Dr. Mouse is in the House

Ms. Mouse is in the House, oh, excuse me I mean, Dr. LOLamouse -sorry!  Dr. Mouse would like us to select a Rorschach image-you know an inkblot, to inspire a poem.  She created her own and now we are part of her experiment.  Talk about the lab rat getting even with science.  Oh, so sorry, Ms. Mouse-I truly didn't mean any disratspect.

Me, I personal do what I can to help wild life.  I save bugs, spiders and feed wild rabbits and birds.  The seed I offer the birds, also feeds mice.  I am sure I could do more.

Oh, oh, yes...pick an inkblot and write a poem.  Dr. Mouse shares this info with us:

"The idea behind the Rorschach, or indeed any projective measure, is that when presented with an ambiguous stimulus, we will project our own unconscious feelings, desires, fears, and/or wishes on it. Some practitioners think the Rorschach is unreliable, invalid, and general hooey, while others rely on it heavily. We’re not here today to debate the merits of the inkblot test but to have a little creative fun with it."   

Tell Tale Maid

Truth.  Be. Told.
my great, great, great, great aunt
worked for that POEt-
Edgar Allan
aka madman
he loved spirits
 libations poured for portraits
every night
my great, great, great
would check on him
find him cursing the wooden floor
 in veiled shadows
 shrieking about
one night she
heard this sound
"louder and louder"
someone beating a drum
in dim light 
hopping and pounding
on this wooden board
scurrying sounds
in black corners
 in threads of  dank air
ghost under the floor?
"Poe trapped"
she told her Master
"tear up the planks"
pacing back n' forth
out lurched
Poe, the pet toad
red, resembling a heart
life imitates art or
art imitate life
Don't believe me-
guess my aunt's name?!

 Lenore Moore

© Ellen Wilson



Susan said…
O! You knew her?
But regardless, what a poem!!!!
the drum the wood floor
the toad named Poe
the telltale heart
how tall tales grow!

(and I love how you got a little Oscar Wilde in there too.)
Ella said…
I love that you caught that! I did toss Oscar in there-lol! I sure hope Ms. Mouse doesn't lock you, Kay and me up-tee,hee! Yes, I had to add the Wilde ;D YOU are good!!!
Kay L. Davies said…
Ms Mouse is gonna hafta catch us all first.
Putting Poe in a Rorschach poem is brilliant, and your several-greats aunt "Lenore Moore" is a stroke of genius, Ella.
(I'm a great-aunt myself, but only one great—so far.)

Kerry O'Connor said…
This is so authentically gothic, Ella. I also noticed the heart in the middle of this inkblot, but the image itself seemed very forbidding to me. You did a great job of mixing the two together.
Basing the poem on Poe is a nice twist.
And I see a demon coyote in the inkblot.
Brian Miller said…
wow. is this real? i have been to his grave...he was one of the first poets i ever read, his story telling captured me...i can guess the name for sure....smiles.
Helen said…
.... this epic poe-m elicits a huge WOW from me!
Lolamouse said…
Poe and Wilde in one poem?!! Extra credit gothic points for you, Ella! I so enjoyed reading this. The images were fantastic as was the story! I also loved how you interspersed the red writing into the black to mimic the inkblot (I guess Life does imitate art!)
Jinksy said…
life imitates art or
art imitate life

The never ending question...
hedgewitch said…
Very clever conclusion, and there is *definitely* a toad in that inkblot, I don't care what the doctor says. ;_)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is wicked clever, Ella......so much fun with all the hopping and skittering!
Mama Zen said…
This is so clever, Ella!
Hannah said…
I love your approach, Ella!! The ending is excellent...Love the question you pose. Funny that we both repeated a word three times like that!! 11:11 WISHES FOR YOU! ♥
humbird said…
Haunting poem! So much included...and last questions..I guess one is a part of another..
Pixie said…
HI Ella!! It's been so long since I've been to your blog or really any others. Trying to get back into the swing of things. Love the new look, maybe it's not that new, have been out of the loop for awhile. Thanks for still stopping by my blog even though I've been a tad bit of a slacker.
Panchali said…
Hauntingly beautiful poem-kept me hooked till the end! Great job, Ella.
But, I strongly believe-" art imitate life"...Lovely-what a story!
Panchali said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lolamouse said…
And take your gloved hands off me, you big bully!
Johanna Garth said…
Lots of Gothic-y goodness :) Just like a little taste of early Halloween!
Akila G said…
ah! a little story there too! loved the line compositions..small, jumpy like the poet cloaked toad! :)
E.J. Wesley said…
So cute! The mouse, not the frog. :)
Michael Di Gesu said…
Well done, Ella! A perfect blend...

