Looping Again

I love looping poetry so decided to give it another go for the Imaginary Garden.   I am sorry if there is dark in my verse.  I just saw the sun wink at me for the first time in a week.  My house feels damp n' all this rain is affecting my mood. 

...thin skin like ripples
 ripples revealing delicate network of green
green wisdom tucked below silence sense
sense doesn't listen its edges curl
curls reveals more envy
envy rings like a pebble in the pond
pond invites me to skip
skip rocks into bruises of skin- now thin...

...muse likes quiet
quiet spearmint whispers, gathered moss haven
haven with cheery polka dots on fresh linens
linens stained with harsh voices
voices leave frozen rings which paint chills
chill(ed) with edges- slip like silverware
 silverware stabs and cuts
cuts which scar skin's red dots pool
pool runs into ever blue
blue which gives wings to cinnamon birds
birds nest dreams
dreams hide in pick up sticks
sticks inspire art's muse...

...Castle stormed by ogre
ogre no longer kind
kind(ness) moved out spirits moved in
in(side) she hides her voice
voice of  blue sky n' clouds
clouds circle her n' whisper:  come play
play where?
where sepia photos make red crown bloom
bloom of red dangles like threads
threads tangle during day-no ease
ease doesn't live in the castle...

© Ellen Wilson


That does have an edge of sadness to it.
Sun? What sun?
Ella said…
Hi Alex-I saw the sun for 10 seconds-it winked at me and went away~ I'm tired of drab n' gray!
revelations said…
may the sun shine soon for you... :)

there was a hint of sadness... well done on the loop poetry you did it well....
Wanda said…
It's hard not to have twinge of sadness when darkness envelops you. Hopefully the sun will show its full face again soon.
M Pax said…
You did some very clever looping. I love that style. Your lovely poem is so wistful.
Shelly said…
I liked it.

Hugs and chocolate,
Brian Miller said…
very cool...i like you encapsulate each stanza within their own two words...and it breaks the loop between stanzas...the skip skip look works really nice as it gives the effect of what it is...its rained likea week straight here...not hard, just misty wet, damp
Mary said…
I love the beautiful language you used / the wonderful metaphors in this 'loopy' poem!!

Glad you saw the sun.....smiles.
Jim said…
Well, it surely does have looping. Nice. But I always have trouble reading them. I think my partial dislexia hurts me this way, I can't put together an intended message.

Of the set of three I enjoyed the third the most. Castles appeal to me and I could sense there was to be no ease there.
kaykuala said…
Great loop poem Ella! Lucky you to have the sun on your side, even for a fleeting moment!Nicely!

L. Diane Wolfe said…
A dark turn in the middle, especially with the knife.

Our weather has been wet and sunless for so long. I feel like I am in Oregon again.
Anonymous said…
A wee touch of sadness peeks through but how captivating is this.
Many a dreich day in my corner of the world, in fact as I look out my window I see a touch of gloom in the sky, greyness prevails.
Unknown said…
Can sad be beautiful? :) Hugs
Susan Kane said…
Such a thoughtful and expressive poem. The photos with the red buttons--speaks volumes.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

Dark, sad, and yet something happy too. Lots of emotions threaded together.... beautifully woven into a tapestry that is unforgettable.
Ella said…
Hi Michael-We all know an ogre or two-I'm afraid~ Thank you! I will be by to see how you are doing! So happy to see the sun shine today~ :D

Susan-Thank you! Yes, I wanted the red thread theory to remind us how we are all connected or tangled! :D

Wendy-Yes, thank you! @>---------

Lynne-I see the same sky! I am tired of all the stormy weather inside and outside my life.

L.Diane-Yes, I have felt like I was living in Alaska this past week. The silverware was there for the drama that arrived at the dinner table-words can cut.

Hank-Thank you! Yes, a winking sun is better than none ;D

Hi Jim-Castles do bring their own magic-don't they! Thank you...I am sorry it was hard to read~

Hi Mary-Thank you! Loopy n' droopy this past week :D

Brian-We live in the same climate-yes, it has been a dance of gloom. Thank you~

Shelly-Thank you! Did you hear chocolate is going up?! Time to hoard, but hugs are free ;D

MPax-Thank you! I have forgotten you! I will email you~ :D

Wanda-Thank you! Yes, it does affect our mood. I hope you are having a sunny day~ :D

Robert-Same to you! Thank you~

Sherry Blue Sky said…
OMG, Ellie, this is one of your best. The art above is breathtaking - nothing I like better than old photos and your artistic presentation makes one want to hear all the stories. Your poems are rich with wonderful language and imagery. Sigh. It is a feast in here today. Sorry I am late - you know what yesterday was like.
Ella said…
Hi Sherry! You are sweet and I do understand...I want to write to PUnited prompt and have had trolls invade my art space demanding cookies~

Thank you! @>------------xo
Arlee Bird said…
First thing I thought of when your page came up is when my mother used to say, "Button, button, who's got the button?" It was some childhood game she used to play but I'm not totally sure how it was pay.

I enjoyed the poetry. An interesting poetic device. I don't recall ever seeing this or hearing the term "looping" as applied to poetry.

A Faraway View
Ella said…
Hi Lee-My grandparents use to talk about this game. If I remember someone is chosen to pass a button. They form their hands and chant, "Button, button who's go the buttons" while they form their hands like scissors and slide their hands over yours. Then everyone goes around the room, one by one doing the same. At the end the person who began the game has to guess who has the button. It was silly... I do remember my grandmother had a button basket. I wish I could look at those buttons now. :D Thank you for the memory and your kind comment!
Yolanda Renée said…

The drabness of winter affects me too, they call it SAD. The gray does that. Love your looping poetry.

My grandmother had a container of buttons too, she brought them out each time we visited. They kept us busy for hours. I now collect buttons and have several glass jars and tins full of them. I display them in my living room on the table my grandmother left me.