Over in the Garden, Kerry shared poet Sara Teasdale.  "Teasdale's work has always been characterized by its simplicity and clarity, her use of classical forms, and her passionate and romantic subject matter.  Her poetry centered on a woman's changing perspectives on beauty love and death and served to chart the development of her own existence, from living a sheltered life in St Louis to attaining success as a well-known poet living in New York City, who had to face a struggle with depression and disillusionment. "


Bleeding scarlet fingers twirl and fall
concrete dreams blur fragile first stars
Once upon a time I was going to  ___________

Tightly knit-I took my time to open
delicate wings
 let others see my gray eyes
One must stretch, reach and tangle
flame red threads
 stitch and lock eyes
 feel sun's caress
find your ribbons, your thread, 
hug the down of fuzzy, fragile wishes
they hold you, hug you, warm your heart's

others see only shadows in light's painted rays
 dark pupils fill colored 
iris blue pool
blinded by sun's jewels
sprouted weeds push through 
 seep, stretch, reach 
into heart's green star.

Begin again
----make tiny stitches 
hem your heart
with blind knots
 thread your edges
cut doubt away---
  before faded whispers
blow gusts of frigid wind 
dampness lingers...
crawls into your bones
n' lipid pools of  'if ' 
all your days.

© Ellen Wilson

"An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break."  - Ancient Chinese Proverb 


Nice! Do we fill in the blank ourselves?
Ella said…
Alex-YOU know what strings work for you, my friend! Music and words are two of your gifts!! Are you writing songs?! :D Thank you!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Tightly knit-I took my time to open
delicate wings
let others see my gray eyes..

Such beautiful words and thoughts in this piece, Ella, and your photography always makes your post a special treat.
Ella said…
Kerry-I loved yours~ I must try again! Thank you :D I had gray eyes till the age of three. I asked my mother, "Why did you always dress me in gray? Where you depressed?"
She told me I had gray eyes and how wearing various shades of this color made my eyes stand out.
LaTonya Baldwin said…
I'm partial to sound and rhythms so the way this unfolds carried me along. Teasdale style is something I would not naturally read though that is not to say I would not enjoy her work, but your contemporary spin opens the style up far more for me. Enjoyed.
Ben Ditty said…
In love with this line:

"concrete dreams blur fragile first stars"
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Fuzzy, fragile wishes - beautiful imagery!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is a spectacular poem - perhaps your best - definitely a signature piece. I especially love "find your ribbons, your thread, hug the down of fuzzy fragile wishes".........the hope and shine of the first stanzas, then the shadowy tone of the second half of the poem - and the determination in "hem your heart with blind knots.........cut doubt away."

Believe, Ellie. You have enormous talent. And your photos are spectacular.
Mary said…
A beautiful combination of words and photographs, Ella.
Yolanda Renee said…
"Begin again
----make tiny stitches
hem your heart . . ."

That entire stanza hit home for me this week - yes, most definitely one of your best. Truly beautiful!
Marian said…
lipid pools of 'if'
wow, what a line!
Kay L. Davies said…
I've looked at the photos and the poem again and again, and can't decide which is lovelier.
A stellar response to the prompt, Ella.
kaykuala said…
dampness lingers...
crawls into your bones
n' lipid pools of 'if '
cloud all your days

That tinge of regret invariably tugs at one's conscience in many instances. 'If only...' A classic ending Ella!

Ella said…
Thank you Hank! Let's hope when we dance with if-we lead! ;D
Hannah said…
Oh, wow...your images...they speak so richly of potential and loss all at once!! So many beautiful meaningful lines. A full and beautiful post, Ella!! ♥
Ella said…
Thank you Hannah! YOU always make me smile~ :D
I will be by...thank you so much <3