Thoughts on Tanka (Part 2) ~ Hisashi Nakamura

***Juan Fontanive***


"The artist’s flapping hummingbirds and rushing fish are sculptural animations, or perhaps automata: machine-powered facsimiles of life. Automata were, famously, among the principal triggers of uncanny experience for Freud"

Wormhole a blind portal
 front matter flapping Maple, your logic lost
your branches tattooed with India ink, your spine weak
your knowledge once possessed me
I must leaf-

© Ellen Wilson

Artist Polly Becker~visit her website here.

Kindle App on
pink filter illuminates chain
Daisy's thoughts-loves me, loves me knot
cheesecloth memories tucked in wisps of gold
spotlight on -your delicate dance

© Ellen Wilson

Edna St. Vincent Millay at Vassar College – 1914. Photographed by Arnold Genthe.

Light grows in fingerprints
red locks lean into day's blue haze
weathered faces watch sea's romance
until Vincent dances with pounded rhyme
in a New World.  

© Ellen Wilson

Glowing freckles of day
linger in sun kissed sea
cheered by many to perform
.....fragile twist....tumble
dismount wins the Gold.

© Ellen Wilson

 day's dream catcher swirls
orange ribbons bleeding into blue
black n' white thoughts-not allowed
 fingerprints plant sacred dance
respect blooms

© Ellen Wilson

Invisible string gathers
heart's pearls, red roses and tea 
gems in hindsight's portal
steeped daily in
closed eye dreams 

© Ellen Wilson
This is for The Sunday Challenge with Kerry and Dr. Nakamura.


Really like the leaf one!
Watching those birds change so rapidly almost makes my head hurt.
Kerry O'Connor said…
What amazing array of visual art and poetry, Ella. This was a feast.
Marian said…
wowweee, i agree, this IS a feast to be savored!
Brian Miller said…

nice, the one that begins, "Light grows in fingerprints" is my fav....very nice series of tanka ella
Björn said…
A lovely walk in imagery... really soothing...
Heaven said…
Lovely set of tanka Ella ~ That last one with your pearl leaf picture is my favorite ~
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Dream catcher swirls - that's beautiful, Ella. Is the photo of your girl competing in drill?
Ella said…
L.Diane-Yes, it is! I put my camera on a Sports setting-so fun to capture the movement! I am going to make her a round art journal-I think she will love it. This is her last year and their program is called Full Circle :D
Thank you!

Grace-Thank you! I thought of my grandmother drinking Red Rose tea and offering her pearls of wisdom :D

Bjorn-Thank you for walking with me :D

Brian-Hi, yes this poet Edna St. Vincent Millay grew up not far from me. As a teen, I use to climb a mountain near her home and one of her poems is at the top. I think of her penning poems, where I stood :D
Thank you~

Marian-Thank you! I loved yours~ :D

Kerry-Thank you for sharing Dr. Nakamura with us~ What an intriguing journey, so far! Thank you~

Alex-Thank you! I know-kinda clever though-a magical art form~

The animated image is so cool! Lovely set of tanka and art. I especially love the last tanka, beautiful imagery :)
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh my goodness, what gorgeous writing and imagery...It makes me want to go back and rewrite.
Ella said…
Susie-I felt the same way after I read yours :D Thank you~

Loredana-Your verse graced the dance of mind and body~

I have to try again!
Mama Zen said…
These are beautiful, Ella!
Kay L. Davies said…
You never cease to amaze me, Ella. I lost count of the number of images and tanka you have here, because I was lost in the wonder of it all. You produced so many and I couldn't even manage one. You have my undying admiration.
Ella said…
Kay-You are sweet, but I don't think I captured the magic the prompt needed. I might try again~ Do try-go read and see what words gather like daisies on a string~ Thank you so much :D

Mama Zen-Thank you! I did think of you, after I wrote my poem for Hannah's prompt-I used bones ;D

One word: beautiful! xoxo
Anonymous said…
Ella, a cornucopia of images and verses, all so well done ~
Lolamouse said…
Well, weren't you the overachiever! These were all wonderful, and the art alongside them was great as well. The animata reminds me of those flip books we used to make as kids.
Ella said…
Lolamouse-I loved those flip books~ I remember trying to make one-oh, bother-lol! You are funny~ I did over bring it ;D Thank you~

Nicole-Thank you :D I'll stop by~

Michael-Thank you-this means a lot~

Colette-Merci beaucoup ;D
E.J. Wesley said…
Amazing stuff, Ella! I'm very partial to hummingbirds--especially since our move to California. :) We have several that live in/around our backyard. And they're huge! LOL The ones we had in Texas were usually very small--almost like large bugs. But the ones here are almost the size of a typical small bird.
Hannah said…
Like your initial image flitting through amazing is your work many treasures you've pooled beautifully, Ella!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Wow. This quite a collection of lovely work, Ellen! I loved them all.
Ella said…
Hi Mary Ann-Thank you, so much~
Can't wait to see your photo in print!

Hannah-Thank you~ I thought it would be fun to have movement :D You are kind~

EJ-I am fascinated! I have several feeders and love their visits~ I saw one once with white on it-magical! Oh, I will have to look up CA and see what kinds you have-how wonderful~ Maybe the hummingbird is your totem?!
Thank you~

Hi Dezzy! Thank you~
Kim Nelson said…
Some gorgeous imagery and word-work, here, Ella. You are masterful when succinct. Nicely done.
Ella said…
Hello Kim~ Thank you!
Tauheed Sohail said…
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