I see a duck wearing a bow tie... lol...
Wanda said…
I see you're rearranging your blog. I almost thought I had typed in the wrong blog address.
Poet Laundry said…
I echo how clever this is! I think this image has Poe written all over it. You nailed it!
Ella said…
I am sorry I have been MIA. September is a big birthday month, in my world. I have made a lot of cakes. I had to taste-my new creation and over exercised. I ended up back in bed with more frozen peas and corn. Yes, I was vegging out, but seriously I turned into the crooked lady with a crooked mouse, I mean house. Sorry Lolamouse-I would never bully you! I have been bullied-

Hi Jenn! Thank you so much-I thought why not have fun with Poe. We have a toad, not this one that stops by our garage every night. I have been trying to get his photo-no luck yet. Perhaps he heard my story-lol Thank you :D

Aman-Thank you! :D

Wanda-I know, my home has changed. I am still not sure. I need to rearrange a few things. Yes, it is different :D

Michael-lol I am happy you are better and back online :D I see a duck, too! He looks smashing~

EJ-Yes, the mouse is adorable! :D
The frog is a bit scary~

Akila-Thank you! Yes, jumpy is good especially with Poe, toads and frogs ;D

Johanna-Yes, we do start a bit early in my world. I guess I am a little batty ;D cackle, tee,hee
Ella said…
Miss Mouse-I wouldn't harm you or a flea! I have been bullied-it isn't my style to indulge in darkness. I do like to dress up for Halloween and indulge in my favorite witch laugh, yes Dorothy's witch. I'm pretty tame over all. ;D YOU are quite pretty! I'll release you as soon as you give me your recipe for Cheese Puffs! tee,hee

Panchali-You are sweet~thank you so much! I had fun ;D

Pixie-It is so nice you stopped by! Sorry I have been down for the count-I had an injury and had to take Zombie meds. I hate them, but they help! I will drop by again-oh, it is all new over here.
I hope you are doing well-I love your photos-keep sharing! :D

Ella said…
Humbird-Yes, it is! I thought I would add a little fun-Nevermore Lenore ;D

Hannah-So fun to see we did a similar word count ;D lol YOU are sweet TT 11:11 @>------ Thank you!

Mama Zen-I think I am going to have to make a stuffed Poe for Halloween!
Maybe he could be a mascot for the garden ;D Thank you~

Sherry-I love to have fun and thought Poe would bring unique to the party! ;D Thank you~

Marian-I loved yours! I can almost smell your poem ;D Thank you~

Joy-Thank you! Yes, who cares what the Dr thinks! ;D lol

Jinsky-2B or not 2B-lol There are a lot of those never ending questions-perhaps I should say nevermore! ;D Thank you~

Dr. Mouse-Thank you so much for the extra goth points ;D It was such a fun challenge! I know we revealed a bit of ourselves to you~
Do remember the HIPPA Oath...okay?!
I do respect all animals so no worries! ;D

Helen-It was such a POEtic challenge ;D I had to go there, tee, hee Thank you~

Ella said…
Brian-I so want to go visit his home! I am thinking the week of Halloween might be extra fab~ Thank you-I knew you would guess right~ :D

Alex-I saw that too! Ninjas probably have the animal totem of the wolf-so this makes sense! ;D
Thank you!

Kerry-Thank you! I did Poe art last Halloween and remembered the spirited fun. I figured why not?! I made Poe out of a wine cork, so why not a red toad-thanks Kerry! :D

Kay-You are grand! I had fun-I am working on Halloween art, so this is probably why I had to go there! Yes, Lenore did like to chat like a crow ;D Thank you so much!
Misha Gericke said…
Interesting concept, but looking at that blot... well... I've got nothing.

Could be my writer's block, though. ;-)
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