Over in the Garden


Over in the Garden Hannah shared a prompt with us in regards to nature's blue ice caves.


Cloud's soaked eyes whisper 
puzzling margins
 between earth n' sky
eclipsed light spills reflecting 
horizon's window
trapped bubbles like fallen wasps

Jonquil sun mentions scaffold's vortex
impenetrable bridge
 earth's sea glass reminds everyone
their parental glimmer of hope
like a web of crystals
yet their dreams of
Aquamarine lost in gray silt 
fossilized by permafrost, teeth 
and bones. 

© Ellen Wilson


Really sorry he infected you! Yes, make him do his own laundry next time. Now go soak in a bathtub of Calamine lotion.
Hannah said…
Oh sigh...on your sate...so sorry, Ella.

Your poem is brilliant...the likening that you brought suits it perfectly and you handled well, what can be such a hard subject to address gracefully...well done, Ella...thank you fro writing!!
Brian Miller said…
ugh, i had chiggers last year...no fun at all...i feel for you as only one who has had them can...i thought i was going to get them last week as i went through a patch of that flower they cling to often...

ugh, the poem is hard hitting...nice use of language...such a hard place to be though, in that losing...luckily we did not, but have had many a friend live through it...
Heaven said…
I hope you are feeling better Ella ~ Yikes on the chiggers ~

I had a miscarriage years ago, my first one ~ Hard to write about it, I do understand those lost dreams ~
Susan said…
I understand the pirates making the chiggers walk the plant--

The poem, I think, tho I have no personal experience, gives miscarriage the depth it deserves--puzzling the margins, indeed. Given the intensity of the images, the verbs are oddly calm: mentions, reminds ...until fossilized. Lost, Lost, Lost echoes through here, and you haven't even used the word.
Kay L. Davies said…
I am never going outside again after what happened to you.
Love your poem, however.
Chiggers SUCK, literally and figuratively, and my heart goes out to you. A roommate brought scabies to our apartment once, and we spent an afternoon naked on the rooftop, sharing Quell... yikes. Good times...

Your poem got me from the title. Reminded me of my two miscarriages, and the ice was the feeling afterward, as though no one understood, espec. the father. This was a mindbender and I really loved it. Amy
Vandana Sharma said…
This is so heart touching. I have a daughter ( just 3 years old). So, I can really understand as a mother the pain associated with the loss of a child.
A mother waits for those nine ,months just for the little bundle of joy and if anything bad happens to it, it really cuts the heart. May god be with you.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is such a unique response to the prompt, Ella. You create a fine balance between the positive and negative elements in your lines, taking the reader with you beyond hope to coldness and death.
Shelly said…
That's terrible. Hope you get rid of them soon.

Hugs and chocolate,
Ella said…
Thank you everyone~ I will be back to comment~ Happy Sunday!
Helen said…
Ella, deep anguish in your poem .. 'parental glimmer of hope like a web of crystals' .. may it shine brightly on those needing hope.
Ella said…
Helen-Yes, I love this-so beautiful and very said~ :D Thank you~

Shelly-I also am having a reaction to chocolate-I'm a mess! Yes, you can have my chocolate ;D

Kerry-I lost my first child in Alaska. I was five months pregnant-it should not have happened. I did go back and live there in a different location when my son was two. I have both happy n' sad memories tangled in the final frontier. Thank-you~ This wasn't what I was going to write...

Vandana-October is when she would have been born. I lost her and gave birth to disease. I have two wonderful children and am blessed. One always wonders though... Enjoy your wondrous child-they are a gift! Thank you~ It was a long time ago.

Amy-I itch thinking about it! One of my elderly neighbors had Scabies and I was scared~ Yes, I feel like draping around and not doing much. I am sorry you know this dreadful encounter~ Thank you-yes, same here. It was a long time ago, but it was in Alaska. When I received a pass to go out of the hospital we went to Portage Glacier.

Kay-I have been so cautious and I am kind of stunned. Hubby is fine and I feel like a raw, itchy mess.
YOU live where it is cold-you will be fine. Chiggers like humidity~
I am so moving back to snow and cold. ;D

Susan-Thank you! Yes, deeply embedded ones. It was a long time ago, but it was also when I gave birth to my disease, but we continue onward~ Thank you~

Grace-Thank you! This was my first pregnancy, too. Yes, time marches on, but our fingerprints remain. I am sorry you know.

Chiggers do suck!

Brian-I am sorry you know! I am happy you do not know the other pain~ Yes, it has happened to many and we continue to plan, dream and hope. I have two wonderful children-I am lucky!
Thank you~

Hannah-I had no thought of writing this. It just came out of me-but it is when my first child was due to be born. I have lived in Alaska twice the first time sad, the second time happy~ Glaciers are gorgeous and my plan was write something beautiful. Sorry I went in another direction~ @>----------
Thank you

Alex-It is mind blogging and yet worse than chicken pox-how can that be?! I am a pale shade of pink, but not tickled pink-NO!
Thanks Alex