Imaginary Garden

photo credit: `James Wheeler via photopin cc

 I wanted to share this photo that Kerry posted in our Imaginary Garden-gorgeous isn't it! 
So I wrote two poems this morning-they came kinda fast.  It always surprises me when they do.  I hope you had a magical weekend.  Tomorrow, I will share some spooktacular ideas.   I hope my poems tingle your senses-just a bit, I mean bite, no bit.

Did you watch the new series Dracula?  What did you think?

Dinner Guest

Molting red feathers tease air
beneath sweep of blue
shake day with clinking ice
two shadows emerge
mouth tightens
eyes cloud
skin prickles
sharp silver edged tongue
cuts, smiles, scrapes
heart cracked
sunshine yellow oozes
again exposed...
carefully glue webbed 
cracked shell until
Jekyll cooks again 
Hyde shows up for 

© Ellen Wilson

Hope Haunts

Morning born 
wrapped in blue n' white blanket
mother will paint new sky
through dust motes n' glitter
drops of red startle me
whites spirits spiral
tiny bites sting between day and death
I smell burnt snow
shivering, I push through the air
bones of my head n' hands hurt
glass walls
can't be erased
like buzzing bees attacking
residual burnt sugar drowns me
bared teeth startle
harsh claws scrap my wings
clipping me....screaming
you have control....

© Ellen Wilson

Blind Ballet

Fragile heart flickers
powdery whiteness her gown now
glorious blue wings extracted
by blinding sun's light
graceful dancer once performed for the Queen
injured n' dis-eased
flutters as
icy bones frantically
crave warm embrace
exposed blush silk lining
ignites disillusioned
Sleeping beauty misses her former
settles on bad boy

© Ellen Wilson


First one has a really creepy tone to it!
Glad you're feeling better.
And haven't watched the series. Too many shows...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love your header photo - the Proust quote is one of my all time faves. Jekyll cooks and Hyde shows up for dinner made me smile. I HATE when that happens! Your Muse is on steroids today. Hallowe'en must be inspiring you!
Susan said…
I'm not going to pretend I understand the whole of each but some of the brush strokes have me in their pockets: That dinner guest and gluing the cracked shell, Morning born with the painting mother, and my favorites in "Blind Ballet" wherein the needs of the icy sleeper overwhelm the angel. I can imagine settling on the heat of the bad one.
Marian said…
burnt snow! that's just awesome.
hope you are on the up side of the chiggers. heh, that's kinda funny to say. not so funny to experience, i am sure. xo
Laura said…
So many wonderful lines throughout Ella... I sure feel your itch in the second poem!

"exposed blush silk lining
ignites disillusioned
dance" don't know what this means, but I love it!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Burnt snow. I can almost smell it.
Brian Miller said…
ouch...def some pain...nice use of the jekkyl hyde ref....the scraping tearing you apart....sad...there are some i wonder if they even realize they are doing it...its the ones that know and still do that scare me the most you know....thanks for sharing a bit of your story as well at dverse...smiles.
Mary said…
Sleeping Beauty sounds like a free spirit to me!! Nice to change the twist of the fairy tale. Cool, Ellie.
Gabriella said…
Nice imagery in your poems Ellie! I like the seasonal photo with the pumpkins.
humbird said…
Those chiggers make you work hard...sorry, maybe bad jokes, but all poems - very interesting and the images unusual. Think about today challenges as temporary.... Heal soon..<3
Lexa Cain said…
The first had great juxtaposition of creepy and humor (to me at least). The second and third were really scary! Eek!

Thanks for your comment on Alex's blog about my cover reveal. I appreciated it! :-)
Susie Clevenger said…
Humor to frightening..such a delightful mix! :)
Nataša Dolenc said…
I loved the first poem the most, very clever. I enjoyed reading all of them.
Jinksy said…
Shades of delirium?! lol
love the pumpkin field, sorry to hear about the allergy :(
Downloaded DRACULA and will watch it later this week :)
Anonymous said…
You have certainly captured the eerie quality of the season. Hope the allergic reaction has settled down. Never fun.
Kerry O'Connor said…
What a delightfully unexpected ending in your first poem, Ella. Thanks for sharing your Halloween inspired pieces.
Margaret said…
The last stanza of the third is perfect! I trio of images that flitter about - I had a bit of trouble understanding them, but maybe they are supposed to read a bit like a dream gone wrong!
Misha Gericke said…
Love the creepiness you worked into your three poems, particularly the first one.

I'm definitely interested in watching Dracula, but it's not showing in my country yet. :-/
Jim said…
Hey Ella, I like theses for their writing and message. In life I would ditch Mr. Hyde quick!! And for sure not ever settle for a Mr. Bad Boy.

I like to tell people that I grow fangs when there is a full moon.
I "BITE" too!
Grace said…
Happy to read you are getting better ~ I haven't watched Dracula yet ~ Specially enjoyed that Jekyll & Hyde post ~ Happy Halloween ~
Yolanda Renee said…
So glad you're better, chiggers, omgosh, that's horrible. Worse than a haunting! LOL

Glad you know and can deal with it better!

Awesome Halloween poetry. I watched Dracula, but wasn't impressed. I do hope it gets better. So much to introduce I guess, but would have loved a new take on it.

Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween!
Ella said…
Yolanda-I felt the same way-so slow!
I get it is a period piece-but c'mon let's get it on-lol! Me, too~

Happy Halloween to you! I loved your story~

Grace-Thank you! I do love to highlight the classics- ;D Thanks for your kind comment this week~

Jim-Hey there! You are fun~ I don't like bad boys, either! I just love to fracture a fairy tale ;D

Misha-I am sorry about that :(
I hope they do decide to air it. Can you watch Being Human?! I loved that series-BBC version was really good~ Thank you :D

Ella said…
Margaret-Yes, a dream gone wrong!
You are good ;D Thank you~

Kerry-Thank you! I do think we need to bring back a few classics~

Razzlemadazzle-Thank you! It is time to get our creep on ;D I am getting there. Two weeks after the bites-ick!

Dezzy-I love that photo, too-not mine! It is kinda slow-I'll be interested to see what you think~

Jinsky-lol why not?! ;D

Natasa-Thank you :D

Vandana-Yes, the tune was a bit off key, but still a dance ;D Thank you~

Susie-Yes humor throws one off a bit-like those teenage horror movies! ;D chchchch hahaha lol

Lexa-Thank you! You are welcome-such a clever idea-your game!

Humbird-Thank you! I am trying-you are very kind!

Gabriella-Thank you! It isn't my photo, but I do love it, too~

Mary-Yes, I think that tale needs to be fractured ;D Thank you~

Brian-Yes, in this case-unaware! The prior one at dVerse knew all too well. Sad-yes! Thank you~

L.Diane-My mother describes a tale which she can smell it. I told her about my poem and she started talking about it...I didn't know this memory! Thank you~

Laura-I am sorry if I made you scratch~ Thank you! I had fun writing something different!

Marian-Thank you! I know it is an odd name and one I never had heard of until a few years ago...scary stuff!

Susan-Thanks for sharing what you liked! It was meant to confuse-you know the scary haunted house-you don't see the ghost behind you-lol

Sherry-Yes, lol! My muse is on allergy meds-lots of pink around here ;D

Alex-I know way too many! I wasn't impressed-not yet~ Thank you!

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