a lot of pats on the back and big smiles.  Husband was stationed in Winter Harbor, Maine before we moved south.    A perfect name for a small town in coastal New England.  Stephen King seems to love the town name Derry. 

    My point, oh yes there is doesn't matter who you are!  Writing is a need, a desire to share some insight, a profound view on the world or a way to entertain.  A way to leave your legacy, your fingerprint in the world.  YOU have to do it, like some people climb mountains, some zip line, some race cars, some enter baking contests, some holler at crop dusting planes.  And to all of those people in my life that give me that odd glare,  that says "Why?" 

You know what I say, "Why not!"


Brian Miller said…
i like the empowerment you give the writer there in the is leaving a fingerprint..and we never really know whose life we will touch...and may never know until much later if even...hope that eye twitch sinus thing goes away...
Three articles? Congratulations!
Sorry your head hurts. I know exactly what a sinus headache feels like. It's the worst.
And thank you for the kind words. Oh, and you don't look middle aged.
Yolanda Renee said…
I loved this post, so reminds me of many a day at my house! So amusing, especially when you look back and can finally laugh despite the pain, the noise, and the odd glares!

You go girl!

Be well!
Lexa Cain said…
I love your fish pics! I've had twitches, too. Mine usually seem to be caused by lack of sleep and too much stress. Thanks for the words of encouragement, and don't forget to take it easy and relax. The world won't fall apart if you do ... and maybe the twitches will stop. :-)
Johanna Garth said…
I too have suffered the twitchy I thing and it's so uncomfortable. Hope you feel better soon and, of course, why shouldn't you ride a shiny silver bike through Manhattan!
Mary said…
I agree..we write because we have to, Ella. Glad you DID go to New York, as it will be a memory forever. Feel better soon.
Fireblossom said…
I'm glad you went! Congratulations, that sounds exciting!

I hear that diet soda can cause those eyelid twitches. I have no idea if that's so or not.
Suzanne Furness said…
Yes, yes, yes this is the reason we write. Sorry about your headache, hope the twitch has subsided now. I love those fish, very smart. Keep writing, Ella :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Love your posts, Ellie, and am happy for you about the recent publications.

I have never heard of a fish who likes to look at pictures - change of scene - great idea!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
We write because we can't help it.

Your beta fish reads? Wow my cats are dumb.
Kay L. Davies said…
I once had a blue beta who jumped out of a tiny tiny opening at the top of his tank, and ended up under the dresser that held the tank. I found him and put him back in the water. He lived but his fins fell off. I loved him anyway. Should have given him something to read, though.
Absolutely loved hearing Peter, Paul and Mary.
Don't think twice, it's all write, Ella, all write!
Luv, K
Tara Tyler said…
what a fun trip in this post! hate the eye twitch, poor thing!
and yes, writing is a needful thing =)
we do love Cheshire cat smiles :)
Hope your eye is feeling better!
Ella said…
Dezzy-lol I'm better-thank you ;D

Tara-You are cute-I love the Stephen King reference ;D Very clever~
Thank you!

Kay-Oh, poor fishie! The do jump-my son lost one that way-so sad! You saved him and he was special! I started putting art and cards around him and noticed he loved it. I revolve his art gallery-often! ;D
All write-lol Love this Kay xo

L.Diane-lol Yes, I suspect so ;D
No your cats have other skills!! lol

Sherry-Yes, he loves his art gallery! Yes, not many fish have an owner like me. lol Thank you Sherry! :D

Suzanne-Thank you! Yes, he is a clever devil! My son named him Dante. I am better-you are sweet!

Hi FB-I gave up diet soda-so not that. I think it is the sinuses this time! Thank you so much-it was!!
I will be by-I am not so mind muddled. Thank you~ :D

Ella said…
Mary-It was scary n' brave-a few months after 911! I went with my inner voice and knew I had to go~
Thanks Mary!

Johanna-Thank you! You made me smile :D Twitchy is better~

Lexa-Could be sleep n' stress do seem to go hand n' hand! Thank you-you are sweet! :D

Yolanda-I love your attitude! Are you drinking tea out of your hubby's cups?! You should-;D
Thank you! Yes, we have to find our way-I do use humor a lot-now that you mention it- Thank you!

Alex-Thank you-Ninjas are sweet!
I have good days n' bad regarding the middle stuff-thank you! Yes, three it is crazy stuff-so unique I might write a book about it! I'm researching the 1950s and V8 engines. My dad use to out run the cops-I wish I could of the day one hide in the corn and got me-lol!

Brian-I know right! I had a psychic lady tell me I would touch a million people! (must be my words-otherwise that's a lot of hugging) ;D Thank you Brian!

Wanda said…
Oh how I hate those eye twitches they are such a nuisance.
Mark Koopmans said…
Hey Ella:)

Oh how I enjoyed this post :) It was like watching a game of volleyball, or tennis, or some quick-moving sport :)

Ah, the town of Derry ... I've been to the real one in Oireland many a time and been to the one in King's mind even more, but let's not speak of IT :)

Hope your head (and eyes) feel better/well and your muse is ready to take you on the next adventure :)
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-I know right! They linger like a bad cold! I hope you are doing well my friend~

Hi Mark-Yes, my daughter finds it hard to believe my thyroid is slow, because my brain is not. I guess it was like ping pong ;D

Really! YOU are so funny~ You know I use to think Stephen King and I had this odd connection. Every book I read lead me to an odd King sign. I read Pet Semantary in Pensacola, Florida and our next home was in Alaska on a remote island. The first trip around the place-there was a Pet Cemetery -in Stephen King fashion.

When I was in college I was dared on Halloween to go to his home. I went at midnight and it was foggy. I can remember feeling like I was in a movie, the thick fog, the huge house and the black wrought iron gate. No, I didn't dare knock on his door, but I will never give over the wrought iron spiders all over the gate. Creepy! Yes, let's not speak of IT. Odd lately I am having Insomnia!

Thanks Mark! ;D