Build A Title

Over in the Garden , Fireblossom gave us a list of words to create a title.  

Today's challenge goes like this: I'm giving you the title, and all you have to do is to write a poem to go with it! 

Here's your title: "The _____  ______ ."

 YOU should see the list!  So here is my title to inspire my poem~

"The Unexpected Gypsy"

Fortune's tea is
steeped in memories of
cotton candy clouds, sea blue soup and
Lemongrass lawn
my Candy Land

 Imagine Nature's Tarot deck 
4 suits
 Hummingbirds, twinkling stars, mushrooms and 
Morning Glories, 
let's tiptoe at midnight 
through the green cathedral 
arching arms allow
Charlotte to spin her night veil
follow midnight dew
see baby rabbits in my
 my snow globe

Listen to night alarm hoot, as 
my hound howls
at orange sliced Harvest Moon Pie
let's burn rosemary for
our mind's eye
Oh, don't trip over Poe
He is my pet toad
he paints polka dots
on earth's canvas.
Let's play I Spy
in the early morn
watch sun wink
join me
as earth's shadows create a new tea 
Rooibos with a kiss of Pom and dried apples
sacred brew of 
Mother Nature's gifts. 

© Ellen Wilson




hedgewitch said…
Nice lilt to this, Ella.
Very nice!
Wow, your blog looks so different.
Mama Zen said…
I love the whole idea of nature's tarot cards!
Jinksy said…
A bit of colourful, light relief after some of the darker Toad offerings I've read. A delicate fairy tale indeed...
Nick Wilford said…
That was like a waterfall of lovely images.

BTW, I love the new look here (sorry if it's not that new as I've not been around for a while). Very clean and high tech. :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
Well, rooibos is from my part of the world - I only drink it black with lemon and honey. I love the new look of your blog, Ella. makes me want to go and revamp mine too.

Your poem is packed with so many details to delight the gypsy senses in all of us.
Brian Miller said…
ha, so do you really have a pet toad names poe? i might need to read his little circles, i bet there is poetry in that...smiles.

wow you really changed up the page too....
Hannah said…
"let's tiptoe at midnight
through the green cathedral
arching arms allow
Charlotte to spin her night veil"

Love this portion...and the idea of a deck of nature tarot much imagery and beauty, Ella!
Debi Swim said…
So many beautiful words and images linked together.
Marian said…
nice, this is wonderfully full and complex, like your tea. :)
a toad named Poe? haha!
Helen said…
After the first few lines I knew this poem was pure delight. Rich, lush, vivid imagery .. I loved it!!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the way your dreamy poems take me the teacup woman, too, one of my faves. And you have changed the look of your site. Hmmmm........I miss all of your colorful photos and artful creations. But I know they will be back!!
Kay L. Davies said…
Ella, you were born to be a gypsy, not unexpected at all. You have such a flair with words and cards and tea and images.
Kay L. Davies said…
I forgot, although Marian said it and reminded me. I love the idea of a toad named Poe in your gypsy garden.
Herotomost said…
This is the Willy Wonka of poetry right here. Beautiful, tasty and so smart. The visuals and phrasing are so vital. Great writing Ella!
Renee said…
Delicious poem!
That's wonderful! I love poetry. Can't write it at all, but I love to read it! :)
Ella said…
Hi Rachel-Thank you! Are you sure?!
;D You are sweet~

Renee-Yes, I am hungry again, lol!
Thank you~

Corey-lol! Yes, I could use a rainbow right about now ;D Thank you so much! I still want to write another Chris poem-you got me hooked!
It looks like you had a wonderful trip with your sweetie!! :D
Thank you~

Kay-Thank you! He comes every night to the garage and wants to hang out. He is kinda cute in his own unique way ;D Thank you I love that! I do love tea, I do read the cards and I have traveled like one-17 homes in 28 years. I paid to have the gypsy curls once upon a time! YOU made me smile @>------

Sherry-Thank you! I am not sure yet about my blog. It is a WIP-I do miss the big header, but like the more polished look. I do need to add pages. Truth be told-if I want to get an art book published, I need a different look. I miss the magic of my old blog. It was easier to manage and colorful-not sure yet~ I don't think this is quite right.

Helen-Thank you! You are sweet~ I love your dancing elephant poem-you are so clever :D

Marian-Yes, we have a garden full of them and Poe would fit right in ;D lol Thank you @>-----

Hi Debi-Thank you! I enjoyed yours, too~

Hannah-I have always wanted to make my own deck with Mother Nature's guidance ;D Thank you~

Hi Brian-No I don't have a pet toad named Poe, but if I did he would love tea and visit me at midnight. Actually we do have a toad he visits us every night near our garage. He comes in when we are out there. Same toad, so I nicknamed him Poe-lol. Well, kinda a pet-lol Yes, I am not sure about my blog-WIP!

Kerry-WE all need a peek of the future with our tea ;D Thank you Kerry! I am still working on it-my son helped me find a template. It still needs work~

Hi Nick-It is new-like yesterday new! Thank you~ I miss a few features, but it is a WIP. Thank you so much~ I hope you are doing well :D I'll be by-I hope Andrew is doing well, too!

Ella said…
Jinsky-They were dark-but fun to see all the journeys! :D Thank you~

Mama Zen-Thank you me, too! I have always wanted to create my own set :D
Nature does inspire!

Alex-Thank you! Yeah, I'm not sure about it-still some tweaking to be done! :D

Hi Joy-Thank you :D I needed a lift-my back has been making me feel down for the count.

Susie Clevenger said…
Love the flow, it is candy words for the sweetoothed imagination...
Ella said…
Thank you Susie! I do have a sweet tooth ;D
Fireblossom said…
You managed to get a plug for your fave tea into it! That's not only allowed, but encouraged!
LaTonya Baldwin said…
May I have a cup? Lovely.
Ella said…
Fireblossom-One of many! ;D lol

LaTonya-Yes, you may :D
Anonymous said…
Just stopping by to say thanks for your wonderful comments at Poets United. Glad to see you and your words.