Over in the Garden

Grace offered us a prompt that for some reason I thought would be easy.  I had started a poem yesterday, but left it to ripen, while I went to a band competition.  My daughter's band won Best Guard and they received second place in their division.  It was tough-a lot of unique performances.  One band  actually performs to the movie/musical, Fiddler on the Roof.  They lugged fences and twirled flags n' brooms.  It was crazy good!  Another band did a 3D performance, which was insane. There was even a Clone performance, and Welcome to the Jungle.  My daughter's show is called Full Circle.  It depicts the struggles we all have in our life, to bring our hopes and dreams to fruition.  It is about perseverance, determination and a never say die attitude.  We must make the internal effort to face these battles, before we can take our first step on our journey.  The journey to ourselves and our victory!    

This poem depicts my battle.  Art sometimes can be a battle, when facing the page funneling one's thoughts, for me is like breathing.  If I can't be creative- I am suffocating.   Now, I am not just talking paint and sketching.  I mean art in any form:  writing, photography, mixed media, sewing, cooking, and more.  


I hold a clumsy thick pencil
pencil sketches limbs and faces
faces of fourth grade
grade when art class was born
born whispers of Mrs. Johnson's fruit bowl
bowl of winnings stamped with blue
blue pride sways like an apple on a tree
tree grows up awkward limbs dangled
dangled dreams found in planes, angles and fractions
fractions paint light onto new windows
windows brighten like peeling an orange
orange oil later sparks bitterness
bitterness bleeds n' scratches cherry ballooned dream
dream haunted by clunks of ice
ice memories on a late Sunday afternoon
afternoon when parents' curtains change
change... dark drapes are hung
hung fate in clown faces
faces that no longer smile

flourished loops sprout a soul garden
garden planted in emerald pages
pages folded-stars winking at you
you see buds open gently
gently you pick splashes of red and orange
orange begonias that grow best in shade
shade reminds you of favorite childhood tree
tree umbrella of red Maple draping over you
you stand tall watching for night curtain to fall
fall into mind's horizon and reseed
reseed your earth's blanket
blanket your day with gray mattered hope

© Ellen Wilson

Over in the Garden Grace prompted us to explore Loop poetry.  This form was created by Hellon.   I selected the form without rhyme.  Grace offered us a few variations. I find this form intriguing and hope to try another one.   It also aligned with my daughter and her band's performance last night, yes, a Full Circle.

Grace shared this with us:

" There are no restrictions on the number of stanzas nor on the syllable count for each line. In each stanza, the last word of the first line becomes the first word of line two, last word of line 2 becomes the first word of line 3, last word of line 3 becomes the first word of line 4."   


Thank you Grace


Very nice!
Your father sure sent mixed signal.
Congratulations again to your daughter!
And Welcome to the Jungle - I assume they weren't performing to Guns 'n' Roses?
Kay L. Davies said…
Well done, Ella! And fortuitous or fated, I love that the prompt reflects your daughter's music performance. I'm always impressed when life is like that.
You did a great job with the poem, you really did.
PS—In the 1980s, my grandparents, my parents and I all told my youngest brother we'd make sure he received an education which would allow him to make a living as an artist, provided he did his part by studying. He has been, I think, quite successful, being hired into the animation industry before he even finished his last college courses.
Ella said…
Alex-They were! Then they performed a Disney song and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. I thought of you when I saw the Clone performance ;D

Yes, he did-it made me doubt I had any ability at all, until I took pottery and the teacher stole all my stuff. My friend went to her house and found all my creations. I was told they were broken in the kiln~ Some teacher that was! Thank you Alex~

Kay-Wow Kay! This is wonderful n' inspiring~ I wished I had submitted art ten years ago, when my muse started nagging me. I was going to recalculate my path, when my father died suddenly during college. My mom became ill and I didn't. I would have moved hours away and didn't want to leave my little brother. So, the time wasn't right-I guess. Thank you so much! @>--------
Mary Ann Potter said…
Every teacher should read this poem. Ellen, it's wonderful --- poignant yet dramatic, truthful yet hopeful.
revelations said…
loved this... I can see and feel your love of art through out the poem... :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a feast of a post this is, glorious photos, including your art, your reflections and memories, and then two fantastic poems. You have an artist's eye, kiddo. And even if you didnt get to pursue your art when you were young, you are doing it now, and that's what matters. Never stop. and BELIEVE! that you are talented - because you are.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
p.s. Your photo really captured the swirl of color of your daughter's performance. Awesome!
Yolanda Renée said…
Beautiful Ella! You are very talented and in so many creative ways. I didn't have a family who inspired anything other than escape!

