I Carry

Over the Garden, Peggy encouraged us to write a poem about something we carry! 

I carry (carried)
sifted flour clouds
tucked between
measured quarts of sunshine
folded with vanilla dreams

I carry(carried)
tickled pink seeds
against perennial blue skies
planted in green polka dotted edges

I carry(carried)
curled manila paper
with pigments of day
against blood red poppies
fragile signatures

I carry(carried)
sun's dial
down garden's concrete steps
cutting through fog n' shadows
timeless weeds poke out
frozen webs of fingerprints linger

I carry(carried)
night's velvet cloak
with a pocket of stolen moments
tucked in between secrets
of Reindeer moss,
a Cardinal's feather and
a tiny shell-
a crumbled paper
bursts my stethoscope mood

I carry(carried) moonlight's
paint brush
it seeps onto my fingers
bridging silver leaf into
my sea salt mood
I varnish blue imbedded ripples
for strolling couples smitten with
night light's shimmering veil
 earlier I wished I had found copper
to paint the slice of orange sunset
but I only had magenta
to bleed into the wet feathers
of day.

I carry(carried)
fragrant perfume
and dab its scent on green heart vines
enchanting rabbits
risk their lives to 
nibble at Lunar's feet
hoping hound is sleeping.

I carry(carried)
a song in my heart
it lingers between Earl Gray time
and dusk
it sings lyrical notes of chickadees in winter
waiting for spring. 

I'm tired!

© Ellen Wilson


Peggy said…
My goodness Ella what a wonderful collection of things to carry. One beautiful poem here or a series of gems! Nice work!
Mary said…
What beautiful things to carry, Ella! Really enjoyed your poem (and accompanying photos).
Grace said…
Beautiful imagery here Ella ~ I specially like moonlight's paint brush ~
Helen said…
Oh my! Your poem is exquisite ... will you share a bit of what you carry with me?
Susie Clevenger said…
Wow! Such a collection of beautiful things you carry..so uplifting!!
Margaret said…
Perhaps the last line should be "I'm happy".
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my goodness, if THAT is the poem you write when you are tired, what will you write when you are full of energy? This is REALLY beautiful writing, kiddo. Wowzers! Loved it all so much, then the ZAP! of "to bleed into the wet feathers of day" just knocked it out of the park! Your moonflower photo is spectacular too.
Anonymous said…
almost an alternative Alice - or would that be ellamost an ellaternative Ellace? :)
Jinksy said…
I'd like a moonlight's paintbrush like yours :)
kaykuala said…
There are loads of stuff and stresses to carry! I always look forward to spectacular pics from Ella! Nicely Ma'am!

Very nice flow to it, Ella.
Reindeer moss - is that what grows between their toes?
Wanda said…
And you carry a beautiful gift of painting with words my friend. Love this one!
Brian Miller said…
nice....feels good...i like the sifted clouds and sun in the opening stanza and the velvet cloak of night....smiles.
Other Mary said…
No wonder you're tired - that's a lot to carry! Still I wouldn't leave out a single thing. This is enchanting.
Kerry O'Connor said…
These are the words of the perennial artist - every beautiful sight becomes inspiration carried within, and it can be exhausting.
Morgan said…
"Frozen webs of fingerprints linger" <----How amazing is that? Gosh, what an amazing talent you are. There are too many phrases in here that create such beauty. I'm honestly in awe of your talent, Ella. This is so beautiful!
Poet Laundry said…
No wonder you're tired--that's a lot of stuff to carry! ;-) This is just delightful. I want to eat that first stanza and see and smell and hold and carry all the rest!
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I'll be back soon to comment. Internet has been slow today and yes, there have been some changes. I have mixed feelings.
I'll return. I am off to see my daughter perform-Colorguard!
I'll be back!
Gail said…
Absolutely loved this.
Ella said…
Hi Gail-Thank you so much :D

Hi Jen-lol! Yes, me too! Then we can be tired together ;D

Morgan-You are making me blush~ ;D
Thank you so much @>-------

Kerry-Thank you so much! This is how it feels-overwhelming and yet, always wonderful ;D @>--------

Other Mary-Thank you! I had fun carrying all of it ;D

Brian-Thank you! Yes, we all need a velvet cloak of night ;D

Wanda-Thank you! I wish I could toast you with a Cherry coke ;D

Alex-lol! It is cool looking-you would like it :D Thank you~

Hank-You are so sweet! Thank you so much ;D

Ella said…
Hi Jinsky-lol, yes wouldn't that be fun! :D

Grapeling-So clever of you to say this! I did have to crawl through a tiny door this week to get into my attic. I always feel like Alice when I crawl in there ;D I like Alicella
lol, but Ellace is nice~

Sherry-Thank you! We can blame it on pain. My back is hijacking my brain! You are kind @>------

Margaret-Yes, happy and tired ;D lol

Susie-Thank you! Yes, lots of lifting ;D

Helen-Yes, I will :D @>------

Grace-Thank you! I sure wish I could paint some moonlight tonight ;D

Mary-Thank you so much! It was fun to write :D

Peggy-Thank you! Fun challenge, I loved it Peggy! I still need to play catch up and read all the poems~ :D
Mary Ann Potter said…
So many beautiful images here! I was especially struck by "moonlight's paintbrush", though. Wow, Ellen. An absolutely wonderful poem!!!
Ella said…
Hi Mary Ann-I know I want one, too!
Thank you so much! I hope you have been enjoying the gorgeous weather. I crave autumn-it is like my New England summer :D @>-----------
Beautiful! The first sounds like a recipe for French pastry topped with whip cream. Smiles :)