Thank you Lolamouse for sharing Elena Kalis' gorgeous photos! 

Moon Flower

Datura gathers her pale white skirt 
she twirls
it billows like a cloud
calling to Mother of Pearl watch me, 
watch me dance
fragile silver threaded light drapes
 into the Black current Sea
 silk sails unfold
 perfume like ink 
haunts the night
longevity lingers
silver leaf dreams
tarnish in the flux of dark shadows
shine on cosmic cousins
bridging night n' day
soon Snow Queen
will paint you
her gray scarf clouds
will trumpet splashes of
alabaster white
as sky's sails
slip away

waiting for the misty morn
to lower mast

© Ellen Wilson

I tried to grow Moonflowers last year-no luck until the end of October.  One appeared in my window box. This year I am enjoying see these blooms appear, as the sun goes down and the moon rises.  They are the size of my hand-wide open and their scent is enchanting.  It is a blend of faint Lily of the Valley and Jasmine.

  Elena's photo and my flowers inspired this poem!


Brian Miller said…
love the folds of your looks so delicate...the verse is nice...i like all the movement in it...the bit of magic that comes in the dance of that dress...
Mary said…
Both your poem and the picture of the moonflower are beautiful! Love the dancing in the poem. Smiles.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Glorious flowers and oh, the last four lines of your poem were especially delectable!
Susie Clevenger said…
gray scarf clouds...I love that. Beautiful poem and gorgeous photos
Mark Koopmans said…
I have never heard of Moonflowers, but those pictures were/are really good:)

Your poem was wonderful, too and your Muse definitely has eight green fingers compared to my zero :)
I can hear the creak of the ship now. Wonderful poem. And those flowers really only bloom at night? Wild.
Lolamouse said…
Gorgeous poem, Ella! Those flowers are so lovely! Elena Kalis's photos are so inspiring! The one I wrote on was the Sunday prompt for The Mag (
Wanda said…
Such lovely flowers and poem
Yolanda Renee said…
Beautiful flower and lovely poem!

You captured it so well. Are you putting your poetry in a book?

Just curious.
Kay L. Davies said…
I love the idea of a "moonflower"! What a lovely word, and a lovely poem, Ella.
Ella said…
Kay-I know right-me too! Thank you K :D

Yolanda-I am working on a book now-but have a few glitches to solve!
Thank you so much :D

Wanda-Thank you! The perfume is heavenly-you would love it!

Lolamouse-Thank you! I love her photos! Oh, I will have to check that out-it was really good :D

Alex-lol! Thank you~ Yes, they really do-it is wild :D

Mark-Thank you are sweet! And you have octopus skills with scheduling and handling three amazing boys :D

Susie-Thank you! I want a gray scarf ;D

Sherry-Thank you! It took me a while, but finally-tee,hee :D

Mary-Thank you! Seeing them bloom is pretty amazing- :D

Brian-Thank you so much~ Yes, I can imagine it to-thank you for saying so! :D Your book poem was blush worthy brilliant~
Margaret said…
Exquisite last two lines.