I want to grow a Turtle


Husband is building a window seat in our living room, which means the table I have in that corner will be moved.  This space has the best light and where I keep most of my plants.  Lately I am loving Succulents.  I can move these into my China Cabinet and tuck these gems in tea cups and other unique vessels.  They are hard to destroy if you follow their rules-I am crossing my fingers.  I do have green thumbs, but still struggle with some plants.  

 I want to grow a turtle!

A succulent is any plant with thick, fleshy leaves, which stores water.  Water is also collected in their roots and stems. These plants are unique and have a Cactus type appeal.  You do not need to water them, but only once a month.  You probably are familiar with the famous rock star varieties:   Aloe Vera and Agave.

I hope those of you who celebrated Labor Day had a safe and happy one.  I haven't been online much, I hurt my back.  I spent my Monday on a couch streaming the series Scandal.  Do you watch it?   Who is your favorite gladiator?   Well, life was pretty good until the frozen bag of Okra thawed and busted open.  I was out of frozen Peas.  I couldn't sleep so ended up on the living room couch.  When I woke up I had Okra slime all over my back.  I can laugh now, but it wasn't funny at 2 am.  Yeah, my mother calls me Lucy and tells me I should write a book about my cray-cray moments. Yes, she actually said cray!  I think my daughter and her have been talking-lol!

   My plants inspired this poem. 

Growing Geometry

Angled light
reflects silver and green
 tumbling stars tossed like coins
cling and climb

Framing the
looming Ghosts
fading in the sunset
wearing their
pink gray grins
waiting for the Knights
to ride the Topsy Turvey

Blue curls frame the
Cameo Rose
as she drapes her
trailing spider like fingers
touching tiny Jade Pearls 
reaching towards
threaded memories.

© Ellen Wilson



Wanda said…
Ah Ella I hope your back gets to feel better.
Yolanda Renée said…
Lovely poem, I love house plants and actually have a few that have lived despite me. My mud room is all light and they thrive, but I love succulents and only have a few. Now I plan to get more, so lovely and easy to care for, I love the turtle, want one of my own now.

Do feel better!
Kay L. Davies said…
Ooh, ouch, I hope you're on the mend. The okra story cracked me up, but I empathize about the pain.
The turtle is adorable, which reminds me, I must get all the weeds out of my hen-and-chicks plants before they "snuffocate"!
Luv, K
I'm sorry, the okra slime made me chuckle. Bet it felt like slugs all over your back.
Hope your back feels better today.
You should grow your own turtle. How about a whole garden of critters like that?
Brian Miller said…
ha. cool title. being a geo teacher, i might have to steal that one...smiles...i like succulents as well...we were at the nursery the other day looking at them....cant think of the name of one we were just fascinated by...it looked like a split rock....that turtle is cool as well...
Unknown said…
That was such a lovely poem. I want to grow a turtle too, but my thumbs are only green when it comes to outdoors plants. Hope your back is feeling better soon.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful poem, Ella and such great photos. There is a sense of the tendrils curling throughout this poem. Thanks. k.
Mama Zen said…
Waking up covered with okra slime? Eewww! Feel better, Ella!
Ella said…
Hi Mama Zen-Yes, it felt like April Fool-lol Thank you! I bought frozen peas ;D

Karen-Thank you, I love your words-thank you so much~ :D

Johanna-YOU could do it! These plants really only need so much sunlight and to be watered once a month! :D Thank you so much~ It is a slow process and now I have frozen peas ;D

Brian-Steal away! I know there are so many different kinds~ I can see the pearls being hair. I might have to plant me Medusa and toss in some rubber snakes. Yes, for Halloween~ Thanks for sharing if I find out I will let you know~ Very cool

Alex-lol I had a good laugh after the eeeewww! I should be use to the odd. Yes, I can grow my own animals and maybe rewrite the Tortoise and the Hare ;D Thank you!

Ella said…
Kay-Thank you! I love your play on words~ YOU are always wittyful ;D

Yolanda-It is fun to hear you have a sunny mud room and succulents.
Check this out:
I just started it-so many beauties!
Thank you :D
I'll be by~

Wanda-Thank you! I'm trying-it is hard to lay low.
Mary said…
Enjoyed your poem, Ella.... and really loved that Turtle. You find the most interesting things. I haven't had a succulent in a while. YOu are giving me the urge.
Ella said…
Hi Mary-Do it! YOU will have fun-they are tiny and so full of potential! I started with one and now have five. I want more-I really hope to grow a turtle. They have cool names like Key Lime Pie, Silver Stars and Gray Ghosts! Thank you :D
Jennifer Wagner said…
Ok, I have to admit I laughed a little bit at the okra! But only because that would SO happen to me! But I do feel badly about your back. Back pain is so debilitating. Your poem is awesome--great work. I love the turtle!
Ella said…
Hi Jenn! Yes, laugh...I did too! It is better, but I'm not there yet. I get numbness in different parts of my body. So, when I am no longer numb then I know I'm okay. Thank you so much! I love that turtle, too ;D
Ella said…
Ooops Karin! sorry I spelled your name wrong~