But you had a teacher steal your creations, amazing. Although, I once had a boss steal all the credit for my work - it was devastating, because our boss saw me as an idiot.

Sounds like an awesome night with creative musicians - does all the attention to Glee inspire that? When I was in school it was marching music and maybe a Christmas concert with carols. Nowadays - such talent!
Gail said…
I like your work.

Congratulations to your daughter.
sadly, most of us artists really are more starving than not :)
Anonymous said…
Very cool! And I completely agree with you - art is like breathing :)
Hannah said…
I love the process behind this poem, Ella...so glad you kept loyal to your calling. ♥

This is my favorite part:

"shade reminds you of favorite childhood tree
tree umbrella of red Maple draping over you
you stand tall watching for night curtain to fall"
Brian Miller said…
i am glad you persevered through this...its hard..and i dont know that your fathers intentions were bad, but...hard to not have them encourage your art...and i am glad you remember this as you raise yours.....nice loop poem ella....
Grace said…
Congrats to your daughter ~ That shot as well as your art pictures are lovely Ella ~ I'm glad you persevered in your art because this is where you shine ~ Enjoyed your looping verses ~

Thanks for participating in Sunday's challenge ~ Wishing you happy week ahead ~
Marian said…
wow, i love this post from start to finish! your daughter, well, the apple don't fall too far from the tree, as they say :) and i hope those vibrant blue and greens in the bowls are cake frosting!

as for your poem, i'm fairly blown away, it is wonderful. well done! i found this form very hard, bordering on excruciating, as it seems to beg us to write doggerel. (in my view) it was very, very hard. but you have written a tome of substance here, and i mostly didn't notice the repetition... when i did notice, it was in only good ways. congratulations. wave your flag high!
Lolamouse said…
You did a stunning job with this difficult form! It brought the reader full circle along with your journey.
Unknown said…
I have been absent for a while, but am glad I was able to read this. The repetitions made the images vivid, like echoes on an autumn field. Happy.
Renee said…
Good thing you went with your heart, your poetry and art projects are always stunning! Congrats to your daughter.
Laura said…
Wow Ella this is beautify. I really am enjoying all the poems that this form inspired. I can relate to creative expression as oxygen so well. It is the same for me and always has been so.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is a wonderful combination of your artistic talents, Ella. I especially liked the places where you used a single word on a line, then repeated it. That is so effective.
Ella said…
Hi Kerry-Thank you! :D I had fun looping~

Laura-I knew you would agree! It is and you capture your breathing so well~ :D Thank you~

Renee-Thank you! :D She was so nervous-I told her to relax and enJOY the process! They put so much time and work into their performances-it is breathtaking to see!

Ami-Welcome back! Thank you so much~

Lolamouse-It was tough, but unique to write. I had to try again-I loved yours~

Ella said…
Miss Mouse-I loved your full circle comment ;D

Marian-I like yours, too~ Thank you so much! Did you like my looping response ;D Yes, I made a Rainbow Rose cake...there were 7 bowls of color-it was fun though~ YOU are kind @>-----------

Grace-I love this challenge! Thank you Grace :D

Brian-I suspect he tried to follow a dream and it didn't work out~
He still had his hands involved in his passion though-film/theater!
Thank you!

Hannah-When I come home we will stand under this red umbrella ;D
11:11 @>--------

MJ-Thank you! So nice to have someone understand this ;D

Dezzy-Yes, there is truth in that!
My issue now is time alone-it is rare. I now live in the loop of rarely being alone. My muse doesn't like it~

Gail-Thank you! Yours was touching- :D

Yolanda-Thank you! I think the big marching band stuff was before Glee. I do think perhaps it did push the boundary lines to do more current programs. I am sorry to hear this~ I had six bosses once-all family. You want to talk about crazy-everyone had a different idea for a promotion. I would start the campaign and than "No, we are going to do this." Insanity! Thank you @>--------

Ella said…
Sherry-Thank you Fairy Godmother :D
@>--------- I hope you get what you wish for!! Your view means a lot to me~

Robert-Thank you so much~ This means a lot to me~ :D

Mary Ann-YOU would of been my favorite teacher! @>-----------
Thank you so much! I loved your historic poem :D

Amanda Trought said…
It is always great to read your poetry, so glad you persevered!
Margaret said…
"reseed"... that is such an awesome word to use here. I'm sure your father meant the best for you, but thank goodness, you reseeded and grew despite his fears. Love all the color on this page - imagery and words.
Wanda said…
Congrats to your daughter. I always appreciate seeing you breathe out your creativity.