Tiny Rooms

Margaret shared us with us a visit to a museum in Chicago with tiny replicated rooms of different time periods and styles.    "I visited the Art Institute of Chicago, this past summer and enjoyed the 69 miniatures of both European and American interiors.  The scales are one inch to one foot which became a standard in the miniature industry.  The miniatures are crafted from the same type of wood used for the original pieces of furniture, and the grain of the wood had to fit the small scale of objects." 
 HERE is a link to videos and further photos of this exhibition.   HERE is a link to all 69 rooms.

Thank you Margaret, I am in awe of the glorious details!

Yes, being from New England- I had to attempt a poem inspired by this room.  How special and beautiful these miniature rooms are-wow!

Mrs. James Ward Thorne
American, 1882-1966
A13: New England Bedroom, 1750-1850, c. 1940

Eternal Spring

Sun washed promises reside
in my bedroom
with a golden broom
I have swept winter from my mind

Lady of light
protects me
she lands here like a queen bee
her crowning glory
whispers and gleams
her wide eyes remember...

Laurel leaves climb the walls
kissing painted cranberries
lingering thoughts of my handsome beau
and our secret encounter.

Secret spring bloomed
in wondrous shadows
under the pale moonlight
 warmth of honey spreading
through me like a field of wild thimbleweeds
dancing in twilight's breeze.

Polished pride scents my room
as the sun warms the bees
waxed carved roses
light tickles Maple cream floor
golden promises of himlight the fire of my day.

I brush my Strawberry blonde hair
 my blush lingers
I fall into my carved haven
onto down feathered bed
maiden voyage unfurls
I'm dancing with fiddle head ferns
in final ice dance of spring

Morning hazy wakes me
reminded of the tender arched
boughs of our first kiss under
the black evergreens
warm n' mellow our mood
like buttery Chardonnay
Glaze of layered light
wraps us warm
even on the coldest winter day
 in humble spun gold.

Cozy with a bit of blush
remembering young love
 tart n' sweet with green notes
of apples blossoms n' fresh moss.

He still glows when
he tells me
"green brings out the pink in you"
saturated forever in summer's
first kiss. 

© Ellen Wilson

This was a difficult write for me.  I wanted to do another room-perhaps on Monday!



Mama Zen said…
"with a golden broom
I have swept winter from my mind"

I love that!
The warmth of honey - excellent description.
hedgewitch said…
Beautiful, and full of light, Ella.
Margaret said…
kissing painted cranberries ... like a field of wild thimbleweeds dancing in twilight's breeze... I'm dancing with fiddle head ferns in final ice dance of spring ... like buttery Chardonnay ... tart n' sweet with green notes of apples blossoms n' fresh moss. Wow - and this photo brought all these wonderful descriptions to our ears and eyes? Hmm.. yes, I think you SHOULD do another room! Wondrously done.
Grace said…
Very romantic and vivid colors ~ What an unforgettable summer's first kiss ~
Kerry O'Connor said…
with a golden broom
I have swept winter from my mind...

How gorgeous is that line? I can see this was written by someone who really loves the place of description.
Susie Clevenger said…
This is beautiful Ella, so many rich details and descriptions. You have brought such life to the room. There is so many things to love, but for some reason this line sums it up for me, "he tells me
"green brings out the pink in you"
Brian Miller said…
some really lovely descriptions in this ella..Secret spring bloomed
in wondrous shadows...just one of them...i like hte treatment of light throughout
as well....
Hannah said…
Oh, Ella this is lush with warmth and rich memory...I'd love to dream of spring kisses in that setting! Well done!
joss said…
The rooms are beautiful I love stuff like this. :)
Lolamouse said…
The colors really bring this poem to life. I absolutely adore the next to last stanza! This is truly a poem for all the senses!
Ella said…
Hi Lolamouse-Thank you so much! I know how brutal winter, I mean wintah can be-tee,hee. I really do talk that way, sometimes!

Joss-I love how well done these rooms are! Amazing aren't they-me too!

Hannah-Yes, we must always dream of those kind of kisses ;D Thank you~

Brian-Thank you so much! My original name Ellen means light-so I had to bring it ;D

Susie-I meant to quote where I found that line-damn I can't find it! Thank you so much-I enjoyed thinking about how spring and summer warm my heart. I can't wait to read all your prompt's poems. I am sorry I am behind. Our ISP is upgrading us. We were off line most of the weekend~ Thank you for sharing me on FB :D

Ella said…
Hi Kerry-Yes, I do! Winters are so long, where I am originally from. People often make jokes about it. I want spring and/or summer to live in that room. Thank you so much~

Grace-Thank you! I loved yours...I read again and it is one of my favorites :D

Margaret-Thank you for such an amazing challenge! Yes, I did enjoy it~ I have had internet issues-but I will try to sneak one in Monday's garden! YOU are sweet~ @>--------------

Joy-Thank you! I did want it to read that way. I grew up in a dark house. Winters were long and I was always going outside to gather n' catch light ;D

Alex-Yes, I want it to have that sweet quality! ;D Thank you~

Mama Zen-Yes, one has to try ;D Thank you~
Poet Laundry said…
This one is saturated with light. I really enjoyed the touches of nature throughout your poem. Sweetly romantic Ella!